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  1. Alfea Castle - Complete Tour 2018! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. The amazing interactive dark ride of Rainbow MagicLand: HUNTIK 5D! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. I realized a new complete "walking tour" of Rainbow MagicLand! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Please, subscribe!
  4. The new Immersive Tunnel!! More photos: https://www.theparks.it/cinecitta-world-p1147/notizie/2018/05/guarda-il-nuovo-immersive-tunnel-jurassic-war-in-a-n2246/ Video:
  5. The new Immersive Tunnel "Jurassic War" is open!! I realized a preview video of this restyled attraction, before the official opening... VIDEO: Please, subscribe!! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] On http://www.theparks.it you can find a complete photo gallery of Jurassic War: https://www.theparks.it/cinecitta-world-p1147/notizie/2018/05/guarda-il-nuovo-immersive-tunnel-jurassic-war-in-a-n2246/
  6. The new Stunt Show: "Motori... Ciak, azione!" - 2018!! --> <-- Please, subscribe!!
  7. The new Stunt Show!! --> <-- Inviato dal mio ONE A2003 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. I didn't found a recent conversation about Rainbow MagicLand. I uploaded a video of this park near Rome on my YouTube channel. --> <-- Please, subscribe! [emoji4]
  9. I uploaded a video with beautiful images of Cinecittà World (made by a drone) on my YouTube channel. --> <-- Please, subscribe!! [emoji4]
  10. I realized a video of Rainbow MagicLand during the first season!!
  11. I realized an onride video of "Huntik - Secrets&Seekers", the interactive dark ride of Rainbow MagicLand. And I realized a video of all Rainbow MagicLand, during its first season.
  12. I realized a video of Rainbow MagicLand during his first season!!
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