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  1. Well crap, I was wanting to visit Kentucky Kingdom sometime this year, but that's not going to happen now obviously At least this means that the other Six Flags parks will be getting some new rides.
  2. I recieved: -PS3 Slim, 250 GB -Beatles Rock Band PS3 -CoD: MW2 PS3 -HP 6 Blu-Ray -Hangover Blu-Ray -Verizon EnV Touch -$50 iTunes Gift Card That's pretty much it, I'm addicted to Call of Duty
  3. Wow, the coaster looks amazing! And I can't believe how quiet it is; I've never heard a coaster with that low of a sound volume (just with the coaster on the track, not the music). Can't wait to ride it when I go to HHN!
  4. I'll be honest, when I first saw the name for this ride, I thought it was a joke. I just never thought Saw would influence the theme of a ride. But it looks pretty cool nonetheless and looks like it will be a fun ride!
  5. I love the Olympics! This ceremony was better than the ceremonies in Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens combined. I loved it!
  6. Such a shame Tigers Stadium had to come down. I went there all the time back in 98. But personally I like Comerica Park better.
  7. ^Haha nice. Anyways.... Austin Powers is a beast!
  8. Legoland is awesome! Thanks for the comparisons it's kinda amazing how the park has changed over 9 years!
  9. Wow! My mom said she went to the World of Sid and Marty Croft all the time! I've been on the big escalator when I went on the CNN tour!
  10. Thanks a lot for the info guys! But the only time my dad has off is that weekend and I have a half-day at school on the Friday so I can skip that. We leave on the Thursday before and we'll be there on Friday, which shouldn't be that crowded since Florida has school that day, right?
  11. I'm visiting Busch Gardens Africa on the Febuary 16th through the 19th. Are the crowds typically big or small? I'm thinking small because the holidays for the most part are over, but you never know with President's Day weekend.
  12. Wow! I was in total disbelief when I saw this on the local news station. With the pills around him, I'm presuming that he probably committed suicide.
  13. Thanks for these! I wish I could have gone to SFoG back then.
  14. Definitely Acrophobia at SFoG and for a coaster I'd say Maverick in the last row. Two AMAZING drops!!
  15. Looks great, but night shot showed me that you need to put a little bit more lighting because the park looks really dark. Overall, I like the rides and I like the park. Great job!
  16. Mines the pizza at Islands of Adventure. It's SO good.
  17. I live in Fayetteville, Georgia, so I guess Atlanta.
  18. My favorite is Raptor. My top 5- 1. Raptor 2. Dueling Dragons-Fire 3. DD-Ice 4. Batman (SFoG) 5. DejaVu (SFoG)
  19. SFoG is my home park. Best ride-Either Goliath or Mindbender, it's hard to choose between the two.
  20. I personally hope for a multilooper that has 11 inversions. That would be really cool!
  21. Sometime in mid July. I hate the dentist. When was the last time you watched a home video?
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