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  1. ^Pretty sure that IS the strip mall location...just the parking lot part of it. I assumed the orange building in the rendering was the mall itself untouched.
  2. Six Flags Great America's Facebook page updated its cover photo with a CGI render of their Joker ride: In addition to giving us a bit of an idea where it will be, it also demonstrates some color variance from the Great Adventure version, whose supports are black. Either way looks good to me!
  3. Perhaps they need to check where their handymen are and consider organizing them better or hiring a new handyman.
  4. I wouldn't count on it, at least with Green Lantern or Riddler's Revenge, since each of those parks already has a floorless. Given how Georgia Scorcher is widely regarded as one of the best stand-ups, I'd rule it out as well...leaving only Apocalypse and *maybe* Cobra at La Ronde if B&M would be willing to retrofit a coaster that isn't theirs (then again, they DID make Steel Dragon trains...).
  5. I did have a lot of fun at Dorney in 2013, but honestly I haven't felt a need to go back. Not going to lie though...a Sky Roller would definitely change that for me. I've wanted to try one for a long time.
  6. Am I understanding this correctly? Based on the concept art... I'm guessing the ride will be set up in this space? I don't imagine they'd take Corkscrew down so shortly after refurbishing and moving it...
  7. Black Widow's light scheme consists mainly of off-ride floodlights and spots, but there are four small lights at the top as well as a ring of lights on the bottom of the disc.
  8. If you're on the right-hand side of the train, you can touch the grass during Trailblazer's final helix. A friend found out the hard way that you can also touch the bushes to the right of the turn off the lift...though I don't recommend that.
  9. Looks like Indiana Beach will be getting two new rides this year: http://www.indianabeach.com/news#13 The Splash Battle as well as the Adventure Point ropes course are both listed for sale on Rides4U. Also, Indiana Beach confirmed in a response to a Facebook comment that Zero G will be replacing the Viper flat ride they added recently.
  10. Is it really that bad? Never been on one. I know this version is smaller, but the one at SFA looked pretty fun.
  11. A lot of people say that they are difficult to snap, even though it's a Bisch Rocco flyer. I was able to do extreme snapping on every ride I got on it, but then again, I'm a pretty experienced cable snapper. For most people it may take a while to get it snapping, but they're 1000 x easier to snap than the pussified Larson flyers. There's a pretty good reason for that...the tubs are not original to the ride. This ride came from Idora Park (and West View before that), and Kennywood kept it in storage for a while before operating it for a year and a half, after which it came to you guys. Right before Kennywood added it, they sent their tubs to Seabreeze, who'd lost theirs in their 1994 fire that destroyed their carousel and arcade. So they had to get new tubs made before it could be installed.
  12. If you go to the "timeline" function of Google Earth, you can see 2015 there...wish they'd put it on the maps site though! But yeah...it wouldn't surprise me to see regular aerial updates for Holiday World from here on out.
  13. To think you guys had to wait almost nine years for an updated Google satellite view...I was looking at the park with Google Maps today, and... I think you guys got your point across! Amazing to see Thunderbird this way, and so soon too!
  14. I'm trying to figure out where in the park this is...based on the last shot, I'm guessing it replaced the wave swinger?
  15. It might be that I rode in the front seat, but I actually really liked Vortex. Anaconda, on the other hand...
  16. Where on Facebook did those pics come from? Those are awesome!
  17. Well, that completely obliterated my idea of where it was going to be...which actually makes me even more interested to see what this will be!
  18. ^^When Dominator was at Geauga Lake, that side of the ride faced the lake, with that portion of the track over water. Those connections supported a catwalk so as to be able to reach that track, since it wasn't above land. KD probably left it off since the whole ride is accessible now.
  19. On a slightly more serious note, while I *could* see parking there, that land looks like it has "haunt building space" written all over it to me.
  20. See, when I saw the post, I figured they were speaking relatively, not literally: This area has Lustiga Huset in the background and Jetline off to the left, and this is the spot I had assumed they were referring to. It seems much more feasible (as far as Gröna Lund is concerned, at least) for these benches to give way for a new attraction than to try to stuff it into a narrow passageway, but as we all know, it IS Gröna Lund we're talking about here! Given the REALLY tall attraction height they mentioned, along with the fact that they already have virtually every other ride that would fit in that general height, my guess is something akin to the giant Doomsday ride Warner Bros. Movie World had looked into a while back:
  21. Generally, nothing closes for PFN prep until Labor Day, so you should be safe on both fronts there.
  22. Out of curiosity, what is the other "new" thing listed on there? It's between the Enterprise and Roller Skater.
  23. Is it sad that I find this exciting? Cedar Point was the last Cedar Fair park (heck, one of the last in the US if I'm not mistaken) that didn't have any imagery later than 2012, so it's great to finally be able to see GateKeeper and the other changes in the park this way.
  24. I think it's pretty much a given that Soak City will be expanded in the near future...which will also give CP a chance to update its last entry gate. Here's an idea...a friend mentioned that he could see GL's Wildwater Kingdom closing at the end of the summer (it's honestly surprising that it's stayed open this long, to be frank) and seeing Thunder Falls and Liquid Lightning transplanted to CP as part of said expansion...thoughts?
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