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  1. Has anyone here access to growthspotter.com? There is a new article (28th of March) about this project, but I do not want to spend $40 only to read one article... Link: Structural design & layout continue evolving for Skyplex plan Are there any new informations?
  2. I think you won't judge the same way if you had seen the construction site in person. This will be the first family boomerang with a tunnel, a lot of theming and interaction with another coaster (headchopper moments everywhere). Raik will be the biggest installation compared to all other family boomerangs. Beside the other versions this one is also the first one which has additional friction wheels on the return spike (so the backwards part is expected to be faster than on the existing models).
  3. A friend of mine built the coaster with NL2 He has created two videos of the ride! Offride: Onride:
  4. First onride video of the reverse freefall inside the tower http://www.sat1regional.de/aktuell/article/nervenkitzel-pur-in-sierksdorf-steht-deutschlands-hoechste-achterbahn-178247.html
  5. Finally the track is complete, they assembled the last track section this morning Pictures of the official construction blog: 3 pictures of the completed layout, only some bolts are missing... Crazy support structure - The Ride source source
  6. Some new pictures Assembling of the first overbanked turn Only 2 more track sections till the completion. That overbanked turn and the transitions into the next overbanked turn are stunning! All 3 trains are now on track! Whole train Front design Details Back design Source Source
  7. The heart shaped element is near its completion most complex support structure I've ever seen most complex support structure I've ever seen from the distance (one side of the heart is clearly visible) staight up in the air the support tower of the entrance to the element is nearly finished transition while the upwards part looks fabulous The park builds its monument for the next decades source
  8. The sales manager of yas island confirmed at the ITB (the world's leading travel trade show) that they are working on 7 new attractions over the next 18 month Starting at 4:20
  9. They are progressing well They finished the first support structure for the heart shaped element... The second overbanked turn after the heart shaped element and a crazy shaped airtime hill... ...from the other direction Another perspective of this crazy support structure.... Zoomed in... Source
  10. New informations from the latest Newsletter: - the lift hill structure is going to be 73m (240 feet) high (highest point of track) - the vertical lift and vertical first drop will be covered by a 79m (260 feet) high tower
  11. Erwin Heider, the head of the electrical and control engineering of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, confirmed in an interview on the german radio station "Bayern 1" (Bavaria 1) that they are currently working on a new project for a new outlet mall near New York. The indoor coaster will be 1000 m (3,280 ft) long! The customer will invest a total amount of 15 mil. € (approx. 20.4 mio. $) Here is the link to the interview (for all the german speaking guys): www.br.de This project maybe belongs to the outlet and ferris wheel project on staten island, in this case, the coaster will be built in the Empire Outlet! NEWS: World's Tallest Ferris Wheel coming to Staten Isla Does anyone know more about a new outlet mall project near New York?
  12. Jep "It is big. It is fast. It comes closer and closer and closer First of its kind in Germany (2014)!" A new big rollercoaster? Maybe a flying coaster
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