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  1. ^, No im not a stalker We saw him when we were getting off of Revolution (earlier in the day), and also passed him walking out of the park... I do my best not to go where I'm not supposed to, (honestly, who hasen't done something bad once or twice). Also, legally I can take a picture of whatever I want that I can see, wether it be a person or something in the park. If I took a picture in a place I wasn't supposed to be in (I haven't), you definitely wouldn't see it on a forum... Also, adapting to websites. I've done enough of that (not posting POV's), but I get why you might n
  2. (^Im assuming your the mike that Ive heard of) We saw you getting off of Revolution, and walking up toward Goliath after the park closed... No, Im not an employee, but you might think I am after how much I know (allot fore some random 16 year old kid) I wish I could show all of my older PTR's here, because most people on TPR haven't seen them.
  3. Oh, I forgot that there was a logo on the side of the train. I thought he meant the tarp covering the supposed logo on the front of the train...
  4. The Doll was behind Johnny Rockets... Going through the flash pass line is not typical? I don't see anything wrong with spending 17 dollars and waiting in less of a line... I see it allot actually... I only take pictures of open gates, I NEVER go through them. Don't say I do either, because you weren't there to know. Trust me, I don't go into open gates. EDIT: To further back that up, here is a page of my open gate pictures. http://www.infinitethrills.com/open_gates (I haven't updated it in awhile, Ill get to it whenever)
  5. We got Taco Bell... lol Im just against spending way too much money in the park...
  6. ^ Most of the pictures are in areas a regular guest wouldn't go. IMO, its (slightly) better than it was 4 years ago.
  7. I don't know which day you went on, but Tatsu was only running one side when I was there... The lines weren't bad at all, the only line we didn't wait in was Goliath (to the bottom of the stairs, one train) And Colossus has good days and bad days all the time. The magic formula is riding after a really hot day on a cool night, and if your lucky the trims will be on low. The rails shrink when it cools down, and the train hauls thru the course!
  8. ^, the front of the trains actually said Six Flags Magic Mountain on them, not Psyclone. The trains were covered in tarps so that they don't wether that quickly. They just finished using them, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are completely covered on my next visit.
  9. ADMIN EDIT - Photos removed. Sorry dude, but we have we have warned you before about illegal photos that break park rules. Taking picture of backstage area and talking about sneaking into backstage areas WILL NOT be tolerated on Theme Park Review. Maybe some other sites will allow this practice, but TPR just cannot! Please see the ToS which you agreed to when you registered:
  10. It was still there yesterday... AND there was a lock on the gate! I guess this ends my visits to flashback for now... I will post my PTR later (from friday)
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if it stays there for a few months...
  12. ^^, Nope... ^, not sure, but its a possibility. The last few times I've been in there, there were chairs and coat hanger racks on the exit ramp. Everything was recently cleaned up, and now the chairs are back...
  13. ^, The last picture in the PTR that has the car wash in it - that is the Chevron station... In the third to last photo (also in the main PTR), if you were to walk down to the top left of that picture, you would get to the gas station (I didn't go that way, I just walked back to the street). ^^, My PTR's are always updates, and if there is anything that I did with a group, it would be in there... Before I started posting these on TPR, I had regular updates on RCPro that kept everyone up to date with the park... This was my 18'th installment, so all of the secret thing in the park a
  14. Now that I think of it, why would this tree burn down? Either way, SFMM wasn't in any danger, so its all good...
  15. ^^, Not sure... It looks like half of this tree was burned...
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