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  1. My understanding is that this ride comes from the freshly-closed Boomers! at Dania Beach: It will be interesting to see what Palace does with the other rides that were there.
  2. I'm also interested to know if the proposed funicular up to Helix/Atmosfear is going to happen this year.
  3. Here's some renderings of what the completed area will look like:
  4. 2012 was also a pretty awesome year...but I agree...there's a LOT of great rides coming this year as well!
  5. Besides that, aside from the pools for Bumper Boats and Boat Tag, this area already was mostly asphalt and gravel anyway.
  6. Here's a pretty cool aerial view of Gator Spot's construction progress as seen on Fun Spot's Facebook page:
  7. I remember seeing a concept for a flat ride a while back...I can't remember if it was authentic or one of our own concoctions. Basically, it was a Zamperla Air Race, except the center was on a tower and the whole thing could lift up like an Aviator or a Starflyer. Am I imagining a real Zamperla idea? For some reason I'm thinking it had something to do with their plan for operating Rye Playland.
  8. I love it! Lots of elements borrowed from RMC's existing projects...and the best part is that it looks realistic! I hope someone at CF has seen this!
  9. It really isn't anymore...the Zamperla version is bigger. There are five existing that I'm aware of, though Kennywood's is the only one in North America. I'd love to see the Zamperla version at Great Adventure...their operations would be more than enough to get people to stop whining about how Kennywood operates theirs!
  10. ^Either Kennywood was REALLY happy with Sky Rocket, or that post was delayed some six years. Still interesting to hear nonetheless.
  11. I realize RMC makes the track for Free Spins, but do they actually include them in their ride count?
  12. A seatbelt is very visible here. Honestly, I rode Diamondback shortly before and shortly after the addition of seatbelts, and it really didn't affect the ride experience for me.
  13. Even ignoring Cedar Fair parks, I can think of multiple parks that have both a Skycoaster and a Slingshot, so I wouldn't put Valleyfair out of the question to get one eventually, especially since it's been labelled as one of the chain's "potential" parks. I know the chain is pretty much done with Windseekers, but if it were me, I'd "complete" the Route 76 path with one in the Wild Thing turnaround, a Slingshot in the old Chaos space, and some sort of building (game, restaurant, whatever) between Wild Thing and the front spike of Steel Venom so as to hide the parking lot from the midway. When I visited Dorney Park in 2013, I felt the Steel Force plaza seemed really unfinished with only a fence between the midway and the parking lot, and nothing blocking either from view. I've never been to Valleyfair, but looking at Google Street View, it seems like that stretch of fence in that space would give off the same vibe.
  14. In a similar vein to, but with a considerably worse pun than this suggestion, here's an idea for a ride in 4th of July (Sparkler replacement?)...one of Larson's new Giant Loops (provided it's not marketed as a coaster) named Let Freedom Ring. Y'know...because it's a ring? *crickets chirping* G'night everybody.
  15. As of this coming season, I'd say the Twins are the last SBNO rides. There's also the Top Eliminator Dragsters, but for some reason I don't see those ever reopening. I could see the land being used for other things. Bluebeard's Bounty is kind of in a dead end, and a lot of land was cleared near it when Lightning Run was built. The land seems like a good place for a small coaster. I've already mentioned a Maurer spinner as something I could see being a hit here, and that space looks like it would accommodate it easily. I can't really picture a Larson loop at this park...especially since the refurbished Enterprise will also be reopening. I understand they are different rides entirely, but they both loop riders continuously.
  16. As of this post, I've got 4-5 defunct coasters based on how you count it: -Roller Soaker -CP Wildcat -Disaster Transport -Both sides of Rolling Thunder
  17. It's great to hear that they found the root of the problem. It's especially interesting to me that they were able to find the incident pertained to one element in particular...can't say I'm familiar with this one. The Sky Rail portion does seem different it its method of attaching onto the harness. I wonder how it works. That said, it's also a relief to know that only a small portion of ropes courses have this element.
  18. I believe you're thinking of a Schwarzkopf Katapult. Looked like a very interesting ride. Here's the RCDB listing for a Katapult when it spent a brief time at Mirabilandia. The page for the model has some info on the others built (5 total).
  19. I never said I didn't like it, just that it surprises me. Kennywood did well making Exterminator look like a building instead of a box, and I expect Hershey will have no difficulty doing the same.
  20. The staggered ceiling is kind of a surprise to me, but I guess only build what you need to, eh? Honestly, I feel like this project disappeared from the radar thanks to Thunderbird, Fury, the BGW coaster, etc. As one of two projects (Impulse being the other) I actually expect to be able to ride next year, I have been looking forward to this.
  21. Intensity really isn't much of a problem for me...when it comes to rides you'd think would do such. I absolutely LOVE Skyrush and have no problems with I305's intensity. There are some cases that tend to do me in, however... -Boomerangs, particularly on the return trip. The backwards cobra roll usually is what makes me have to take it easy for a little while before riding something else. KI's Invertigo took this up another notch with its horrible shoulder harnesses. -The Italian Job coasters. I thought they were fun, but it was particularly hot and sunny when I rode the one at Kings Dominion, and the helix at the start really made me feel nauseated. Since it was the first clone I'd been on, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I did like KI's better since I was prepared, but It also wasn't as hot that day.
  22. That's it exactly. On a Disk'O with the standard circular vehicles, all the seats typically come off and the floor itself folds upward on either side. It kinda looks like a big metal taco, to be honest.
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