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  1. Designing rides over ownership, by far. Though I should say that by extension, this would also include other designs...buildings, area layouts, etc. I can't even begin to list the insane number of ideas I've come up with for Kennywood as well as other parks. I've felt many of them are feasible enough to propose, but don't imagine they'd be taken seriously.
  2. Wouldn't it be funny if Dan Koch got it for Alabama/Splash Adventure?
  3. Glad you guys like it! Thank you for the update on the Auto Race, IOE! I look forward to seeing the changes that have been made, and I'm sure everyone on the crew will love them.
  4. I personally put KI before Carowinds, but I could see that too, now that you mention it. You don't count this? Not disputing, just confused.
  5. Still looks like a drop to me. I really hope this ride is successful...not that I think it won't be, but as I've mentioned in the past, I'd love to see more of these pop up in the chain. I can already think of at least four other parks that would be a great fit for this attraction.
  6. And for good measure, here's another photo courtesy of the Chance Rides FB page.
  7. The map confirms that Chickie's and Pete's is indeed replacing Stadium Grille. I know I've said a lot about the restaurant in other threads, but those of you near VF are in for a treat. I've never been to Valleyfair myself, but as for thrillrider's third question... Chickie's and Pete's. That is all.
  8. The event starts before sunrise, so they should have plenty of time to show off Banshee for "night" rides. It worked pretty well at Gatekeeper's media day.
  9. Well, I said I'd deliver when I could... There does appear to be a crane at the future Slingshot site.
  10. It looks like there should be plenty of room under that hill without any real clearance issues: Here's Surf Dog at King's Island. There is the canvas to protect the track, but I'd say it's well out of guests' reach unless they're on par with Mario's jumping ability. CF is using this gap to its advantage at Valleyfair as well, where the new antique car ride will pass beneath Northern Lights' hill. Creative idea if you ask me. That said, I wonder how many more of these rides we might expect in years to come at other CF parks.
  11. I have yet to see it when I'm not in a hurry, but I've checked the cam a few times and seen what looks like a crane in the general area Slingshot will be going up, so I'd keep an eye out for that as well. If I see it again, I'll screencap it and post it here.
  12. It's not just you. Mr. Brunner confirmed it in his Facebook album. Seems resourceful to me...if you can save money that way, go for it!
  13. Well, Barnstormer has the airplane. Wild Eagle has the huge sculpture. And now Firechaser Express has this: Courtesy of Dollywood's Facebook page. Looking fantastic as always!
  14. As of the minute I am typing this, the train is visible in the dive loop:
  15. And before anyone makes the "oh, but that's a steel support structure" argument... Plot twist: It's a GCI too!
  16. In addition to the Rolling Thunder space, there is also a decent-sized chunk of land left over from GASM adjacent to it that wasn't taken over by Green Lantern. I could see the park utilizing that space, which I've circled in yellow below, as additional space for whatever they have planned for RT's old land. If the park did go with one large attraction, it wouldn't be too difficult to connect the two spaces in the orange area, especially if it were a coaster that passed over the path here. Oh, and Google Earth has new satellite imagery for the park, which is how I got this image. It's recent enough to have the extra support pieces for Zumanjaro in the lot, but obviously, Rolling Thunder is still there.
  17. That might not be a bad thing...I may be biased, but I would LOVE Pittsburgh to get one.
  18. As cool as it would be to see these on Maverick, I'm not entirely sure Cedar Fair would be too sold on this idea yet. But who knows? I'm personally rather happy with the vest restraints I305 currently has. I could see Hersheypark springing on these for Storm Runner and/or Fahrenheit, though.
  19. I alluded to this in the Kings Island thread, but Google FINALLY has new satellite imagery of Holiday World visible on Google Earth. Google Maps still has the nearly-nine-year-old image though, so you can't see it in your web browser just yet. Here is HW in all its no-longer-out-of-date glory! Also, in the top left corner you can see "Santa's Splashdown" at the Lake Rudolph campground, which uses the two slides HW removed to redo Splashin' Safari's entrance this past year.
  20. FINALLY GOOGLE IMAGES HAS UPDATE THEIR MAP! I kept checking throughout discussion and was surprised to see SOB still standing there! NO MORE! If this post is serious, I have to say that Holiday World's image has not been updating since early winter of 2005 while Kings Island was last updated in 2012. Not for long...Google Earth has also updated Holiday World's aerial view. Neither that nor Banshee are visible with Google Maps on browsers yet, though.
  21. Just a guess...maybe it's for a sign or banner of some sort?
  22. Complete speculation on my part...could the long length of track between the station and lift possibly be enclosed for the final ride? Either just a tunnel like the pre-lift on Phoenix or a dark ride-style section such as Blue Fire/Deep Space/etc.? I'm not familiar with NoLimits, so I'm not sure how difficult doing such a thing with with this rendering would have been, especially since the station is depicted without a roof.
  23. Just found this bit of gold on their Facebook page. I've said it before and I'll say it again: whoever does the responses for the Knoebels FB page is awesome.
  24. ^^It would definitely be a tighter fit and a smaller/shorter ride than at CW, but it could work. The amount of land it takes up is definitely smaller than that of Wonder Mountain, but the latter has narrower walls as it gets closer to the top and already has Thunder Run that Guardian has to be built around. If the Crypt's building were retrofitted with multiple floors as CW is apparently doing, I could see something to this effect working in there. It certainly would have to be compact, but I think it could be done.
  25. Just throwing out there that they have a giant metal box that was recently vacated that could house such a ride... Count me as one of the people who wants to see this succeed and spread to other parks in the chain.
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