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  1. ^Do you mean when the camera is angled at 45 degrees? That imagery is older. If you look at Sahara from a 45 degree view, Speed is still there.
  2. Not a problem! Not sure what that is on the floor in front of it, but it does look like traditional dark ride track.
  3. It looks like coaster track if you consider the stuff under plastic is the track.
  4. Very interesting indeed! As someone who's spent a particularly large sum of time operating the Auto Race since 2009, this project is of special significance to me. The Auto Race has long had a reputation among rides team members for being one of the most difficult rides in the park to learn, and as of last season there were very few ride operators in the park that knew how to operate it. I am looking forward to seeing the work IOE will be doing to make the ride safer and more accessible for our team members.
  5. Is this possibly related to the American Dream mall in the works for upper NJ?
  6. Am I the only one who sees what appears to be track that's gone vertical in the first two shots?
  7. Just FYI, Dorney Park also closed their go-karts this past season.
  8. There's really no way this could fit in Challenge Park without moving or removing something else, even if it was only a few parking spaces.
  9. ^I'll second that; the first and third pictures could have been photos to my passing glance!
  10. To be fair, Johnny Rockets doesn't really have much representation in Pittsburgh, with only one currently within a 50-mile radius of the city. Unless someone has sought that location out, or happened to visit the one at Cedar Point, most Pittsburghers won't be familiar enough with Johnny Rockets for it to seem "widespread," on a local level at least. The old menu of the Carousel food court was pretty similar to the typical Johnny Rocket offerings, so based on food alone, things won't be changing much in that regard.
  11. Here we are. Should be pretty easy even if I'm no good at this.
  12. ^The full-menu restaurants certainly are. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but they offer various crab and other shellfish items...including a lobster cheesesteak that kicks all sorts of ass.
  13. Now there's a thought. Part of me has been hoping that Laser/Teststrecke was Knoebels' secret 2015 project. But I'd gladly take the ride two hours closer to me! It'd mean some reconfiguration, no doubt, unless they decided to put it on the lawn in front of the sauce factory. It'd be a tight squeeze, but they could probably stuff it into the middle of the train loop as well.
  14. The normal crab fries are all well and nice, but the sweet potato fries with the maple syrup-y sauce are the best. Here's hoping you can get both as a combo; I know you can at Dorney Park.
  15. Kissing Tower is also significantly older than Lisebergstornet/AtmosFear, so I'd imagine some major rehabilitation work would be necessary to make it suitable for a drop ride. That said, if Hershey would ever get a drop tower, I'd fully expect it to be completely new...and something along the lines of Falcon's Fury.
  16. Iron Dragon does have its storage track under the station, but the transfer is a standard table, with a drop into the storage area. I'm pretty sure Corkscrew is the same way.
  17. The use of I-Box track is pretty intriguing. Makes you wonder how the ride would be supported once a park orders one of these. ...Could you imagine if one of RMC's future woodie makeovers was a collaboration with S&S that involved this ride system?!
  18. ^That's essentially how it works at Kennywood with Sky Rocket's rolling stock that is functionally identical (minus the new seatbelts that is) to Full Throttle's trains.
  19. Looks to me like it's the boarding platform for the Disko coaster.
  20. They actually shared this picture on their Facebook page last week: I realize your comment was tongue-in-cheek, but I thought you'd appreciate hearing their thoughts on it.
  21. In 2012, there was a sign in front of the area indicating "construction for your future enjoyment", but this past summer the sign as well as the old queue line had disappeared: I had also heard rumors of the go-karts and mini golf being removed for water park expansion, and there were two survey marks on the path to the bridge on that side.
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