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  1. Wow that looks sick! And in a good way, too! Hopefully I'll be able to make my way back there when the Volarium flying theatre opens! (Still don't understand why the staggered openings...)
  2. That was a rumour that was going around for quite a bit a few years after it opened. Back then, the ride was a real maintenance nightmare, and it didn't perform as well as the park would've wanted it to, and there was an articleposted on Miraforever.it, which highlighted its many issues and suggested its possible removal. That article apparently didn't end up meaning anything, since the park spent a lot of resources in trying to improve the ride, so whether we like it or not (I personally don't), it's staying.
  3. Ah, this is one of my all-time favorite parks. Not because it's a great park, I mean it's good, but nothing spectacular, but for pure nostalgia. I've pretty much grown up in this place and I can say it's got a special place in my heart, despite its many flaws. I, too would love to see the park invest in another large scale coaster on par or even better than iSpeed or Katun, or some extreme flat rides, since other than their big Two, I think their thrill ride lineup is pretty lackluster. But I guess since they're more focused on milking the already over-saturated Italian family market dry, that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.
  4. ^The new ones are also reportedly pretty good, like Mayan at Energylandia and Queen Cobra in Vietnam.
  5. To enthusiasts, maybe. For parks, they're a bargain. Cloning a ride is cheaper and faster, also the GP will most likely adore it, and won't even be aware of the clones. And those who do find out about said clones, mainly through YouTube videos ( ), will then proceed to spam comments like "dIs RiDe Is A cOpY oF *insert SLC here* aT *insert park here* *insert a trillion emojis here*".
  6. Just noticed that this thread exists, so I'm just gonna give my two cents on this. I've only been on two SLC's ever: Infusion and Blue Tornado. So far they are my bottom two coasters to date, mainly because I can't say that I've really come across any other "bad" roller coasters. I mean- I've never come across a bad Pinfari or Zamperla (or any other bad Italian manufacturer to speak of), the only woodies I've ever ridden are the ones at Blackpool, and out of the two Boomerangs I've ridden, one was "relatively" recent (Al Shallal's Boomerang, 2004), and the other had vest restraints, so they weren't all bad. I think the layout would have been great, if only during the ride you weren't completely distracted by the SLC's major obvious flaw, which is their roughness, and honestly, with the direction New Vekoma has been taking in recent years I do honestly hope they remake the SLC with the same layout with their newer track style alongside some custom-made kicka$$ layouts. I've heard good things about their latest SLC's that have been made, like Mayan and the newly retracked TGNE but I haven't been on them yet, so I can't say anything without blatantly assuming what the ride would be like without riding it. Bottom line, I think the SLC is really great on paper, the thing is because Old Vekoma poorly executed it, it's received a boatload of hate, which I can't say is not deserved, for the most part at least.
  7. Not gonna lie, turning Hopi Hari into a Six Flags park would really help bring more life to the park. Imagine Montezum as an RMC!
  8. I've just seen the full park map, and if the drawing is anything to go by, you guys are in for a treat. Astro Tower will be a Zamperla Flash Tower, and these things are ejector airtime machines!
  9. I *think* he's trying to say Merlin hasn't been making the best of decisions, lately. And honestly, he's not wrong IMO. They've had to remove plenty of rides from parks due to budget cuts, and also there's the whole Colossos rehab that's taking up a lot of money. Also, I'm glad that he brought this up finally: Some context regarding this statement: In the Italian forums, there was an inside source that hinted that there was going to be a conversion of Ramses: Il Risveglio into a roller coaster similar to Verbolten, which they eventually confirmed to be cancelled, again because of budget cuts. Re-reading the forums, I am questioning the validity of the source, but to be fair, I am just an outsider looking in, relatively speaking, so there's probably a lot of people-related stuff I am missing. Whatever that means. Either way, I think livai's frustration is kind of justified. I think Peppa Pig Land looks painfully bad, (I mean just look at this!) and, let's face it, Shaman VR was a disaster (I talked about this in great length some pages back). At the same time, here's hoping that Merlin get out of this bad situation they're in, and that at least Wicker Man could be a fresh start for them. Maybe I am being too optimistic...?
  10. Congratulations! A toast to the #1 theme park website on Earth! Dead meme, I know, but it gets the message across.
  11. I don't think this is SLC track. I feel this is a new sit-down coaster prototype they're testing for. Hence where the track and (presumably) the support connects is facing upwards.
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