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  1. Lol, you seemed really familiar, but I wasn't completely sure from where I knew you, lol... Not untill I saw your T-shirt when we exited katun. I was queueing RIGHT behind you, and I was sitting in the next car on the same train! lol
  2. Did you happen to wear a theparks.it t_shirt, were filming iSpeeds first 180° turn at around 8 and were queueing for Katun at around 10? Also, the front row queue was faster? Dammit, me and my brother didn't even ride in the first row, becouse we thought it would take too long... Also, on sunday, I rode it twice, both rides in the very last row, and both times, there was airtime over the entire tophat, with very strong ejector on the drop, and insane ejector on the airhill! And, the MCB stopped the train just a bit, so the ending was quite fun too! There was even some floater on the little hill! The only problem I found was that the insane Gs caused the OTSRs to close down all the way, and really pinned you into the seat. but still, nothingt major...
  3. I was there today! iSPEED was fantastic, and i loved every second of it! Well, except for the headbanging part, but the awesomeness of the rest totally make up for it. I got 3 rides on it, with w8ing times between 1.5h and 2h. Btw, matteocrepaldi, were you there today? Because i think i saw you a couple of times...
  4. 2 hours?! :S Damn... Do you think this will be the same next weekend? Hope not, cuz I was hoping to marathin the thing...
  5. So, the lines are always full? Like, totally full? So how long does the queue take?
  6. So, anyone else been on it in the meantime? Also, how are the lines, does it atract a lot of people?
  7. I missed the Hochschaubahn at Prater, becouse, well, I first couldn't find it, and than simply forgot about it...
  8. So, I'm planning a trip to Mirabilandia, and I'm not sure when to go. There are two possibilities: - Last week of august (mid-week) - a weekend in september I'm going for 3 days, 2 of those would be spent in the park, and the 3rd one (actually, the first day) for some sightseeing... So, when do you think I should go? I would probably prefer the august choice, since the park is open till 11pm, but if the crowds are unbarable in that time of the year, I would rather get some marathoning done in September... So, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  9. Deffinately! I suggest reading the whole series! I'm currently reading the second one and it is absolutely fantastic! Also, I liked the Inkheart trilogy!
  10. i absolutely love Mozarts Requiem, especially Confutatis and Kyrie eleison. Confutatis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXXHYX7zk1c&fmt=18 Kyrie Eleison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyAbtjSKhJc&feature=related I also love film music, especially the POTC soundtrack.
  11. I'm guessing those trains are the same as on Praters boomerang, right? If that's the case, than I can guarantee an awesome ride!
  12. Well, IMO it doesn't look too shabby... The pacing untill the Brakes doesn't really let up, and the part between the MCBR and the brakes is just there for a higher capacity, and to connect the two brakes... Like on dessert race (heide park). Also, the "rattle" is not really noticable, except on that POV, where the camera is placed on the zero car, which might not be as stable as the other parts of the train (seats). Watch the backwards POV... And for the headbanging: well, there are lateral and rotational forces present in fast transitions, which do that...
  13. You had 2 rollbacks allready!? :o I really hope that happens to me someday! Shame you didn't get a full round on it tho, it would be so awesome if you could tell us how it is! So, any more opinions on the part of the ride you did get? (the launch) Did it take you off guard?
  14. Anyone gonna be there? I'd love to finally see a POV!
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