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  1. I know the ride did encounter a lot of maintenance issues, but wasn’t Dragster often down due to high winds? I’ll be curious to see if changing the launch system could help address that issue at all.
  2. I went to the park with some friends on a very quiet day back in September and we had a really great time. During many previous visits, I’ve encountered short lines for rides with long lines for food and drinks, but this time we were blessed with short waits for everything. We may have been the only ones truly celebrating the park’s beer festival, but they had a few stands with a wide selection, and we took advantage of the short waits! The park was running two trains on most coasters, and although short lines began to form later in the day, we managed several walk-ons. I think SFA has a pretty good collection of rides. Once Harley Quinn opens, I really wouldn’t hesitate to say that. Unsurprisingly, Joker, Superman, and Batwing are at the top for me, but I think Roar, Wonder Woman, VooDoo Drop, and even Mindbender and Fireball round out the park very well. Ragin Cajun was the surprise hit. I think this was my first time on a spinning wild mouse, and man did that thing spin! This was our first ride of the day, meant to be something nice and relaxing, but we were so, so wrong. I also had my first spin on Fireball after the conversion from Apocalypse, and I really don’t think it is much better. There are only one or two head banging moments, but I think I hit my head harder than I did on the standup version. I’m sure the COVID protocols have all been covered here already. As such, I won’t get into too many details, but I have to say the park did a phenomenal job. I’ll add that I am not an incessant COVID freak, but I get annoyed with people who can’t follow simple rules. I was very impressed. SFA successfully managed to have guests standing 6 feet apart, albeit in the short lines they had. While I do think people in Maryland are generally aware of social distancing, the park actually had security guards in some lines enforcing the rules...and people listened. The security guards might be a requirement from the state, but I haven’t seen that at any restaurants, stores, casinos, etc. Six Flags America was far better than Great Adventure with this stuff and light years ahead of Hersheypark. The only other park I visited this year was SDC, which falls dead last in implementing COVID safety measures. Thank you to the whole team at SFA for another great day!
  3. Of course Dragons was still a good ride even after it stopped dueling, but at this point it’s long gone. Obviously Hagrid’s is not a mind-blowingly intense coaster, but I enjoy Harry Potter and they pack a lot in to the ride experience, so I cant wait to check it out. However, I am more looking forward to the new Jurassic coaster. IOA will have two new Intamin coasters right next door to each other, offering very different ride experiences. The Jurassic coaster likely could exceed the intensity of Dragons, so I’m really not complaining much about the departure of Dragons at this point.
  4. Amazing material with the Lightning Run photos. Great faces on a great looking coaster. You captures some great moments. In the first two pictures, it looks like Butthead (from Beavis and Butthead) is riding in the front.
  5. The ride sounds great, basically an updated Cyclone Sam’s (at Worlds of Fun) to me...more importantly, how did GRID sound? Come on, stop letting yourself down. There will be screen projections and Grid will be in it. It's not my fault I'm attracted to some skull robot thing just because his voice is hot and I consider what he does to Cyborg pretty... let's not go there. Anyway, sign went up. And commence my Grid fangirling in 3... 2... 1! OMG GRID GRID GRID GRID...
  6. You take beautiful shots of coasters, but you get the best rider reaction photos. The more terrified, the better. Your second picture from Legoland cracks me up’
  7. X2 for October. I had never ridden it before and it really blew me away. Honorable mention goes to I-305, but the experience of X2 has yet to wear off.
  8. I was told you can take beer anywhere except Planet Snoopy. I am not sure if you will be able to take the beer in lines for rides, though. There are several places that sell beer, especially near the front of the park.
  9. I think it's that part of Virginia. Kids are running around with some pretty wild haircuts, which are usually greasy and some shade of green or blue.
  10. I may agree that the hill before the mid-course had the strongest air on the ride. It really caught me off guard on my first ride, which was in the back row. The first drop in the back is one of the best drops out there.
  11. Apocalypse is front row only for me. Every other row is just too rough.
  12. I'm just going to break this up by the park(s): Busch Gardens Tampa - Montu, Gwazi, and Sheikra Cedar Point - Valravn and Steel Vengeance Kings Dominion - Twisted Timbers Silver Dollar City - Buzzsaw Falls, Wildfire, Powder Keg, Grand Exposition Coaster, and Outlaw Run Six Flags Great Adventure - The Joker Six Flags Great America - The Joker Six Flags over Texas - New Texas Giant Universal Orlando - Dueling Dragons, Woody the Woodpecker, Flight of the Hippogriff, and Rock it! Walt Disney World - Barnstormer, Rock N Rollercoaster, and Everest Worlds of Fun - Wacky Worm in 1993, which may have been my first coaster, but I think my parents took me on the Zambezi Zinger the year before. --Spinning Dragons, Patriot, and Prowler. I am probably missing some, but these are all great memories, with the exceptions of Grand Expo Coaster, Buzzsaw Falls (letdown), and Woody the Woodpecker, which had an awfully long line with painfully slow loading cycles.
  13. I find that interesting, since it was actually my least favorite part of the ride. Maybe it's just that every other RMC hybrid coaster has similar hills, or that Steel Vengeance already had plenty of ejector air on every hill before that, or maybe I just laughed and screamed so much along the way that I ran out of steam, but I felt like the final stretch of bunny hills was a bit overkill. Another inversion, some zia-zags, or even floater hills would have been a nice touch, in my opinion.
  14. Could you describe the restraint check? Cedar Point always seems to know the best way to operate their rides, I'm curious how they do it differently than other parks with an RMC. It isn't any different than other RMCs I've ridden, but they do hustle. I think SteVeUrkle is referring to the rider-facing screen in the station showing which restraints have been locked, which is also featured on Twisted Timbers.
