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  1. I think every park should tear down their racer woodies and build Intamin prefab racer woodies!
  2. I rode El Dorado once in 2009....I've been twice since and walked right past it both times.....
  3. I have no clue at all why the GP thinks Dominator sucks. It's the 2nd best ride there in my opinion. You would think the GP would love it because OMFG DEH LOOPZ.
  4. I was kinda hoping for a different color scheme...this thing should have a cool effect on the atmosphere of the park at night. I didn't know these things had on-board audio.
  5. People are crazy over MF and TTD at CP. Too bad i305 killed my perception of millie when I rode it. I haven't ridden MF since 2005 and would love a re-ride sometime soon as it used to be my #1 coaster.
  6. They could definitely use some flats that's the only thing I didn't like about GADV when I went was the severe lack of flat rides but El Toro made me forget flat rides exist.
  7. Everyones wanted flats for so long at Carowinds and they finally get one but I'm sure there will be a high amount of complaining. I more than welcome this new ride to Carowinds line-up although a HUSS GF would of been better I <3 those.
  8. ^rough is not a word I would use to describe El Toro. More like sex.
  9. I don't even find floorless coasters boring at all. How is a loop, dive loop, zero-g roll, cobra roll, and two interlocking corkscrews boring?
  10. I'd rather they put some more stuff into Soak City than build DA. Soak City definitely needs some more new stuff more than Millennium Island needs useless robot dinosaurs.
  11. Reading the comments on the announcement status on Cedar Points facebook makes me want to cut myself.
  12. I've ridden four floorless coasters. Dominator, Bizarro, SKC, and Hydra. I greatly enjoyed all of them.
  13. Inverts are SOOO 90s Get a DM or a floorless. There would absolutely be nothing wrong with building a new one of those. I like them more than floorless coasters and DMs.
  14. ^somebody jumped on my bandwagon. Too bad I highly doubt KD would get one. Parks need to build more of those in general.
  15. If we get Dinosaurs Alive, next year will be the first year in three years I don't go to KD and will for sure go to BGW instead.
  16. Well at least Dollywood, and Busch Gardens are building new roller coasters next year and both are a day drive from me. Stupid Dinosaurs Alive crap sorry if I sound like a complainer but DA is the least exciting attraction I've ever seen any park build. I'd be more excited for a kiddie coaster.
  17. ^Dude it'd be worth the experience El Torgasm provided me with. It overtook Intimidator 305 as my favorite roller coaster.
  18. I think we should burn Hurler and Grizzly down and build an Intamin prefab woodie...........yeah I rode El Toro yesterday
  19. Did anybody else go to the park yesterday? It was INSANELY crowded. Everything had a 45 minute wait at least. So much for my 20 ride marathon on El Toro which is now the best roller coaster I have ever ridden Seriously I absolutely loved El Toro. At the park I was there from open to close and rode all seven big coasters. My preferred order went like El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka, Bizarro, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. The only one I didn't have an awesome experience on was Green Lantern but my shorts made the stand up seats twice as awkward and uncomfortable. But I LOVED Great Adventure even with the freak of nature on a weekday crowds. The best coaster collection of any park I've been too.
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