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  1. Wow that actually looks better than I was anticipating. Layout looks really fun with some great racing/dueling moments. Definitely a great addition to the lineup.
  2. I think GAdv is past "needing" flats at this point. We have more than some of SF's most well-rounded parks, such as SFGAm, SFOT and SFFT. We got a dozen more than SFMM. We got more than major CF parks like KI, and about the same amount as Carowinds. SF has done an awesome job the last few years of filling GAdv with much-needed non-coaster attractions. 2012 we got a flat package, 2013 SORA, 2014 Zumanjaro, 2015 El Diablo, 2017 Justice League and 2018 Cyborg. This is why I'd really like to see a coaster in the next year or 2. Considering the coaster removals and their replacements in the la
  3. Why are the restraints so terrible? I keep hearing this and IDK, I don't mind them.....thing is though - Superman is really the only hyper I have ridden.....I need to get out more lol There was an accident early in the early 2000s. I forget which year, but when it reopened the state would not allow the original T-bar restraints it was designed with ala Millenium Force or Top Thrill Dragster. Now they’re thick yellow U-bars? Correct me if im wrong, I haven’t been in a few years, kind of similar to the thickness of El toro. The accident happened in early 2004. They added weird ankle rest
  4. 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Superman: The Ride 3) Skyrush 4) Apollo's Chariot 5) Nitro 6) Magnum 7) Steel Force 8) S:RoS at SFA 9) Raging Bull
  5. I just got the same survey for SFGAdv with the same questions, except for the "new land" part. I think you guys might be taking the questions a little too literally, lol...
  6. Looks like multiple crates have arrived in the parking lot. Possibly something of interest.... (Found on GA History but I believe the originals were posted on the Connoseuir facebook page)
  7. On Tuesday there was thunderstorm and rain forecasts, which actually closed the coasters for 30min. SV was still 1.5 hours all day and Maverick was 45min. If you want rerides on those, FL+ will be worth it.
  8. Yeah, I was shocked as my memory of it was favorable. That back row experience was a dumpster fire.
  9. Background: The last time I visited CP was August 12th-15th, 2003 at the age of 12. It was my first major "roller coaster" trip as an enthusiast, which took over a year to convince my mom to take me on. That trip, which also included the now-defunct SFWoA and a stay at Hotel Breakers, is what sparked us to do similar annual trips every year over the next 5 years. This stretch is where probably 80% of my 150+ coaster count came from. So many amazing memories were sparked from that CP trip. Let's flash back to those days for a moment. The rookie TTD was a phenomenon in the coaster commu
  10. In the unload station, they hooked up a tube from the control panel to a machine below the station. They pulled a long wire like a lawn mower and now the machine is running. No idea what they are doing but they are definitely working on things. Attached is a [crappy] pic.
  11. Attached is a pic as of an hour ago, with the red train stuck at the base of the lift.
  12. Can confirm it was down all day yesterday. Today, it was testing all 3 trains with dummies, however now the red train is stuck at the base of the lift hill. Looks like I'll be out of luck on this vacation of riding it
  13. Thanks for all the helpful tips, guys! We just officially reserved the room. Forecast currently calls for rain both days, but it is still far enough away that I put little stock in it. It's our only chance to make this trip work this year so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. This is my vote, too. It was insanely loud when both sides were actually open. One train would be mid-launch while the other would be just exiting its final element. If you were anywhere near that exit tunnel you'd pretty much have to cover your ears. They were so loud that I could hear them in the distance while on the stairs of the HH slides.
  15. Hey guys, so I will be heading to CP next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. My last visit was back in August 2003, so a lot has changed since then. That trip I stayed at Breakers and had a fantastic time. With cash kind of tight, I will be staying at Breakers Express. I had a few questions: 1) Since I will be staying at a CP property, I will have access to early entry on Wednesday. What entrance should I use to get me to Steel Vengeance/Maverick the quickest? And what would be the best place to park in relation to that entrance? 2) I know the hotels offer you the chance to get tickets at
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