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I've only been on 4, but I would say:


1. Raptor (Cedar Point)

2. Flight Deck (California's Great America)

3. Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Farm)

4. Batman The Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain)


I'll be adding at least one (if not two) more to this list because I will be riding Afterburn and Alpengeist this August.

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1) Montu - Just great size, speed, inversions.

2) DD Ice - While not as fast as Fire I liked its layout just a tad bit more.

3) DD Fire - Basically tied with Ice.

4) Batman - Amazing pacing, strong G's

5) Silver Bullet - I hate this ride with a passion for ruining knotts by removing the lake, laser show, boat ride. But it has grown on me over the years. Also the over banked turn is sweet.



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^ Fairly certain no B&M coasters are named Wicked Twister or Volcano, I believe those are both Intamin. Correct me if I'm wrong.


1) Montu

2) Afterburn

3) Raptor

4) Alpengeist

5) Great Bear

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  • 2 months later...

I really need to get out more and ride some more coasters...hard when you're 14 and the only member of your family that rides anything.


1. Batman: The Ride (SFGAm)

2. Alpengeist (BGE)

3. Great Bear (Hershey Park)


And that's all of them I've rode. I wish I could go on a TPR trip... *sigh*



Sucks being 14. But I'll get over it and maybe ride some more coasters in 2011. 2010 wasn't that bad.I went to BGE with Student Council, Kennywood with my 8th grade class, (Sky Rocket was NOT open) and will be going to Kennywood again on August 21 with the Marching Band. Wait, I though i was in the Rant thread for a moment.

(Oh, I might have been able to go to East Coast Bash, If Kennywood wasn't the day before. I would have to leave for KD when I got home from Kennywood )




Yeah, I know when I'm older I'll wish I was 14 again...but I can't wait to grow up a bit more...


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It's been a few years since I've posted in this thread, so I'm sure my list has changed a little. Here's my current top 10...


1a.DD- Fire



4.Batman-TR (SF parks)

5.Flight Deck (CGA)





10. Great Bear


...with all in the top 40 overall.


Also, I love how everyone keeps referring to Dragon Challenge as Dueling Dragons, including myself.

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1) Dueling Dragons- Fire

2) Dueling Dragons- Ice

3) Talon

4) Great Bear

5) Alpengeist


And I think I'll be getting my first Batman the Ride credit at Six Flags Great Adventure next month, so I think that it will pass Alpengeist on this list. I didn't really like Alpengeist all that much. It was forceless for me.

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