  15. After seeing that video, I'm more excited for Cyborg Spin. It makes me think of Westworld..."Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?" It looks intense and it is sure to give some weird sensations, and while Great Adventure lacks two of my favorite flats (S&S Screamin Swings and Giant Frisbees), Cyborg Spin looks like it could be up there. I do not envy those of you who get sick on rides. Also, I'm glad some of you know your limits...unlike the kid who barfed on my feet in the bathroom near Body Wars at Epcot when I was 6.
  16. I've seen this reported in a few places but I mean, let me get this straight... The ride broke down yesterday. They dumped the queue, they said it wouldn't reopen and they gave everyone vouchers. Then they fixed it after the park closed and tested 2 trains. Then they knew well in advance that despite the fact that they supposedly fixed it last night they wouldn't have it open for early entry after it was broken yesterday afternoon so they had the Magnum crew come in early and open up for Early Entry (though Steel Vengeance did end up opening up faster than they thought it would). That makes no sense. I guess theoretically they could have broken it again last night but it seems way more likely that the same breakdown that caused it to close for the day early yesterday afternoon prompted them to have the Magnum crew come in early. There could have been an issue with the train (Digger) that was used on Monday. On Tuesday, they were running a different train (Chess). I got my first ride on Steel Vengeance on Monday, after the rain cleared, and two more rides on Tuesday (one just after noon and one at park closing). For my first two rides, I waited maybe 45 minutes (thanks to good timing), and I waited an hour and a half for my third ride. My rides were in rows 12, 9 (I think), and 2, respectively. The first drop is easily one of the best out there near the rear of the train and the first two airtime hills are right up there with El Toro. I could go on and on about this ride which, despite knowing the layout, still has its fair share of surprises. One ride is not enough to take it all in, so I am thankful for the three I have under my belt. Other positives from the park: -Front Row on TTD is still one of the best experiences out there, let alone the launch in any row. -Skyhawk is just incredible and every park needs this exact model of Screamin Swing. -Watching Steel Vengeance testing with water dummies and seeing water spew out on every hill is quite the sight. -The employees at Cedar Point truly are more friendly than the other Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks I've visited. -The park had several coasters running in the rain on Monday, including Magnum, Valravn, Wicked Twister, and even Millennium Force! Even if it was one-train operations, that's something I didn't expect to see at CP. -After exiting Steel Vengeance, my friend and I were stopped by two employees for a Cedar Point trivia quiz and we won two Fast Lane Plus tickets. -The Steel Vengeance crew was likely under a high amount of pressure, having only one train on the rails, and they did a great job. Even the coasters with short waits had efficient operations - something you don't see enough. Negatives: Valravn is annoyingly bumpy, and if B&M could stick with their normal shoulder harness restraints for Dive Coasters from now on, that'd be great. MaxAir was closed both days
  17. The ride cycle on Inverter was very fun, but the restraints hurt my thighs more than Skyrush. I think that is what steered people away from the ride more than anything.
  18. I went to the park on Sunday and had an awesome time. I’d been on Easter in the past and, once again, crowds were light. I managed to get four rides on Twisted Timbers, despite short 15-20 minute mechanical breaks each time I got in line. If it wasn’t for mechanical issues, we never would have waited more than 20 minutes to ride. They removed the green train around 7 PM. When I came back a little later and got in line, the blue train was also having issues. After three test runs, they closed off the second row and reopened the ride - and I managed to get a night ride! I sat in the front and back rows, and I have to say I preferred the back. The first drop towards the rear of the train is just nuts, and I must say I’m glad they went with the barrell roll drop for TT. You get a slightly different ride depending on which side of the train you sit. The left side (on-ride) gets better laterals (especially the final turn around), while the right side gets better airtime on the trick-track and outward-banked airtime hills. The combination of the drop out of the trick-track into the following airtime hill, then followed by the outward-banked hill, is just about as crazy as the first three big airtime hills. I can’t think of a better addition for King’s Dominion. As with all RMCs, it was all smiles and laughter on the break run. Regarding the loose article policy, the ride ops at the line entrance told me to stick my hat and sunglasses in my coat pockets, and they were fine with me tucking my hat under my coat. Basically, that’s what the sign/stated policy says! I think they have a pretty absolute “no bags” policy as they currently have no place for personal belongings in the station. Most other rides kept short lines throughout the day. I arrived around noon, but I didn’t wait more than 15-20 minutes for Volcano, including a front seat ride. Intimidator 305 is as awesome as ever, and probably still my favorite in the park. Grizzly was wild and fun. Dominator feels even farther away from everything with Twisted Timbers being open, but I’m still happy it’s right by the entrance!
  19. Wow! This looks incredible. Cobra’s Curse surprised me this winter and it got me really excited for Time Traveler. Now this video has me absolutely pumped!!!
  20. ^Is The Longest Mamba longer than the original? Why didn't you ride Cyclone Sam's? Annoying questions aside, how many trains were they running on Mamba? I know they had three at one point, but not I'm sure World's of Fun ever uses or has used all of them, or if they even have a third at this point.
  21. RMC is really pushing the limits. How many other full circuit coasters have a 90 degree drop with 6+ car trains? I can't think of any, and for next year RMC is building three!
  22. I wouldn't think it's any harder than explaining why Moonlight wasn't the best movie last year. Awards are opinions, when it comes down to it. That is entirely different, as the Academy is a group of people who are well-acquainted with film. Moonlight won Best Picture, not best "movie," and it really was filmed in a beautiful way. I think you could more easily equate the Golden Ticket Awards with the Kid's Choice Awards...
  23. It nearly flies through the brakes at the end! The front of the train wasn't even slowed down all the way while entering that last turn! This does look like an awesome coaster. GCI is building some crazy stuff in China!
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