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  1. Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Darien Lake Boomerang - Elitch Gardens Flashback - Six Flags New England Flash Back - Six Flags Over Texas Sidewinder - Hersheypark Boomerang - Worlds of Fun Boomerang - Six Flags Fiesta Texas Zoomerang - Lake Compounce Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Great Escape Deja 'Vu - Six Flags Great America (if it counts) That's a whopping 9 too many boomerangs that I've been on. If you count GIB's, then that is 10. And off the top of my head, the one that was somewhat -remotely- re-ride able was Zoomerang at Lake Compounce.
  2. Finally a thread I can participate in! I actually keep track how many new credits I get every year (since 2008) and back then, it was easy to remember what year I rode each new coaster. 2009 was the year I started involving myself more with roller coasters and TPR and all that, so my coaster count took off at that time. So here's my list! 1999 - 2 2001 - 4 2002 - 13 2003 - 7 2004 - 28 2005 - 12 2006 - 9 2007 - 1 2008 - 11 2009 - 81 2010 - 41 2011 - 72 2012 - 9 (so far) --Total-- 290 I'll break 300 by the end of the year!
  3. When I went to Cedar Point a few years ago (during multiple visits) it was actually the opposite! Everyone seemed to be in line for the drop side (at least 30 minutes), while I gallantly walked onto the shot side (station wait.) I much prefer the shot side.
  4. Ocean Park looks incredible! I'm only saying that because I've never been to an Asian theme park, as they all look really fun! That 'drop' on the mine train looks absolutely crazy. I really hope I get a chance to ride that some day. HairRaiser looks alright, a tad boring, but a nice fit for the park. My only question is that do you have to take the gondolas to the ride area of the park? Entrance plaza is at the bottom of the hill, you take the gondolas to the top? Or are there rides all around the mountain? Great pics BTW, can't wait to see the UK Trip!
  5. That mystery coaster sounds intriguing, mainly because the other rides don't seem that interesting. Can't wait to check it out opening year!
  6. Just my luck! I just rode it this past Saturday! (July 7th) I was always hearing that this ride was closing, so I wanted to give it one last ride. Sadly, I waited over an hour for it, and it broke down. We waited through and finally got to sit in the front. Was it worth it? No. Does the ride suck? Pretty much. I was just glad to give it one last spin before it leaves.
  7. Great PTR! Sorry to hear what happened in line for Texas Giant, I've never had anything like that happen to me before, it was really unprofessional. I still hoped you like SFOT (it's one of my favorite SF parks) but I do agree with you on the employees. And just sure you know, the ride ops staple everyone on the New Texas Giant, it's just what they do. During Texas Giant Bash, the ride op at the kiddie coaster let a big group of us ride, without needed kids. But at least you got the credit
  8. ^^ Funny you mention that. I went to Sea World last year, and while all the rides were walk ons, even the 2 year old Manta, Penguin Encounter, Dolphins, the Shark area all had lines to enter. All of the shows had full audiences, but all the rides were walk on? I went to Busch Gardens Europe the summer of 09, yet, all the rides were walk on? I also went to Busch Gardens Africa summer 09, and all of the rides were still walk on! Maybe I just happened to have visited on some really, really good days. But by my past experience, the rides and coasters at many of the Busch Garden and Sea World parks tended to be really short. After all, the parks started off as zoos and aquariums, not theme parks.
  9. I went to Kings Dominion in 2009 and pretty much had the same experience as you! Although I hate to wait about 20 minutes for Boo Blasters... But I'm pretty sure it was Scooby Doo back then, I don't remember. One thing I don't like about Kings Dominion is that the water park is inside the theme park, just like Hershey Park, I just was they were more separate. Other than that, KD is great! Same thing goes for Busch Gardens Europe, I went in 2009 and was lucky enough to ride Big Bad Wolf a few weeks before it closed. I loved it, and it's a bummer they had to remove it. But I agree with you too, Griffon and DarKastle are fantastic rides! And for your first PTR, you did a great job! Can't wait to see more
  10. Awesome photos! Superman is such a photogenic ride, what a great addition to SFDK. I know everyone is complaining about capacity, and if that's an issue, don't wait in line! I have no problem waiting in lines (as long as I have something to drink) and this ride looks worth a wait, which I'm sure it will get. If there is a Bay Area Bash next year, count me in! Haven't been to SFDK since 2002 *when it was still Marine World* and would love to go back. Front row definitely looks best for the pop of air after the big launch!
  11. Any details on this? Is it 100% strict, or is it simply for capacity reasons? Does it apply to the other coasters? Then again, I'm not certain I'd want to suffer through this park again without TPR, anyway... When I went to the park a few weekends ago, I was with my brother in line for the 2nd row. There was a guy in front of us and the ride attendant made me ride with him because he was a single rider. I really don't know why you can't ride by yourself, but when we we got back to the station, I had to ride again with my brother. And if any of you guys have been on Hades, 2 rides in a row is the worst!
