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  1. That's it exactly! Thanks for that...would've driven me crazy until I eventually found it.
  2. Count me as someone who thinks that Trabant/Matterhorn combo ride looks awesome! Also really like the Cascabel footage!
  3. Keep in mind the track system, and therefore the chassis, of Steel Dragon 2000 differs significantly from other Morgan rides. I'm sure B&M could work something out if any parks with Morgan rides wanted to replace their trains, but it might be a bit more complicated to do so. I wonder if B&M intends to offer trains for other coasters as a catalog item, or strictly by customer request only.
  4. We could get some gold out of these: -Good Guy Greg -Boardroom Suggestion/Alright Gentlemen (both pretty similar) -X ALL the Y -Condescending Wonka -Success Kid -First World Problems
  5. It's a minor nitpick, but there appears to be a new building behind the Troika, which is hard to see since the sketches are separate. I'm sure the whole area exists as a sketch, even if it isn't in public domain. Back to the building, does anyone have any guesses on what it will be? There does appear to be a photo booth for Gatekeeper under construction on the webcam, visible in the sketch here. This looks like it will look great when it is finished!
  6. The equivalent area at Six Flags Great America.
  7. I just spent three hours editing a video for KPConnection. I was using one of my school's Macs, and Adobe Premiere kept freezing, which is why it took that long. Fortunately, I saved after everything I did. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean a thing. As I was waiting for the finished video to export, the whole computer froze. And wouldn't you know all of our Macs have Deep Freeze? Three hours. Down the drain.
  8. ^That is amazing! I can only imagine when the ride sign is put up... EDIT: v No matter if it's a different font. I'm so used to referring to it as YOLOcoaster that I didn't even catch it at first.
  9. It appears that the rest of the train will have similar (if not identical) design to the X-Flight trains, obviously in the color scheme of the lead car. Should look pretty good once it's all together.
  10. Those are some seriously awesome looking trains. I hope RMC and Gerstlauer continue to cooperate with their I-Box installations...this particular design looks easily modified to other designs.
  11. One slight issue with that... If this rendering is anything to go by, it looks like Tatsu might make things difficult if you want a photo like that. I'm all for trying anyway, though!
  12. From Premier's Facebook: Vertical construction has begun! *insert GateKeeper completion comment here*
  13. Assuming, of course, they are not tampered with. *cough*SFMM*cough*
  14. Wow. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151465624258491&set=a.83506698490.79403.17448368490&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf
  15. ^The Phantom's Revenge car bodies were made by Morgan to fit onto the old Arrow chassis. A few years back, I believe new chassis(-es?) were made that were identical to the old ones. ^^The site does mention customizable layouts, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  16. I feel bad whenever I have to be the one to inform the guest that the park no longer has X ride or attraction. I know it isn't exactly crazy, but it does stand out whenever a guest asks where they can find or whether we still have an attraction that has been gone for a considerable amount of time (unlike, say Pittfall or Turnpike). The oldest one I've been asked about was Laff in the Dark, which was removed in 1965.
  17. Given how they managed to fit Silver Bullet into Knotts, I'm sure they could have found a way. They did have to already alter the area a fair bit to begin with. A product of my boredom. Pretty close to the drawing Robb posted two pages back. I am fully aware that this would never happen, but I can dream, can't I?
  18. If I'm not mistaken, didn't Mantis at CP have a similar queue situation during its opening year? I think I remember seeing somewhere that its queue crossed the CP&LE tracks that summer, not unlike Shoot the Rapids.
  19. I actually think it looks better that way. It looked kind of unbalanced in the CGI render where it went all the way to the ground.
  20. Looks like all of the vertical construction is finished! Truthfully, it really doesn't look much taller than Fritt Fall from this angle, but still it is an impressive addition for the park.
  21. Sky Rocket at Kennywood for me. Not only because it's right there when you enter the park, but physically it is the closest to my house.
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