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  1. This is a piece piece of track from Iron Shark when it was being built. It has the invisible paint applied.
  2. How much does the ride experience vary on a Skater car versus a standard Disko car? The ride looks fun either way, but I find it interesting that some parks (KI, CP) can market it as a family ride where others label it more as a thrill ride. I do like the concept art, and I agree that the area very badly needed the facelift it is getting. It also looks like the kiddie bumper boats are getting the boot (approximate Lake Erie Eagles area I think?). I always felt for the team member that would need to wade in that pool whenever I passed by.
  3. Geez, that clearance looks tight! Looks almost like the clearances overlap at the entrance and exit of this element (has that ever been done before?). I understand this would never be an issue since a train could never be in both places at once, but it looks like quite a unique and thrilling element. The coaster as a whole looks pretty fun.
  4. Am I the only one who had no problems with Gatekeeper's restraints? I rode it 6 or 7 times on media day and thought they were very comfortable.
  5. I believe Leviathan's track began arriving before an announcement was made as well.
  6. Does anybody know more about the third ride Luna Park was supposed to get? I remember reading that there would be three new rides this year, and I can't imagine that the "reborn" Thunderbolt would count given it's coming in 2014 and technically isn't in Luna Park proper anyway.
  7. Let me throw in my recommendation for the Danville Red Roof as well, especially since there is a Friendly's right next to it in case breakfast at the park isn't your thing. Although, if you do end up spending a lot of time in the room as I did last time I visited, their Wi-fi can be a bit difficult at times.
  8. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/coast_coast_at_coney_SeYP1LwQEAHvCnC6I9WoCO Looks like a Maurer to me, but I wouldn't put Gerstlauer out of the question either. EDIT: Whoops! That's what I get for not reading the article.
  9. Sorry guys, but it's going to be another one of "those posts"... Some friends and I will be visiting Great Adventure for the first time on Sunday, June 23. What can we expect in terms of crowds? If we arrive at or before opening, do you think it will be possible to ride everything we are hoping to ride? Aside from all of the coasters, I think we might be trying things like Houdini's and SkyScreamer. Thanks!
  10. Not exactly. There is a room where the car turns right into a dead end, stops, turns around, and starts going another direction. Still something you couldn't do with a track. To my knowledge, there are 6 Mystic Mover installations thus far: -Ghostwood Estate at Kennywood -Ghost Hunt at Lake Compounce -La Aventura de Scooby Doo at Parque Warner Madrid -Challenge of Mondor at Enchanted Forest -Vi På Saltkråkan at Astrid Lindgren's World (a Swedish museum dedicated to a children's TV show) -An installation in Asia that I can't seem to find at the moment I have seen Tusenfryd's new dark ride quoted as a Mystic Mover installation, but as seen in the most recent pic in the Tusenfryd thread, there is a visible track in place. ETF makes tracked ride systems, so I would assume that it is a different system.
  11. I couldn't give you a coaster I've ridden the most, but given the train is one of my rides at Kennywood, I'd say that is by far my most ridden ride.
  12. It is my understanding that Idlewild's intent is to refurbish the Caterpillar and hopefully re-install it in the near future. There are actually two surviving Caterpillar rides. One 1928 model operates with cover at Heritage Park in Calgary, Canada: Here is what the old Space Odyssey plot looked like as of August 2012:
  13. Keep in mind that this ride will fully invert, which not a lot of frisbee-style rides do. That more than makes up for the size to me.
  14. ^All the more reason to love this park! It always seems to me as if THEY are out of room, and I love to see what they do each year to prove me wrong.
  15. Since this is SFMM we're talking about, I'm sure people will be saying "I've been queuing for Full Throttle for ages."
  16. I believe Dorney Park has a height ceiling below 300 feet as well...granted, the area that appears to be prepped for a Windseeker is in one of the lower areas of the park, but it would still need to be shortened. Cedar Fair actually did have to shorten VF's Power Tower (pre-construction, of course) because it was originally proposed at 300 feet, so I imagine that they wouldn't have too much of a problem with having to shorten the Windseekers should they decide to add any more.
  17. I think it's safe to say Dorney Park *was* going to eventually get one, thanks to the redesigned area by Stinger, which includes a concrete circle that is the exact size of a Windseeker footprint, as well as space for a queue and an ops booth. I guess it depends on whether Cedar Fair decides the rides are worth enough after the trouble they've had to purchase any new ones. I also remember hearing rumblings about Valleyfair and Worlds of Fun each possibly getting their own Windseeker before the problems started arising. It's a shame, really. I enjoyed the CP ride, and when I was at KD on Sunday I did hear a lot of guests saying they wished it were open.
  18. ^It actually does...the track on the right side of the pic on the previous page is the track onto the top hat, not off of it.
  19. I rode the KD Hurler for the first time on Sunday. I don't know how it happened (fluke most likely) but I actually didn't think the ride was that bad. Sure, there was some shuffling around the bends, but there were only a few major bumps, and the long stretch of hills after the first drop and turn was actually relatively smooth. Perhaps it was because I was expecting it to be on a CP's Dinn woodie level of roughness, but you could tell there was a good ride hiding in there. I'd be all for topper track on Hurler, but if it were smooth it would be a great ride that wouldn't need a complete re-do of the design.
  20. What I've noticed in pictures and in the background of the Six Flags Mexico videos...what is up with the A-frame structure thing over the kiddie coaster? Was it originally built to hold up a roof or something?
  21. Two swinging rides beat one. Photo by yours truly.
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