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  1. Jaws Matterhorn (CLP) Dueling Dragons (Forever dead ) ***Jimmy Neutron Nicktoons Blast*** Time WaRP (SFNE)
  2. Kinda weird that they threw SMROS in there. Ghetto park, ghetto ride. I love how travel channel called every person on that show a coaster enthusiast. You could tell some of those people didn't have a clue.
  3. http://www.eagletribune.com/newhampshire/x2026369536/King-novel-based-on-Canobie-Lake-Park Steven King wrote his newest master piece on Canobie Lake Park!!!!!!!
  4. My songs know what you did in the dark......SO LIGHT EM UP!!!!!!!!!!! Fall out boy is back!!
  5. Canobie Lake Park is VERY professional. It has been rated NE's friendliest park many times and they go a great a job with their employees. If you don't like harmless humor, then go away. Now back on topic The caterpillar is planned to open this friday after it's big renovation so, it looks like a strong life for the canobie caterpillar!
  6. ^Hey dragons aren't even real and that's basically all the other pictures on this thread haha
  7. So now that we have the new ride up, what's next???........hmmm
  8. I know this isn't an animal but... what about this guy in transformers??
  9. The tomahawk is really weak, if there's a line for it, don't waste your time. Buzzsaw is good but kontiki is a hidden gem so get to that if you have the time.
  10. I am more excited about this than I was with the two harry potter expansions combined.
  11. ^Guess so. That park it's falling fast, you can see it all through the park. They have several signiture attractions up for sale and still no new coaster in site.
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