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  1. IMHO, posting backstage stuff is totally fine. If you, the paying customer, is going to take acurate photos depicting what your day was like from your point of view, then these pictures taken should only be supporting MM's total dump status. If infinitethrill can see what's behind closed doors without going in them, then that's what everyone else can see as well. In that way, this TR is only displaying what the GP sees, which is utter disaray. Well Done!
  2. I love that they have Psyclone's logo covered up so know one will know its true identity.
  3. ^ That looks like black and yellow to me, but I'm actually color blind, so my opinion has to relevance. Those colors are much better than what they have now.
  4. I like KK. It's like themepark fast food, as opposed to a ritzy, sit-down meal. Chang, Thunder Run, and Hellevator make the park.
  5. If this forum was around in 1971, we'd be saying a lot of the same things about Disneyworld. Orlando was void of excitement and full of old people, and now its a flourishing family getaway supporting 3 multi-million dollar themepark branches. I'm not saying that Arizona will be home to the next Orlando, but I think a good park between Tuscon and Phoenix would really work wonders. Having lived in AZ, there were several occasions where the weather was lovely, but the will-to-do was low because of a lack of outdoor attractions in the area.
  6. ^ Actually, I belive it translates into "Ain't It Great" In a world of Space Salamanders, Boogie Woogie Space Coasters, Atomics, and Loop Screws, America simply can't compete with Asia.
  7. If SF had the theming skills and resources that Universal had, then Flashback should have been themed to the Penguin and placed in Gotham City. The bottom half of the ride would be enclosed inside a giant ice berg, and the top half would be open. The trains would be painted Penguin colors, and the ride would depict a large penguin "diving" in and out of the ice berg. Can you imagine it?
  8. I can't wait to go back either. I went the year Zoombabwe opened, and the waterparkahd already gotten pretty big.
  9. I've noticed that people like to pick on names that aren't exacly bad, but just mediocre and distasteful. Most coaster names in a America aren't nearly as bad as what's in Asia.
  10. I was hoping for somthing more unorthodox for the colors, like a nice melon/violet scheme. Oh well...
  11. Any park that would consider buying Flashback would be much better off building a brand new coaster from scrach. In that way, I really think Flashback is doomed.
  12. ^ If intamin could re-issue trains for this coaster, then it could be a good ride. On the other hand, the ride still has several desing flaws that would require thousands of dollars to fix.
  13. What have I ever done to deserve being ignored Elissa? Scott " I'm just sayin'" B. I'm publicly declairing myself "pwned" I need to fix that typo, and FYI, I'm from California, so I'm not an ill-spoken redneck.........yet.
  14. By bad bussiness, I mean for any park that would consider buying the rides. SF knows that nobody really wants Flashback, and it would be bad business to buy it.
  15. The removal of Flashback should be MM's Christmas present to the world.
  16. I'm pretty sure you mean to say "regardless".
  17. Pleased to see that CP still cares about the kiddies. BLMR (hopefully) will be a welcome addition to this thrill-heavy park.
  18. I was doing some research on early SFMM. I ended up here on one of my searches, and I've been hoocked ever since.
  19. Splashin' Safari si rapidly growing into one of the largest water parks in memory.
  20. Does anyone else notice the new rides in the concept art? There's a double-sided frisbee type ride and 2 Chance Avaitors: one that's normal sized, and one the size of one of those "Starflyer" chairswings.
  21. ^ I don't know if you've noticed, but themeparks have been popping up like pimples on a teenager's face. There's already, like, 6 or 7 amusement parks set to open in 2008-2009 in America alone. There's no doubt in my mind that this park could happen.
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