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  1. I'd be all for it if it was a Falcon's Fury/Ikaros-style face-down drop.
  2. The world's fastest coaster at the other Ferrari park would like to have a word with you...
  3. Ten minutes of crappy editing, and voila... If MiA does get the Boomerang after all, this is my best guess as to where it'll go.
  4. There is one two pages back, albeit from afar. And that wall design two posts up looks awesome!
  5. It kinda seems like a lot of the area will need to be demolished and rebuilt or significantly altered. Simply because there seems to be a lot of supports going through roofs and such. I Can't wait for them to release more detailed info and art!!! I can't speak for how much landscape/trees will need to go, but it's looking to me that only two buildings will get demolished...the row of games/refreshments opposite Insane's lift, and the bumper car building. The plans do seem to indicate several new buildings in the area where the old games are (not to mention the station which appears to be underground) and an opened-up waterfront area where the bumper cars currently are, perhaps even with an extended boardwalk from the Twister/Wave Swinger area. I'm pretty excited to see how this pans out!
  6. Per Chance Rides' Facebook page... Think this is the coaster we've been speculating over?
  7. As of today, the Ikaros webcam has switched from the overhead view looking down at the platform to a new view from the ground. Looks to me like we'll be seeing some vertical construction soon!
  8. I see this coaster and think of the ride Chance built for Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona last year: Screamscape has shared pics of work going on inside the dome, where RIm Runner's reservoir used to be...I think we may be seeing what will fill that space.
  9. Look at the Larson/ARM towers...they're only 140 feet and they provide a seriously intense ride. Perhaps you guys could make use of one of them? Any progress at all on Wonder Woman?
  10. There unfortunately was no response to the Sky Wheel...they were never able to open it. Having said that, this video from Skyline Attractions shows a Lego model of a Crazy Couch that Rick Knoebel built for IAAPA...maybe this might be it? [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  11. Okay...I've tried to find something to answer this, so forgive me if there is one out there...what happens to the Screamin' Swing as a result of this ride? Does it find a new home elsewhere in the park? Does it get removed entirely?
  12. It's also worth noting that it's one of the few skyrides of that type that has a station at both ends rather than being a one way trip. Don't miss the Dutch Wonder House either!
  13. Didn't Grona Lund have a similar issue come up when they built Eclipse? They were able to resolve that easily enough, and given it's the same parent company, I wouldn't sweat this too much.
  14. But will it be the standard model? RCDB lists at least one coaster with that ride system that has a custom layout.
  15. Does SDC have its own equivalent of the Skyzip course at Dollywood? I could see the Waterboggan tower being used for something like that somewhere down the road.
  16. ^True dat, but they're all better than the one Hershey has.
  17. Fixed that for you. I've been on five other Whips (Kennywood, Idlewild, Knoebels, Dorney, Camden), all of the classic Mangels variety, and Hershey's is simply...meh?
  18. Put me down for Team I-Don't-Care-What-Year-As-Long-As-I-Get-To-Ride-It-When-It-Opens.
  19. Even with IBox track Mean Streak could claim some records. If we assume that the lift is being made taller (as a wood coaster it was 161' tall), it would only need to be ~20 feet taller to claim the "tallest hybrid" record (assuming we use that designation for IBox track) from Iron Rattler's 179 feet.
  20. Per Gröna Lund's Facebook page, work has begun on Ikaros: There's also a webcam on the park's site for anyone who wants to follow along with the construction. I do notice the lenticular is gone.
  21. ^I'd say they'd also qualify moreso because they also have lateral changes in direction...certainly not to say that Zacspins or Free Spins *aren't* capable of having turns in their track, but none have been built yet that do have any, so...
  22. ^^Thing is, I remember hearing about a year ago that they were looking into getting one at some point...
  23. I'd say the closest thing that's happened to the Steel Phantom/Phantom's Revenge revision since then is Buzzsaw Falls/Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City. Despite retaining a few parts of the original, the end result is a completely new ride. Arguably, aside from the rumored changes to Dodonpa, I would say that the other changes cited in the original post, while welcomed, certainly aren't as major as far as altering the ride experience.
  24. Am I the only one who thinks it'd be cool to have Chance come in and give Viper the Phantom's Revenge treatment?
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