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  1. In case my large amount of Kennywood-related posts doesn't give it away, I live about ten minutes from the park. The other two closest for me are Fun Fore All and Idlewild. When I'm at school, Idlewild is just a couple miles down the road, so Kennywood and Lakemont are the closest parks to me. Just to spice it up a little, according to RCDB, Tuscora Park, Erieview Park and Memphis Kiddie Park are the three closest parks that I haven't been to.
  2. Has anybody got a clue as to who is manufacturing the funicular? If it has been announced yet, that is.
  3. "Hasta la vista, like the Terminator told ya!"
  4. I'm going to jump on the carousel bandwagon here, but I'd also say that every park needs at least two out of the following: -Ferris Wheel -Bumper Cars -Train
  5. The park map shows it in a different place as well, which more than likely is related. That coaster looks awesome.
  6. Seabreeze announced two new rides for 2014 today: Wave Swinger and Balloon Race, both from HRP/FMP. Looks like there may not be a future for this park after all...
  7. A Divertical-style ride would fit that 155' height the park was seeking approval for in 2015 as well. Just throwing that out there...
  8. I'm pretty sure Power Surge gets dismantled early for the off season...are you sure it's actually being removed?
  9. I just happened to see this thread after TPR posted the POV of Knightmare at the defunct Camelot: Now, my eyes may be playing tricks on me, but it does not look like this coaster actually HAS paint, and if it does, I think the fact that I was able to make such a mistake says a lot. Nothing against the ride itself, as it looks awesome like its sister ride, Jetline. If the stars align and the ride is saved and relocated (again), I certainly hope its would-be new owners would make the ride look better.
  10. It's been like that ever since the ride was originally announced. Not a problem, I've been calling it YOLOcoaster in verbal conversation for a while anyway.
  11. A very rudimentary amount of Carowinds is now available on Street view.
  12. In that case, you can consider me to live under a rock. I just wish more parks did this.
  13. This is ingenious. Am I the only one who has never seen this done on a coaster before?
  14. I'm on the fence...this could be a 2014 announcement, but at the same time I'm getting this feeling that it could be about I305 reopening.
  15. I believe that's supposed to be part of a future "phase", and it would go into the space next to the Enterprise/Wheelie. In addition, I believe the park plans to put another flat in the corner near White Lightning's first drop. It almost looks as though they could put in another one next to its station as well.
  16. Kings Dominion Knoebels Kennywood Cedar Point Six Flags Great Adventure Dorney Park Idlewild Conneaut Lake Park Delgrosso's Waldameer By far the best year I've had...bummed I didn't make it to Hershey this year, but everywhere else (including the near-doubling of my coaster count) made up for it!
  17. I always thought there ought to be a restroom on that side of the park. Also good to hear about the LED packages. Do you know any more about the plans to turn the Merry-Go-Round grove into a restaurant, by any chance? The last I heard about it, which was quite some time ago, it was tentatively scheduled to happen next season.
  18. ^Both of those rides would really be something! There is a plot of land directly behind Skloosh that is empty except for a relocatable picnic pavilion that almost perfectly matches the dimensions of the Airplane Coaster. I believe there might be some zoning issues to work out with that, though.
  19. Zamperla is introducing their own version of it: It hasn't appeared on their website yet, but their Facebook page refers to it as their newest offering, the Discovery Revolution. Given the picture used in TGE's promo is from the non-inverting version at Luna Park (moon shape visible on the right), I think this might be the one they are getting.
  20. All the comments on the SFGAdv Facebook announcement..."Isn't that just Kingda Ka? Looks just like Kingda Ka! So basically this is a renamed Kingda Ka?" Always hate to say this about any coaster, good or bad, but in regards to Rolling Thunder, good riddance. After Mean Streak, definitely the roughest ride I've been on.
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