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  1. Looks like they used the same type of track as Thunderbolt, just upside-down. Zamperla does seem like it's going to slowly become more prominent in the coaster market. I know many people think Thunderbolt was mediocre, but this coaster shows just how versatile they can be...I'd bet they could easily modify the basic design to accommodate more thrilling layouts. Now if only I could figure out the thought process behind having three-across seats rather than an even number...
  2. I'm all for Laff Trakk being open for Christmas Candylane, but would it be safe to assume other rides near it (Whip, Music Express, Ferris Wheel and the kiddie rides maybe) would also open? For how far away the ride is from everything else that has been open/accessible for CCL thus far, I'd imagine they'd want to have multiple things for guests to do over there.
  3. Of the four I've been to: 1. (tie) Cedar Point 1. (tie) Kings Island 3. Dorney Park 4. Kings Dominion
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly will the area be once it's done?
  5. Who built that merry-go-round (Lotte World's, that is)? It looks extremely similar to the ones Dentzel made...and that's a good thing!
  6. Seabreeze is one of those parks I've wanted to visit just for its history factor...and then the extra rides are a bonus! Jack Rabbit is an antique, Bobsleds are one-of-a-kind, the carousel looks beautiful...I could go on. Flyers, a log flume converted from a mill chute, dodgems in a former coaster station...plus the atmosphere looks like it's a very special place for Rochester. I know I'm not the first to say this, but I feel like Seabreeze would give off a vibe similar to Waldameer pre-Ravine Flyer II. Given how much I love Waldameer (though I never did visit before RFII opened) that can only mean good things!
  7. I was amazed to see this thread pop back up right after the announcement of Junker at Power Park only to not see it here. I understand the name has significance to those around the park, but I honestly did a double take when I read its name before finding out why.
  8. I had always assumed that the trains Big Dipper had until closing were heavily modified NADs. At the very least, given photos I've seen, they seem to have the same lapbar mechanism. But then, this is someone who never got to visit Geauga Lake, so...
  9. They actually do have the tilting version ("Samba Balloon") as well: (Credit goes to chadster for the photo) There's an in-park photo of the ride on Kentucky Kingdom's Facebook page: According to the comments, the Samba Tower is being installed in the former Rainbow location. Based on the caption KK gave the pic, I'm assuming the ride's name is Up, Up and Away.
  10. Our train at Kennywood has had similar signage and photographs since 2009 and guests always seem interested to learn more about the park's history after riding it. It's great to see another park doing this...especially Dorney, a park-gone-corporate that still has quite a history worth sharing.
  11. ^That does seem like a pretty strange move on their part, where a much larger ride could have been placed there. Meanwhile, look at the old Superman location in the top right...why not expand the kiddie area onto that space instead? I doubt it's ever going to be used again otherwise. Same thing for Fearfall...its placement compared to how you actually get to it just seems strange to me. Of course, Ed Hart understands the park better than I do. Good thing I'm not in charge. Case in point: I thought it was strange to place a Flying Scooter ride at the front of the old Wild Mouse pad, but 2015 comes around and it turns out there will be a ride placed on the rear part as well. As for the Rio Grande train moving...dare I say it? A Larson 22' Giant Loop would probably fit in its old space.
  12. Here's a pretty random thought...Six Flags appears to like the concept of the Soarin' Eagle zipline, what with the installation in the safari at Great Adventure as well as the upcoming Fiesta Texas ride. Wouldn't it be something if SFNE received one as a replacement to the recently-closed New England Skyway? Think about it...reuse the station closest to Cyclone for boarding. Conveniently, if you follow the path of the Skyway and continue past the opposite station, you run directly into the Scream! tower, which could theoretically be used to attach the high end of the zip line to. Just a thought.
  13. If you're hinting at something we're definitely supposed to notice...I got nothing. Aside from what we already know was happening, the only changes I see are new food/merchandise options.
  14. Definitely not! I only spent about 6-7 hours there in 2013 and still got to ride all the coasters except Grizzly and half of Rebel Yell, and then that was only because they were closed. This was with two Volcano rides and about 5 I305 rides, plus a good bit of time at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  15. If Nick Universe ever did add an inverted coaster, I'd put my money on Vekoma's junior invert design. Compact and versatile, small enough to squeeze around the other rides and ceiling supports, and most importantly, lapbars only. For some reason, I can also see them eventually adding an attraction on American Girl's roof. Yes, it'd be a pain to make that structure support the weight of a ride as well as figure out a way to get guests up there...but you know they're going to run out of room otherwise at some point. Is there anything on the roof of the new Hard Rock Cafe? I'm guessing it became more space for tables, but I have yet to see a photo of it since it was finished.
  16. From the Twitter feed of Bob Gesell, construction manager at Carowinds: Slingshot is standing! They got that up a lot faster than Cedar Point did. Maybe that's why they moved the webcam? It'd be hard to stare at Fury all day with the two Slingshot towers in the way.
  17. Two people are currently walking up the brake run...seems like a promising sign to me!
  18. Via Knoebels' Twitter page: The lift is flying up and there's really not much left after that! Just the turnaround and helix between the loop and the roll.
  19. TPR posts to Facebook: User replies: Ummm...you've had it at SFDK since 2012!
  20. These rides were all owned by another person that simply operated them at the park. Note that the park's new website doesn't include any of them. The Tempest listed on the new site is actually a different model that will be replacing the one that has been at the park.
  21. Meaner Streak...I love it! Now I have a name to associate with the RMC project everyone wishes for! I imagine Cedar Point must have some really special plans for the big 150, but I find it hard to believe that they'd start clearing ground for it five years in advance. You never know, but unless we're talking an Expedition Everest level of immersion, I can't see Cedar Point taking more than 2-3 years to build an attraction. Even Top Thrill Dragster didn't have major work start until after the end of the 2001 season.
  22. This concept is actually what eventually led to the Exterminator at Kennywood. To get a basic idea of how a spinning mouse would be in a dark building, then-GM Harry Henninger rode a Crazy Mouse on the east coast blindfolded.
  23. PointBuzz posted this photo on their Facebook page showing a rendering of the re-done Wicked Twister midway: This really helped to clarify for me exactly what's going where, since there's a lot changing over here in 2015. I'd imagine the rendering itself will eventually appear online somewhere at large resolution, as CP tends to do with them.
  24. For a small park like DelGrosso's, the waterpark expansion is a HUGE investment. I'd bet the ARM rides are a less expensive way to keep dry park patrons happy by always having something new while most of the money goes to the expansion. It would not surprise me to see a different ride in the spot in 2016 as well. Just speculation on my part...there seems to be a lot of uproar on social media about the removal of the mini golf course (especially compared to the go-kart track which is also leaving). Part of the expansion includes new park offices at the entrance gates, which I'm guessing will replace the current one in the old bank building on the rides side of the road. I could see them demolishing that once the expansion is complete and building a new mini golf course there, as it has always been one of the more popular attractions at the park. The driveway to the pavilions also cuts off the bank building from the rest of the park and anything else on that plot of land (such as a ride) would be pretty awkwardly isolated. I'm also curious to see how the completion of the new waterpark affects Lakemont just down the road.
  25. I'm especially interested in seeing how the park develops once this coaster is finished. Since the parking lot has been moved, a lot of the existing parking area (aside from what's used by Switchback at least) could easily be used for a few other flats. Parks like this where there's very little room for expansion always interest me; it's cool to see how they manage to add new attractions with limited space.
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