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I've been on 13 B&M Inverts, but five of those are Batman clones. My top five are...


1. Banshee (Kings Island)

2. Afterburn (Carowinds)

3. Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

4. Raptor (Cedar Point)

5. Batman The Ride (Six Flags St. Louis)

HM: Flight Deck (California's Great America)


I actually don't like most of the Batman clones (in fact, I rank all other B&M inverts above most of them) as I'm not overly fond of the non-stop intensity but I did enjoy the St. Louis version more than the others for some reason.

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I am surprised most people prefer Chinese Fireball to Hungarian Horntail, I thought Hungarian Horntail was much more intense and forceful.


1. Hungarian Horntail

2. Chinese Fireball



The HH side may have cooler layout, but one reason I like CF better is the intense curve after the second Immelmann. That part alone was one of my favorite moments on any coaster.

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1) Raptor

2) Montu

3) Alpengeist

4) Afterburn

5) Banshee


I've also ridden Great Bear, Chinese Fireball, Hungarian Horntail, Talon, Batman (Great Adventure), Batman (Magic Mountain) and Silver Bullet. I love all of them... every B&M invert is awesome. I was also really close to putting Batman ahead of Banshee for #5 because of it's awesome intensity (something that Banshee is sort of lacking in... though it's more intense than a lot of recent B&M rides) but Banshee has a much longer and more unique layout with some cool elements so I gave it the edge.


By the way, I'm shocked to see all of this love for Raptor. I always thought I was in the minority listing it as my favorite invert.

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This list was very difficult to put together because it has been such a long time since I rode some of the coasters, but I think it looks something like this. I also out in the year when I rode the coasters.


1) Katun (2005)

2) Chinese Fireball (2014)

3) Montu (2014)

4) Hungarian Horntail (2014)

5) Batman la Fuga (2003)


Honorable mentions go to:

Great Bear (2008)

Batman; The Ride SFGADV (2008)

Nemesis Inferno (2005)

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1. Banshee

2. Alpengeist

3. Raptor

4. Batman the Rides (StL, GAdv, OG)

5. Montu


I absolutely love all of these coasters. Banshee was the most desired coaster for me in 2014, and it definitely didn't disappoint. With my Batmans, there is one that I don't rank with the others and that's Magic Mountain's. I don't know why, but this one didn't feel as exciting as the others, but it's still fun.

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I've been on ten (counting the clones separately), so screw it, like all good rebels without causes, here's them all ranked:


1: Afterburn

2: Montu

3: Raptor

4-6: Batman clones (SFGAdv, SFGAm, SFStL)

7: Talon

8: Dueling Dragons - Fire

9: Dueling Dragons - Ice

10: Great Bear

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1. Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa

2. Katun @ Mirabilandia

3. Dueling Dragons Fire @ Universal Orlando Resort

4. Dueling Dragons Ice @ Universal Orlando Resort

5. Monster @ Walygator Parc

6. Raptor @ Cedar Point


Yes, I know that I listed 6, but Raptor and Monster are clones with Monster being slightly better due to its lack of a midcourse brakes.

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