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  1. Just got hired by Party City as a Halloween Expert. Basically means do everything in the store plus Halloween duties.
  2. I got a thing in the mail today from Busch Gardens inviting me to Pass Member Appreciation Weekend (9/17-18) stating that the first 1500 pass members at Festhaus by 10:30 AM Saturday will get the announcement of 2012 and Howl-O-Scream. Plus a chance to win an iPad, iPod, and other things. Sounds pretty awesome.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6z88ur-8bY This sums it up right now.
  4. Just filled up on 87 for $3.31. Cheapest diesel I've seen is $3.48.
  5. Just a couple minutes ago we had another 4.5 out of Mineral, VA once again. Enough, now. Please. This isn't fun.
  6. Just 30 minutes ago we had a 4.2 aftershock coming out of almost the same spot.
  7. The rudest awakening possible is objects falling off of your shelf onto your sleeping self and the house shaking. I panicked and had absolutely no idea what to do. It was scary, but in retrospect it wasn't anything horrible. Just a little shaken up and no phone service for a couple hours.
  8. Don't invite me on vacation with you if all you're gonna do is suck face with your boyfriend and screw like rabbits while I'm within earshot in a shared room. And especially don't ignore me while he's over all day every single day even though you promised you just would have him over for a couple hours one night and then get mad when he and I try to have a conversation. Rude.
  9. Well considering that at freefall the minimum one will experience is 0.0G and when slowing down vertically isn't terribly stressful (unless, of course the brakes don't manage to catch it again) so I wouldn't see a need to. With this said, I have no knowledge of what testing is done this is just my thought.
  10. That censor originated from when people consistently bitched about Universal Studios Orlando not putting the r-i-n-g-s on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit's lift hill months before opening and completion. Other censors include l-ockers and XD isn't anymore but XD used to be "I like little boys in tights" or something. Anyhow, when something gets overused to the point of extreme annoyance it gets censored to something inconvenient.
  11. Not surprised, she was living on borrowed time, even she knew that. It is a shame, however. She had such talent but squandered it.
  12. If y'all recall, Great Adventure vehemently denied GASM's closing weeks before when the originally rumored early-July date by posting a picture with the caption "Look what I took a picture of today... and it's RUNNING! Guess that rumored date was wrong huh?" Here Anyhow, it wouldn't surprise me but at the same time there are more sensical things to do with that rather large area.
  13. I ain't told my dad either. I told my mom, and being the "religious" (i.e. thumps the Bible when it comes to my sexuality) conservative southern belle she is, she told me I'm not normal and that this is just a stupid phase. My dad is like that but worse. Honestly I've found that friends really don't care. I have two different personalities though, my introverted quiet side for when I'm around my ignorant family and my normal, funny, outgoing side for everybody else.
  14. Standing up on your own will usually isn't an accident.
  15. It's just the way they were designed. Prior to the 80s/90s most designs were drawn by hand and it's near impossible to draw a perfect parabola and then to have somebody bend it by hand (also the M.O. before the 90s.) Almost all of Arrow's coasters have straight drops, some Intamins do, it just depends on how it was designed. It's not anything country-specific, look at any Arrow and you'll find the drops are completely straight. Corkscrew at Valleyfair Bizarro at SFNE
  16. That's done on most all tower rides, it prevents the grease that lets it move smoothly from caking up and inevitably falling on riders as the car moves. It was on a TV show filmed at KD and they showed it being done on Drop Tower. If anyone can remember the name of that show feel free to share.
  17. Quick, someone find the local Dippin' Dots vendor and confirm this!
  18. If you don't want that problem... unfriend the person. Not that damn hard.
  19. Looks great! Hopefully they don't let the lights go to shit after a couple seasons though, that's a really cool effect. Speaking of shit, wait til a rider gets defecated on by a seagull, that will be a funny lawsuit.
  20. Which, I'm sure, isn't why footers go deeper down in the ground than fathomable I mean Sky Tower must fall over on a daily basis! Not to mention that rides have been built on bigger hills... without problems.
  21. That's awful just last year I sent her a 100th birthday card. She seemed like a great woman though I never had the chance to personally meet her.
  22. My first car. I love it, 2004 Honda Accord EX-L.
  23. It's led me to crack, ecstasy, and cheap prostitution... pretty fruitful hobby, if I may say so.
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