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And I think I'll be getting my first Batman the Ride credit at Six Flags Great Adventure next month, so I think that it will pass Alpengeist on this list. I didn't really like Alpengeist all that much. It was forceless for me.


I dont care how intense people claim it is, I dont care for the Batman clones whatsoever. I was so disappointed when I rode Batman at MM.

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I love the zero G roll as the second element like on Raptor, dragons and Batman. It feels like thedive loop always takes away too much speed on Montu and Alengeist. I also think Raptor has a really underrated first drop, that banked straight first drop is one of my favorites on any coaster

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1.) Great Bear

2.) Dueling Dragons - Fire

3.) Raptor

4.) Montu

5.) Talon


Something like that... I really love Great Bear. Most think it is boring, but I just really enjoy it everytime I ride it for whatever reason. Maybe it is the chocolate pumping through my veins when I am at Hershey...


But I also want to give notible mention to Alpengiest, Dueling Dragons ICE and the BTR's out there!

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I can't wait to ride the first B&M Invert at Great America.


B&M's by intensity:

1. Batman, SFOG

1. Great White, SeaWorld San Antonio

2. Afterburn, Carowinds

3. Raptor, Cedar Point

4. Batman, SFOT

5. Goliath, SFFT.



1. Afterburn, Carowinds

1. Raptor, Cedar Point

2. Great White, SeaWorld SA

3. Batman, SFOG

4. Batman, SFOT

5. Goliath, SFFT


On a side note, I ride all the B&M Inverts in the front. If I can't get that, I'll go to the very back.

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