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  1. Kennywood Idlewild Dutch Wonderland Hersheypark Lakemont For 2007 I'm hoping for [at least] one of these: Delgrosso's Waldameer Conneaut Knoebel's I'm so ashamed...
  2. Robb didn't realize you had to have the weights in your hands to get any exercise...
  3. "I'm floating in midair! Yay!" until... "CASEY! TACKLE RYAN!"
  4. Leap The Dips. You can't really get on anything older!
  5. None. How many times have you bought something you've seen on an infomercial?
  6. Sorry if this is spam *if so then feel free to delete this post* but what is the blue and white ride in this picture and where can I find it?
  7. "Okay..who glued my cheek to the sign?...oooh, meatballs!"
  8. Hi! This is Myself. (obviously) I've been reading this site since near the beginning of summer, but only now have I been smart enough to register. I'm happy to be here.
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