  12. I'm with you when you encourage more people to come to Great America! While a lot of our coasters can be found at other parks (V2, Superman, Demon, Batman, Raging Cajun, Dark Knight, etc) they fit well at our park! And our water park seems to exceed other Hurricane Harbors probably for the fact that our water park isn't even 10 years old, while other Hurricane Harbors have been around much longer. So our slides are a little more modern than other's. I know SFGAM is very popular. Especially being the only major theme park between Milwaukee and Chicago, they practically have that whole area to themselves. Season Passes are relatively cheap and the park is great! Many people enjoy it. That's why I try to get in as many visits before the summer kicks in because it becomes impossible to get many rides in. I'm glad someone else liked Iron Wolf besides me. I didn't love the ride, I just loved how it weaved in and out through the trees. I hope something worthy replaces it. I think it's amazing that Batman is one of the most popular rides in the park, even if it is 20 years old, it runs really well! And lastly, the only complaint about X-Flight is the restraints. They kill me at the end of the ride because they are super tight, but Superman doesn't have that problem. I know we're not the only ones that notice the super tight vests! Nice PTR! And I'm glad you had a good time at the park
  13. While I love Kentucky Rumbler, Thunderhead has a slight edge. But for Beech Bend, Kentucky Rumbler is a great ride and has an awesome layout! It's one of my favorite GCI coasters. I just don't like the fact that you have to walk around if you want to reride (even if there is no one in line) but the ride is still great! And it's good to hear that the ghost train got a remodel. It was easily the most popular ride at the park when I visited Labor Day Weekend in 2010, as it was the only ride with a line! (20 minutes in fact!) The park is definitely worth coming back to.
  14. The parachute tower since there aren't many left in the world. Also, Houdini is unique to SFNE and SFGADV, so I'd check that out as well. If you're into water rides, then check out the log flume at the park is one of my favorites, but the rapids is one of my least favorites. I'd also put Bizarro on your priority list! It's not my favorite, but all the effects are cool.
  15. The Euro Fighter looks great! I like the layout of the wooden coaster, although I find the many turns to be very repetitive. I do like the triple down feature, though! Nice job. Love the queue for it.
  16. I really love looking down American Eagle's lift. Cause all you see is how big the ride is, and that it's a really long trip to the helix. Wild Eagle has an awesome view as well!
  17. I hope it isn't too good to be true. It could still be an overbank, but zero-g looks good too.
  18. I actually went to Mount Olympus a few weekends ago (June 9th) and hopefully my information can be pretty accurate! - Special seats - Hades is definitely a front row ride. Any other row will be a mistake. Also, there are no single riders allowed, anymore. Although they will find someone to sit next to you if you are alone. Cyclops in the last row. Zeus sucks in any seat... And Pegasus, it doesn't really matter. - All of the rides were open. - Timber Falls is definitely worth a visit. Even if it's for an hour or 2. I really like their log flume, it has a nice theme. And the 5 rides on Hellcat are amazing. There is never a line for it, unlike the long lines at Mount Olympus, and Hellcat is actually good! I enjoyed Hades back in 2010, but this year, it wasn't as good as I remembered. - My favorite ride at Noah's Ark was Black Anaconda, so you got that! But the scariest inner-tube slides that I've ever been on were the Bermuda Triangle ones. They are right next to the Time Warp. - Noah's Ark, you could spend most of the day at. It has fun slides that are actually worth sliding down again. Mount Olympus... The rides you'll only want to go on one time each, and the water park is a dump. I spent two days there (we had free passes) and it was crowded to the rim. The slides aren't anything special, even the new ones they built aren't very good. You should rather spend the morning at Mount Olympus, get the credits and ride some go-karts, then bolt to Timber Falls that night. If you buy the wristband for Timber Falls, their Skyscraper is worth checking out (you get a discount if you buy the wristband) and it's a lot of fun. If you want to have fun in the Dells this weekend, spend the least amount of time at Mount Olympus as you can!
  19. This thread is filled with many cute pictures, sad stories, and good ones too! I guess it's my time to share. I have 3 cats, and I don't know the official name for 2 of them, but we do have a Siamese cat. We have had Tequilla since 1996, (I was a year old) and my mom just randomly bought her from the pet store. She has had many nasty infections as we use to let our cats run free outside, but we stopped that and she's doing great. She loves to sleep and eat, and she's so sweet. Tequilla is so old, she outlived all of her 3 kittens. We also had Roxy since 1996. One of my mom's old friends gave her to us, and little did we know, she was a wild cat. She doesn't eat cat food or drink water (only drinks milk) and she only eats meat. She would always bring back bunnies, mice, chipmunks, etc, but we would eventually stop her from going outside. She's not doing so well right now, and she isn't as pretty as she use to be, but she's still my baby! Roxy is so old as well, she outlived all her kittens, the last one passed away last February. I wanna say we got Forest in 2007. My sister wasn't able to keep her cat in her new apartment anymore so we've had him ever since. He's a big cat, not because he's fat, but he's just tall. He likes to climb on things and yeah, typical cat stuff. Tequilla Roxy. I don't really like this photo, but I she's not the most photogenic cat. And here's Forest doing his thing.
  20. I was in line for X-Flight a few days ago and these two little girls were talking about the black spiders SFGAm puts on American Eagle during Fright Fest. One girl was bragging that her daddy climbed American Eagle's structure and stole the big spider and put it in his garage, because the police were looking for him. Not sure how her dad has that big of a garage, or how he was able to climb the structure in the first place.
  21. I have to agree with you about Elitch's. I've visited in 2002 and in 2006, and while it's a nice park, the coaster enthusiast side of me felt disappointed. I went when they still had the Zamperla Flyer, which was, sadly, my favorite ride there. Half Pipe was cool too, but all of the roller coasters there are small to medium sized and the park itself is tiny. I wish they never relocated from the original Elitch's Gardens as that seemed to be a beautiful park, while this park is built on top of an old dump yard next to train tracks, and there are no gardens what so ever. Any idea what's going on with the rapids? Your pictures turned out great!
  22. I'm happy you were able to enjoy the park on a such a busy day (with many school kids, nevertheless). X-Flight did fill our void of a roller coaster in need of inversions, and it seemed to be a guest favorite. Raging Bull night-rides are my favorite ways to end off the day! Hope to see you return someday.
  23. I honestly don't care if this ride has airtime. What would make this ride for me is the pure speed. Racing through the forest with crazy turns, this ride is gonna be great!
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