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  1. No one goes to AZ to vacation? AZ has a huge tourism industry! especially the Scottsdale/Biltmore area of Phoenix which is rapidly becoming Spa city. Plus every year we get tons of snowbirds and winter visitors. Sedona is also a huge destination spot. I actually think the location of the park could be good because analysts predict that within the next 10 years Phoenix and Tucson will merge to become one giant metro area like New York, LA or Jacksonville-Miami. I think its a decent concept although It would be awesome if they could affiliate with the Hard Rock group, its a much stronger brand name and has much better marketing appeal.
  2. Has anyone else heard about this? It would be awesome if it really worked out but haven't there been rumors about parks coming to phoenix before? What are your thoughts? Rock 'n' roll theme park proposed for Eloy Ronald J. Hansen The Arizona Republic Nov. 7, 2007 01:24 PM A Phoenix-based investment team said today it wants to build a 240-acre rock 'n' roll theme park in Pinal County intended to rival Orlando's Disney World complex and the Busch Gardens amusement parks across the country. The $800 million project, which is proposed to include a luxury hotel and retail space, would be known as Decades Music Theme Park. One of the consultants for the project was a project manager of Disney's Epcot Center. Key state lawmakers seem intrigued by the proposal, said Kevin DeMenna, a lobbyist who is pushing for legislation that would help provide bond funding for the park. Jason Rose, another lobbyist working for the project, declined to identify the private investors who intend to help support Decades. The park would be located in Eloy, with roller coasters and other rock-themed rides divided into sections associated with music through the decades, starting in the 1950s. With the state's usual tourism base and with residents of Phoenix and Tucson nearby, Decades could attract at least 5.4 million visitors annually, according to Peter Alexander, the Epcot project manager and a consultant who worked on other parks, including Disneyland and the Six Flags chain. Eloy is roughly 65 miles from downtown Phoenix and 60 miles from downtown Tucson. "It's the only large metropolitan market . . . that doesn't have a theme park," Alexander said of the Phoenix area. "Obviously, it's the perception that it's too hot here." But the heat index in the area averages 93 degrees in July compared with 92 in Orlando, Fla., home to Disney World, Alexander said. And Orlando was a small, sleepy town before the park opened there, he added. Arizona's theme-park laws would have to be rewritten to allow Pinal County to establish a locally controlled district with bonding authority, DeMenna said. If approved, it would allow the park's builders access to a $1 billion state fund for theme park construction, he said. Sales taxes that could reach 9 percent at the park would help repay the project's construction costs. Martin West, the creative director of Decades, said he first envisioned a rock-themed amusement park more than a decade ago. He and Alexander publicly discussed the proposed theme park a day after Mesa voters easily approved a land sale that helps clear the way for Waveyard, a water-sports resort planned for that city. Next spring, Myrtle Beach, S.C., expects to open Hard Rock Park, a 140-acre, $400 million rock 'n' roll theme park after years of planning and construction. Like the Decades plan, that park is divided into different sections based on genres of music. Decades is positioned as the West Coast counterbalance to that rock-themed park, which is owned by another investment group. Decades' design plans include an 850-room luxury hotel on the park's grounds as well as at least 120,000 square feet of retail space. West envisions an amphitheater similar to the former Compton Terrace in Phoenix and a 55,000-seat indoor concert hall. Attractions could include an MTV logo in the center of the park intended to resemble the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and busts of rock legends reminiscent of Mount Rushmore. Rose said licensing agreements with the various musical artists are among the details that need to be worked out if the state provides help with the legislation.
  3. My friends and I are thinking of going to SFMM labor day weekend. We would be driving out from Phoenix sunday and at the park on Monday. Should we make the 6 hour drive or will it be insanely busy and not worth it? Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Congradulations! How about: Brooke Alvey Ryanne Alvey Paige Alvey Lila Alvey Marina Alvey or Nicole Alvey
  5. My favorite places are; 1. Hershey park, its so beautiful and always so well kept there plus it has coasters! 2.This area in the woods behind my old house, it had a creek running through it and it was always so peaceful there. Places I'd love to go are; 1. Japan, I've always been fascinated with the culture there 2. Austria, Germany, Switzerland, (my heritage is austrian, and german) 3. Morocco, just cause its so different and exotic 4. Dublin and Copenhagen for no real reason other than I think They'd be cool cities to see.
  6. Ok, so I am going to be in Atlanta from July 19 -21 on business but I made sure to set aside a day so I can visit SFOG. Since I've never been there before, does anyone have any usefull tips or advice? Should I be worried that someone just got shot there, ( i.e. is the park in a bad area?) Also does anyone want to meet up there? No one from my company is big on amusement parks. Anyhow, thanks for any advice!
  7. Its kind of early to assume its going to be a dive machine. While that would be awesome, the sign said "like nothing else in the world" and since Sheikra is not so far away, a dive machine wouldn't be unique. Maybe it could be a prototype of some kind, after all most coasters unless the launch into an element have a drop of some kind so you could still say the dropping thing and not necessarily be talking about a dive machine.
  8. Ok, so I recently decided to move out of Phoenix and I plan on moving to either Louisville, Ky or Charlotte, NC. Does anyone have any information on either of these cities? I need first hand accounts, what are good areas of each city, which areas should be avoided. I plan on waitressing so what are some good restaurants to hit up? Also what is there to do as far as entertainment in each city and are the people fairly friendly there? Thanks so much for any advice!
  9. Some of my favorites are, Nemesis Oblivion Wildfire and Cornball express (just cause its hilarious!)
  10. Im 20 and the first coaster I rode was the Phoenix at Knobels when I was I think 5 or 6.
  11. It seems like alot of people are going with the Aqua Trax idea, but I disagree. The main reason I disagree is because wasn't there mention at one point that they filed to use the name Maverick? If anyone remembers from the movie Top Gun the call name for one of the pilots was Maverick. To me, that could lend itself to being a fighter jet themed wing walker with a dive or interlocking corkscrews over the pond. plus it would require less themeing.
  12. As someone who's not overly familiar with coaster terminology, what kind of a coaster is a wing walker?
  13. Starflyers scare the crap out of me. 200 plus in the air with nothing but a few chains holding you up. (shudders...)
  14. I probaly shouldn't have put that one of the reasons I am considering leaving phoenix is because I broke up with my bf. This particular setback has the least bearing on my decision. I acutally grew up in NEPA and my fondest memories are of my time spent there with my friends with whom I am still in quite close contact with. As im sure you have noticed, I am only 20 years old and I currently attend community college and waitress full time. I can easily do both of these things in Pa. Furthermore, I (and call me crazy if you will), actually love the weather in Pa, I love to ski and I enjoy the fall foliage and smell of fresh cut grass. This is not in any way a spur of the moment decision, believe me, I have thought long and hard about all aspects of how my life would change. I have a few more months until school gets out at which point I can make my decision. As such my new question is this, Would trade big city life for small town life and why?
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