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  1. They didn't say RMC, but the blueprints look similar to the blueprints RMC gave SDC for Outlaw Run.
  2. I'm glad SFGAm continues to add rides while keeping as much as they can. I'm so excited for this new woodie
  3. I don't think they have to worry about the houses cause Iron Wolf made a really loud B&M 'roar' and the houses are more towards Superman/Dark Knight. I remember the park has sound complaints from V2 but the Village of Gurnee sided with the park. There's nothing to worry about.
  4. That's happening in 2 days. August 21st. There is one person that plans on streaming it on USTREAM but I forget who.
  5. SFGAm shouldn't have a problem building a ride that tall in that area of the park. It's right on the edge of the employee lot and they could easily expand the coaster there. I don't think Camp Cartoon is leaving because they recently renovated (painting, new fences) the area over the winter.
  6. Those were both pranks made by roller coaster enthusiasts. I doubt this could be a prank done by an enthusiast, Daily Herald is a pretty big publication, especially in the Chicago area.
  7. I thought the same thing, and I thought a GCI would be perfect for that particular plot! GCI's are great, but I think SFGAm is trying to break some records here and make the ride really stand out. Are there any GCI's that actually broke any sort of record though? They are great family woodies though! But I'm leaning towards RMC on this as they seem to be the 'it' company the past 2 years when it comes to this stuff.
  8. Interesting article talking about the world's fastest wooden coaster coming to the park? http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130817/news/708179826/
  9. Throwing out more speculation ...... RMC Woodie with 3 inversions (It'd be the only with 3, Outlaw Run's over bank apparently doesn't count) and the 3 Guinness files could represent the 3 inversions? (There were 3 papers visible in the Guinness folder when David took pictures of it)
  10. Unless there is major downtime with the launch (if it's a Premier) then I can see it being delayed. But Great America is probably the best park in the chain with opening rides opening weekend or in the first week of park opening.
  11. I rode River King Mine Train at Six Flags St. Louis back in 2001. I was 6 at the time and it's still my favorite mine train!
  12. I hope it's better than Full Throttle to be honest. It doesn't look that good, low capacity, but SFGAm always impresses us. I am still hoping for a RMC woodie but I don't know what to think anymore.
  13. Now why would a RMC worker be on the entrance/exit path instead of the service road? They should be on the service road instead. And what are the chances a Coaster Enthusiast would be there at the same EXACT time they are there? Bull crap.
  14. There is a zone board meeting on the 21st (SFGAM has to get anything above 125ft approved by Gurnee) but it's supposed to announced along with all other Six Flags additions on August 29th.
  15. But that wouldn't relate to anything record breaking? SFGAm can't built above 310 ft or taller than Sky Treck Tower. The Texas Sky Screamer is 400ft tall, so which record would they break?
  16. I could imagine a Premier launching coaster in Southwest Territory. I could also imagine a woodie in Southwest Territory, maybe RMC? I'm just glad it's not a Sky Screamer cause I don't think one would fit at SFGAm.
  17. I'm one of the people that would hate see Raging Cajun to go. I remember opening year I waited through the whole queue to ride it (around 2 hours, not even joking, I was 9 at the time). I only ride it now if half of a switchback is full, usually in the early morning. I feel like it fits nicely where it is now and the theming is really nice. I like it better than Dark Knight too, it's more intense and unlike Dark Knight, it's worth a 10 minute wait. But to be honest, if there was a ride that had to leave SFGAm. Raging Cajun would be one of my first. It's a clone that many parks have, it just happens to be a clone I enjoy a lot.
  18. I cannot wait to head to Kentucky Kingdom to check out their re-opning, and making a stop at Kings Island to check out Banshee. Kings Island has a real winner on their hands!
  19. I doubt SFGAm is gonna remove the Southwest Amphitheater. That's where they hold all their concerts and all of the cheer-leading competitions that they have in the summer. The Wilderness Theater isn't big enough and they wouldn't have any other areas to host a big show.
  20. I would think retheming Flight Deck with 'The Bat' theme and with the new Banshee inverted coaster, those 2 rides could compliment each other very well.
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