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  1. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but a bungee is seen at 1:00
  2. 'CarnEVIL' is actually called Psycho Circus, and it's been around since 2009. The lack of actors sounds really unfortunate. I do know they're still hiring, though.
  3. I've found that distraction scares or the best. If you have an animatronic available, people tend to think that they're real and will jump up at them. If you have another actor, use one of you as a distraction to attempt to push the guests towards the other actor, who then pops out to scare the guests; they won't be expecting it. Good luck! It's so much fun!
  4. Dorney will be offering 'Fright Lane' passes during Haunt this year which allow guests to bypass the line once in 8 of the park's haunted attractions. It looks like the passes will be cheaper on Fridays, and the more passes you buy, the cheaper the price. Attractions included in pass: Mansion House Hotel Psycho Circus Club Blood Asylum Backwoods Death Trap Cornstalkers Terror Square http://tickets.dorneypark.com/shop/shopping_corporate_partners_list.cfm
  5. KD, WoF, and Dorney will most likely get one. Valleyfair and CGA have height limits. Dorney has a height limit of, I believe, up to 210 feet depending on the point in the park.
  6. I was there yesterday. I agree about the SLC. I got off and told myself it was the worst coaster I've ever been on. I can't imagine it with the normal restraints. As far as the boomerang, it's actually my favorite and IMO, the smoothest I've been on, above the ones at Great Escape and Hershey. I don't know, I just didn't experience any headbanging. Stapling is another story though...ouch.
  7. Apollo's Chariot Kingda Ka Bizarro (SFNE) Flying Turns Flight of Fear Ripsaw Falls Dueling Dragons Voyage Roller Soaker Yes, it's a very odd list of rides.
  8. The announcement video did say there would be a video later this week with answers to FAQs.
  9. I get all 4 of mine (impacted) out tomorrow. I'm actually very nervous, as I've never had anything like this done. I'm preparing myself to face my fear. As much as people are saying that the surgery isn't bad, that's what I'm really worried about, for some reason. Wow, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.
  10. After my visit to Cedar Point, I have to agree with the people that say Millennium Force. I did think it was fun, but it didn't meet my high expectations. I much preferred Maverick, definitely my favorite in the park.
  11. Steel - Nitro Wood - El Toro Hopefully it will change next week when I go to Cedar Point!
  12. How long until Cedar Fair gives up and relocates it to Dorney Park?
  13. Of the parks I've been to, Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights. Rickety old rollercoasters, a very ghetto atmosphere, and just an overall unsafe feeling.
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