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  1. Imagine a car wreck multiplied by 10. The harnesses bash your head multiple times. I only rode in the back and that was a terrible mistake. It was honestly worse than Mind Eraser and Flashback and is way at the bottom of coasters I've ridden. (Sorry for being so negative, but it's all true)
  2. Had the chance to visit Knotts for the first time this week and I really loved the park. It really felt more family-owned park than other Cedar Fair parks. The dark rides were great, Ghost Town looked fantastic, and the well-balanced coaster collection meant there's something for everyone in the family. It quickly became one of my favorite Cedar Fair parks! Xcelerator was a lot of fun and is a great Intamin launcher (a nice "in-between" from Storm Runner and Dragster). GhostRider was running like a new GCI and had some good pops of airtime, though operations were pretty slow. Sierra Sidewi
  3. Holiday World will make their 2017 announcement later today. The preview image from Facebook suggests a 4th of July addition. Credit: HW Facebook
  4. Thanks! It's absolutely one of my favorite parks I've been to. I figured with Lightning Rod sorta open, it was finally time for a visit. Same day re-rides are cheaper though. Just show your ticket from earlier. You can even rotate the ticket between people. TH could use a renovation, and with LR running it might happen. Still not as as rough as many woodies I've been on. We had thought about doing the same day reride (I think it was like $8 or something), but ultimately decided against it. And yes, Thunderhead is nowhere near being the worst or roughest coaster I've ridden. I
  5. I had the pleasure of visiting Dollywood for the first time last week and, as I said before, it is a phenomenal theme park. The fall colors wereout in full swing, which meant that the scenery was very beautiful. The staff was, for the most part, pretty friendly and operations were fine. We went on Sunday evening and Monday, both days having very short waits for the coasters. Fortunately, we were able to ride Lightning Rod on Sunday evening before it closed for the rest of the week the next day. I found myself drawing comparisons to Silver Dollar City often as the two are very similar. I fo
  6. First timer to Dollywood and wow, what a phenomenal park so far! Lightning Rod has rocketed its way to being my favorite RMC yet (out of Outlaw Run, Wicked Cyclone, Storm Chaser, and Goliath) and is the best wooden coaster not named El Toro. This ride is fast with some pretty spectacular airtime. We also rode Firechaser Express, Tennesse Tornado, Mystery Mine, and Thunderhead. All were very solid coasters. Wild Eagle was closed for wasps, but we plan to hit that and Blazing Fury tomorrow. So far, this park is pretty spectacular! Yes, it's open! (With one train so lines were pretty long...)
  7. One thing to keep in mind that many aren't considering with the newer restraints is the lower height restriction. 52" may not seem that much lower than 54". However, it could be the difference between a child making the height requirement on Valravn and Gatekeeper, but not Raptor and Rougarou.
  8. Thanks, how does now work for ya? DAY 3: SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE After spending the night next to Dorney Park (literally right across the street), we packed our bags and made the 1hr 30min trek to Jackson, New Jersey. I never fully realized how far "off the grid" Six Flags was until I realized the closest hotel we could find was nearly 30 minutes away. It just seemed odd for a park of this massive size to not have more than a couple gas stations and fast food restaurants close to it. Anyways, our day at Great Adventure was fantastic! The park was nearly dead, with every ride e
  9. Hydra is very fun, it is just not a world-class B&M like Talon. I do agree about it being a little underrated (IMO Bizarro is far superior and more criminally underrated however). There just needs to be more pictures period, though I took a lot at Great Adventure to make up for it. Damn iPhone storage. And I do think Thunder Creek Mountain is one of the better flumes I've been on!
  10. Don't get me wrong, Knoebels overall had great operations. It was just frustrating with the few hours we had that Impulse was running one train along with the park being pretty busy. Day 2, Part 2: DORNEY PARK Another short but sweet report of good ol' Dorney. The second half of the second day was spent at Dorney Park. Just getting to Allentown from Elysburg was an adventure in itself (involving us making several wrong turns thanks to a confused GPS). However, I was relieved and still excited to visit this park as it is only my third Cedar Fair park I've been to. Dorney was all
  11. Maybe if I hadn't ridden Phoenix 10 minutes before or had another ride on it, iI might have appreciated Twister more. However, it just wasn't quite as good as I had hoped it would be. Twister is not a bad coaster, it's just not really that great.
  12. Thanks guys! Before I get into my next day, I do have to explain that I did not get to experience a full day at Knoebels or Dorney. Unfortunately, the short time frame + the amount of driving meant I had to split 5 hours between each park. This may have skewed my opinions of the parks slightly, but that's just I felt about them. DAY 2, PART 1: KNOEBELS After my fantastic visit to Hersheypark, we barreled it up to Pine Grove, PA to spend the night at the nearest hotel from Knoebels. Distance-wise it was about 45 minutes from the park, so it wasn't too terrible. However, Knoebels ope
  13. I had figured it was the same situation as Maverick before the vests. Both of which are phenomenal coasters even without the regardless of the restraint system. It's sad that I didn't enjoy Fahrenheit more than I wanted to, it just didn't "wow" me as much as the other two Intamins.
  14. 8/7-8/12 For a little background to this trip, months ago, I found the opportunity to visit Six Flags Great Adventure with a friend of mine. Little did I know it would eventually turn into a full-on road trip to the major parks across Pennsylvania. I decided to also visit the top bucket parks that were on (sorta) on the way to Jackson, NJ: Hersheypark, Knoebels, Kennywood, and yes, even Dorney Park. All of these parks, I had never been to before and they also had coasters I had dreamed for years of riding. Most of the coasters ended up exceeding expectations. The trip overall wound up be
  15. It was used last Saturday, but not filled completely. It is used more often than you'd think. The main room has filled up in the morning most days this month, with the wagon room occasionally filled on busier days.
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