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  1. I heared that gerstlauer uses just movement-sensors or so. There just needs to be a bird that flys over it and the block is "free"::
  2. So theres one type missing in this park, to be the most painful one ever. An old Slc.
  3. The coaster really deserved the title "singature Ride", wich you can see here in this gif: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3999/22983gto_gif.htm Sources for the pic: Coasterfriends
  4. I like the S&S Screamin' Swing in the Thorpe Park. But i think my favourite pendulum flat rides are KMG afterburners or Freak Outs.
  5. It isn't even an inversion. The single Inversion (HL-Roll) is inside the "castle".
  6. The RideOnBlog postet a video, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJy-_BIhmxA
  7. B&M: I would say Black Mamba, just casued by the theming.. Intamin: Colossos (HP) and Goliath @ WH Rmc: I've never ridden one ^^
  8. "I guess they might make it duel." They wont make it duel... It's just the Track crossing 116 times itself. The strongest LSM Launch is "Der Fluch von Novgorod" with 20-100km/h (12mph-62mph) in 1.4 seconds. This is going to be insane!
  9. I have no clue why, but talocan got a second new Soundtrack this Season. And i love the part at 1:25
  10. I dont think the magnets are working as they should do... https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=22&v=uhejatkbnLg Well, that would be intense as hell. //Edit: I'm too dumb to post videos here.
  11. How about Kärnan? I love how they already start the Rockwork without even having finished the Track
  12. First time I see 2 Lifhill in a row lol. I like the rest of the layout
  13. My next park is the Moviepark. I didnt go there since 2011, even though it's the park where I live closest to.
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