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  1. Alfea Castle - Complete Tour 2018! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. The amazing interactive dark ride of Rainbow MagicLand: HUNTIK 5D! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. I realized a new complete "walking tour" of Rainbow MagicLand! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Please, subscribe!
  4. The new Immersive Tunnel!! More photos: https://www.theparks.it/cinecitta-world-p1147/notizie/2018/05/guarda-il-nuovo-immersive-tunnel-jurassic-war-in-a-n2246/ Video:
  5. The new Immersive Tunnel "Jurassic War" is open!! I realized a preview video of this restyled attraction, before the official opening... VIDEO: Please, subscribe!! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] On http://www.theparks.it you can find a complete photo gallery of Jurassic War: https://www.theparks.it/cinecitta-world-p1147/notizie/2018/05/guarda-il-nuovo-immersive-tunnel-jurassic-war-in-a-n2246/
  6. The new Stunt Show: "Motori... Ciak, azione!" - 2018!! --> <-- Please, subscribe!!
  7. The new Stunt Show!! --> <-- Inviato dal mio ONE A2003 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. I didn't found a recent conversation about Rainbow MagicLand. I uploaded a video of this park near Rome on my YouTube channel. --> <-- Please, subscribe! [emoji4]
  9. I uploaded a video with beautiful images of Cinecittà World (made by a drone) on my YouTube channel. --> <-- Please, subscribe!! [emoji4]
  10. I realized a video of Rainbow MagicLand during the first season!!
  11. I realized an onride video of "Huntik - Secrets&Seekers", the interactive dark ride of Rainbow MagicLand. And I realized a video of all Rainbow MagicLand, during its first season.
  12. I realized a video of Rainbow MagicLand during his first season!!
  13. Parksmania.it published a video: four minutes of exclusive images about Rainbow MagicLand!!
  14. NEW PHOTOS! Rainbow MagicLand's official You Tube channel: LINK Free Fall Tower (70mt), under construction: Shock - The steam machine, test1: Test2: LINK
  15. Today I went to a shopping centre in Rome and I saw a park's stand. They were giving some gadgets and discounts! Park map: Pens: Drawing pencils: A small diary: And the discounts:
  16. It isn't park's official Promo Trailer. However I will traslate what they're talking about: "Something magical is going to happen... Come and discover the fantastic new theme park in Rome: Rainbow MagicLand!Where magic becomes reality! Rainbow MagicLand, from spring 2011!!" This is "Gattobaleno"!! Park's tickets: Entire: 35€ Reduced: 28€ Park web-site. Park is located in Valmontone near Rome (30/40 km). You can come in Rome by plane (Leonardo Da Vinci airport: Fiumicino) and go to Rome with "Leonardo Express". You arrive to Termini Station in Rome. Here, you can go to Valmontone with "Roma-Cassino railway" and in about 30/40 min. you arrive to Valmontone's Station. You can stay in a Valmontone's hotel. Otherwise you can stay in Rome and go to the park with the same train (Roma-Cassino). HERE a map. If you go by car, you can stay in Rome or in Valmontone. From Rome in about 30/40 min. you arrive in Valmontone. With Milan-Naples highway, exit in Valmontone. By train you arrive to Tiburtina Station or Termini Station (in Rome). If you arrive to Tiburtina, you can go to Termini by subway (Line B) to Termini. Here you go to Valmontone by Roma-Cassino railway. I have confused your ideas! However, transport to the park will have a reorganization to facilitate travel; so don't worry. Sorry for bad english!
  17. The name of the Maurer Spinning Coaster is "CAGLIOSTRO"! "Gran Theatro" for the show theater ---> Gran Teatro "Dark Ride interactivo" for the interactive Dark Ride ---> Dark Ride Interattivo (Maybe this isn't the definitive name) "Torre Gaduta" for the 70m high Drop Tower ---> Torre Caduta (Maybe this isn't the definitive name) "Castellio di Alfea" for the WINX Castle ---> Castello di Alfea "Spillwater" for the Log Flumes / Splash (Maybe this isn't the definitive name) The interactive Dark Ride will have 4D projections! (Google Translator) "Skip to the vehicle and prepared, this time you will have to rely on your reflexes and your aim, because some people will do anything to embarrass. Not to mention that you want to keep your reputation as a good shooter, then you will be competing with your own companions adventure! The interactive dark ride based on the world Huntik is an immersive experience in so many ways: an extraordinary journey between worlds real and imagined, made up of incredible scenery and 4D projections, coupled with a challenge that calls visitors to participate actively. Highly interactive attraction, with the charm of fantasy and science fiction archeology: the first in Italy to combine projection and 4D shot. A Rainbow Magicland, from spring 2011!"
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