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  1. I'll be honest, with the stats you listed I don't know what I expected. It certainly wasn't that, and I mean that in the best way possible. I'll embed the video for you here: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Great job!
  2. It was a cool coaster in concept, and the launches were really great! That said, the entire rest of the ride after you popped out of the volcano was kind of...plodding? It seemed to just lazily roll through the inversions, and what seemed like should have been a really cool finale or even second half turns into a brake run. I'm sad that more people won't get to experience it, but I don't think it was particularly 'great' outside of the unique factor. Whatever replaces it will have a nice footprint of land to work with so I'm excited to see what comes next.
  3. I can speak from experience from the Washington DC location - the food is amazing. You have to be careful when ordering plates though, they may be small but they can be very pricey. One of my favorites is the Croquetas de pollo, which is essentially shredded chicken wrapped in a fritter and fried. It was amazing!
  4. Pretty sure that's what remains of Shoot the Rapids on the Island. Edit: Yep
  5. I don't post a lot, but I've been a member of the site for a long time. The amount of stories that leak through from some of the trips made me wonder how you guys handled it all. Nowadays, after working at a park for a year and currently working at airport security, I fully understand the need to vent and yell about stupid people. It happens every day at my job, and the repercussions of people doing something stupid are far higher. You guys handled things to the best of your ability. If I were in your place I would have done the same, if not a larger reaction at times. You guys run a great site and put out great content. Its one of the reasons I come and visit so often even though I don't post. Getting to live vicariously though your trip reports and videos are things that bring smiles to my face. Eventually I'd like to be able to travel and see some of these places as well. Never let the assholes get you down.
  6. They own most of, if not all of the warehouses on the left of the dorms when approaching the causeway, the entire dorm area as well as some of the housing on the right side. Additionally they own the entire sandusky airfield site which is under construction for the sports complex.
  7. ^^ Its hard not to make it political, especially here in the US where they have done absolutely nothing to try and curb these shootings. ^Its been really frustrating to hear it. Its also infuriating to hear some of the right wing folks try and align themselves with the community they've spent so long ostracizing. Anderson Cooper had a great interview with the Florida Attorney General. If you haven't seen it here's the link: http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/14/politics/pam-bondi-anderson-cooper-gay-rights-orlando/index.html The whole situation is just frustrating.
  8. Thankfully all of my friends checked in safe, my age group has people who would frequent that particular club. I am scared, frustrated, sad, angry, but at a complete loss as to what to do about any of it. I have never felt so helpless in my entire life, let alone so useless. Donating money to the cause doesn't seem like enough, and I'm not sure anything ever will be. An article I read summed it up pretty well for people my age - he violated a safe place. A place where we go to enjoy ourselves while being ourselves. And what terrifies me the most is that it could have just as easily have been me. I used to frequent clubs, and I was at a club here in DC not 2 weeks ago. I kind of just want to punch a wall over and over again, but I know that won't do any good.
  9. Tons of pictures at this facebook page of damage around Sandusky and the causeway. https://www.facebook.com/Sandusky-Scanner-Live-167797306707716/ My family that lives in Sandusky has been posting all kinds of crazy pictures, must have been a helluva storm.
  10. Berardi's is very good, as is El Grand Patron if you prefer mexican style food - they're right next door to one another. http://www.sanduskyberardis.com/ for your reference.
  11. There will be plenty of other parks and coasters in your life, don't worry about 100. Just have fun, I'm sure you'll get another chance at CP later on in your life.
  12. This game is so much further ahead than the others in development its not even funny. Can't wait to build a new machine this summer to try it for myself.
  13. How does Cedar Point removing a completely different ride system have anything to do with Pompeii?
  14. This is super cool. Thanks for posting it, are you planning on keeping up with it?
  15. Here's the full view from across the bay from their facebook. Really is going to change the skyline.
  16. https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.com/showthread.php?7124-RCTW-Blog-23-RollerCoaster-Tycoon-World-Releasing-in-Early-2016 This is a bit reassuring. I'd rather them add the features people were requesting to make things easier than to release the game without these tools. We'll see how many improvements they have done in December.
  17. This is one of the reasons I don't usually pre-purchase games. I hope this one gets some more time to bake in the oven. They're going in the right direction, but it seems like a lot of people are having trouble with the editor. If this fails I'll probably pick up NL2, though I'll have to handle the learning curve either way.
  18. I'm just so glad it's going to have Steam Workshop support. Will make CTRs and different flats much easier to deal with than in other versions.
  19. Aye, back when I was hired they did a phone interview with some basic personality questions. Then they placed me at Thunder Canyon. After awhile they needed help at Magnum and I volunteered to work there. The crew liked me, I liked them, and they hired someone new to stay at TC instead of Magnum. Also, there is usually plenty of opportunities to cross train on other attractions. I worked Camp Snoopy, Thunder Canyon, Magnum, Corkscrew, Maverick, and Mantis while I was at the park. Just let management know you're interested and they are usually happy to accommodate when possible.
  20. When I worked at the park, the same crew who runs Corkscrew also staffed Super Himalaya. I'd assume this is still the same and is the reason why.
  21. I'm in the camp of "pics or it didn't happen", but that said it wasn't uncommon in the past for the park to start receiving deliveries of ride parts before the heavy ground work has started. A solid example of this was Maverick. Track had started to appear in May of 2006, while site clearing was still on-going. The track was placed in the field next to Breakers Express. So I wouldn't say its not possible, but with someone with such a low post count giving this information without any pictures to back it up, I'm going to sit firmly on the skeptical side. If the track/supports is delivered to the parking lot though I wouldn't expect it to stay there. Halloweekends crowds are massive, and they can max out the parking lot - so they'll need all the space they can get.
  22. Thank you so much for the answers Elissa! I'll definitely pass on the information to the rest of the group, and this will be a big help for our planning. My mother loves Chip and Dale, so I'm sure we'll try to hit that up one of the days that we're over there!
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