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  1. Now that's it's been 2 WHOLE YEARS I think we need to revive this topic, anybody got any good ideas for where a Mega-Lite should go next? I personally think Funtown Splashtown USA in Maine would be nice. It's small enough to not be too extreme for the family friendly park but big enough to draw a crowd, just like Excalibur there.
  2. Just looking at the picture makes me want to create my own in RCT3 or RCT2
  4. Right, I forgot. I would go but I am working at that point.
  5. I'm very surprised Boulder was so high this year. It was a little rough but hell, it's my #1.
  6. I know I know, I probably should have asked earlier.
  7. I was at SFNE. My friend and I were waiting in the single rider line of Bizarro. There was a seat open in the front row. I jumped over the gate and hopped in. My pissed off friend waited for the next train, no seats, then the next train, no seats. BUT IT WAS BIZARRO IN THE FRONT ROW!!!!!
  8. OK, I am in a TV/Video production class at my high school. My next topic is documentaries. I was wondering if I could use some of the roller coasters POV's that you have Robb. Please answer back!!! My project is due in 2 weeks!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  9. I really like the coasters, and I like how you put the larger ones on the outter rim of the park to save space. But I have to say there is not a line of somewhat intense. You either built and intense coaster or a not so intense coaster, try to build a 75ft woodie that has the incredible compact design of a GCI. Like, super compact. But still, your park is INSANE!!
  10. Montu, obviously. My shoulder bar was so close to being the next click, on the first loop, it smashed my chest and it locked in. Maybe I should have pumped my chest out the whole ride.
  11. Robb, would you cry if the Great Chase from SFNE was removed? I know I would, the massive 3 foot drop scares the crap out of me
  12. Robb I have a question, why isn't there a Wild Train in America?
  13. I get Black Ops tomorrow! If Best Buy can send it by tomorrow.....
  14. Someone must have already beaten the game, look on youtube or on google for help
  15. I went to only 3 this year!!!!! But they were insane and I got SO lucky with the seats. Lake Compounce - Boulder Dash 5 times!I got the Front and Back!! Six Flags New England - Bizarro 2 times! My first time ever in the front! Canobie Lake Park - Yankee Cannonball+Back row= MASSIVE EJECTOR AIRTIME!!!
  16. Absolutely I love MONTU!!!! Would you like to ride Bizarro at SFNE in the front row?
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