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  1. I mean, ever since they shortened the train ride, the old station and loop right across the midway are on a decently-sized plot of land for a potential replacement coaster if the Corkscrew plot itself becomes more waterpark space...
  2. I'm visiting for the first time next week...really hoping the issues are resolved by then. I know for a fact I'm going to love the place regardless, but missing out on Lightning Rod could really put a damper on things.
  3. That said, it does sound a lot like they've removed the hills in the track and replaced them with flat sections.
  4. I wasn't at the presentation where the new rides were announced, so take the following with a grain of salt...apparently the new Downdraft may be in a different location. The Mini Breakdance is definitely going in Over the Top's spot, though. In addition, the potato cake stand is apparently relocating to the old boulevard through the park (possibly the old Downdraft spot, I'm guessing?) and the existing building will become group sales.
  5. Well, if nothing else, it certainly LOOKS pretty interesting... From Mirabilandia’s Facebook page
  6. A Redditor claims that the coaster will be located along the rear of the waterpark:
  7. Given it fits in the 150' height ceiling, I figured it was only a matter of time before the park got one of these. Looks like a great addition!
  8. Based on the building shown in the concept art, I’m guessing it’s the former Thomas Town/Whistlestop Park. EDIT: You beat me to it, SFOG1991!
  9. ^Yup! They’ve also posted a Facebook teaser for yet another new Water World addition next year as well...color me intrigued!
  10. Gotta recommend Chovy's Italian Casual for anyone who wants a good meal after a visit to Conneaut Lake Park, or even Waldameer if you don't mind a 45-minute drive. I stop every time I'm in the area...great stuff!
  11. Here’s something to ponder...if I’m not mistaken, if this Sesame Place becomes a reality, will Grover’s Alpine Express become the first coaster to leave one park and be added to another without moving an inch?
  12. The ride will be called Chaos and will be located behind the train station in between the two tracks.
  13. It’s actually the first “new” one they did...they built it with Windseeker. The last old one just got replaced with the waterpark revamp.
  14. That looks like it’s going to get REALLY close to the Joker...should make both rides pretty interesting!
  15. ^Don't miss the Carousel, the Skooters or the Flyers either. Trust me on this.
  16. Put it in the old Frontiertown Carousel building and the problem is solved!
  17. There is also the rapids ride Seaworld Orlando is building.
  18. I suppose it's taking the space of the old Trabant then? I had to chuckle when I saw they left the ride platform there sans ride vehicle and used it as a dining patio. I think that's gone now though.
  19. Definitely NOT where I would've envisioned a ride going. Clever use of space! Looks like the queue for Superman will need some adjusting, along with the big logo on the pathway.
  20. Something worth noting...between East Coast Waterworks and Coastline Plunge (but ignoring the kiddie slides that are part of Sandcastle Cove), the Boardwalk also has exactly 13 slides.
  21. The thing that immediately struck me was an entirely separate station solely for VR. THAT sounds like the ideal way to implement VR on a coaster with minimal impact on capacity; the non-VR station can continue dispatching in the meantime. Sure, it's really not an option for parks looking to add VR to existing rides, but for any park looking to build a coaster intended to have a VR option from day one, the new Eurosat seems to be the exemplary way to do it.
  22. I third that...frankly, I'd rather have had a Justice League dark ride there eventually...basically fill the gap between the train tracks and Blizzard River and make the whole area seem less barren...aside from the area between Superman and Batwing...I don't think that area can be helped.
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