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In this order:


1) Alpengeist

2) Raptor (I don't get any of the negative feedback it receives here)

3) Montu

4) Great Bear

5) Patriot


THe Batman clones almost ruined the invert concept for me. The one at magic mountain about made me sick. There is no way I could ranked any of the clones in my top 5. I would rather take a ride on a Vekoma invert before one of these crap chutes.

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1. Raptor

2. Great Bear

3. Afterburn

4. Batman: the Ride (SFGAd, SFOG, SFOT) Also, these are all about tied with Afterburn IMO!

5. Alpengeist


It's funny looking at these lists for B&M inverts. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. For example, a lot of people don't like Raptor, and I was incredibly surprised with the awesome forces and overall ride it gave me. I have always said that all B&M inverts are great, and you just pick your poison as to which ones you prefer!

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Here are mine:

1. Alpengeist-BGE

2. Griffon-BGE

3. Nitro-GADV

4. Incredible Hulk-IOA

5. Montu-BGA

I think you made a mistake.

This topic is only about B&M Inverted coasters, not B&M coasters in general.

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Wow from what I have read a lot of people's top 5 have atleast 1 florida coaster! lmao


1: Montu

2: Dueling Dragons - Ice

3: Deuling Dragons - Fire

4: Batman the ride - SFoG


Those are the only three I have ridden.

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  • 11 months later...

I am so lame...


1. Flight Deck

2. Silver Bullet

3. Batman: The Ride (SFMM)


I know, I know...


Y'know, though, I actually liked Silver Bullet. I didn't think much of it at first, for the same reasons often described, but it grew on me. It actually has decent forces through the inversions.

I love the theming and setting of Flight Deck, and it's incredibly intense. I like the setting of Silver Bullet as well.

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1. Nemesis (haven't ridden it since 2006, yet this ride still stands out)

2. Dueling Dragons--Fire

3. Dueling Dragons--Ice

4. Montu

5. Afterburn (Carowinds)


In the last Hawker poll, Black Mamba rated higher than Afterburn (largely because of the theming), but after riding the latter for the first time in a few years, Afterburn is going to take Mamba's spot. I think Nemesis Inferno is a rather underrated invert, too.

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