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#1 - Great Bear (most underrated B&M evarrrr)

#2 - Alpengeist

#3 - Talon

#4 - Raptor

#5 - Batman: The Ride


I haven't been on Nemesis, Montu, Banshee, or Dueling Dragons yet, but they all look amazing enough to easily knock Raptor and Batman out of my top 5.

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This is hard, I love me some B&M inverted coasters.






5)Great Bear


6)BTR Clones


8)Silver Bullet

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1) Alpengeist

2) Montu

3) Afterburn

4) Talon

5) DD - Fire


6) Great Bear

7) DD - Ice

8) B:TR (SFMM)

9) B:TR (SFOG)


To elaborate slightly, ~80% of my rides on Alpie were in it's first 5 years of existence (say by 02'), when the back half of the ride was far more intense than it's current state (at least up to 13', didn't ride it last year)


I'm fairly sure Katun, Nemesis, Banshee, and possibly Black Mamba would rise to the top of the list, but only Banshee is definitely on the horizon for the near future, like early June, I'm hopefully planning on.

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1. Banshee

2. Alpengeist

3. Patriot

4. Great Bear

5. Great White


Great White in particular blew me away. It rode much smoother than other Batman clones, and the extra row on the train seems to add a bit more kick to the already forceful layout.

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1.) Montu

2.) Batman The Ride: SFOT

3.) Goliath SFFT

4.) Dragon Challenge Chinese Fireball

5.) Dragon Challenge Hungarian Horntail


- However we are riding Banshee this summer so I bet this list will change!!

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1. Dueling Dragons:Fire

2. Dueling Dragons: Ice

3. Alpengeist

4. Montu

5. Great Bear

6. Raptor

7. Batman Clones

8. Talon


These are all so close except for talon. Im always floored by the intensity and pacing of dueling dragons, even as standalone rides they are the best coasters in the whole state as far as I have ridden. Alpengeist is hard to judge because it is so unique and also so temperamental. But my rides in the front during the day, and the back in the dark before closing have solidified it as a masterpiece in my book. The sense of speed and height from the elements is overwhelming the whole first half. The way it works with the terrain, it seems to accelerate downwards all the way into the cobra roll. It and the second half I am judging from the rare occasions from the past where the mid brake didn't bring the ride to a halt.

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I regretfully have only ridden 3 so far, but Id rate them: 1. Talon 2. Batman (GAdv) 3. Great Bear


I like all of them, and would like to ride all the others.


Updated since I rode one more of them lol


1 Talon

2 Raptor

3 Batman

4 Great Bear

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1. Alpengeist

2. Talon

3. Montu

4. Raptor

5/6. Dueling Dragons

7. Great Bear

8. B:TR


Been a long time since I've ridden most of these rides so it's a little hard to rank. All I know is Alpie is my favorite and Talon is very underrated in the B&M universe.

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I've been on every B&M invert in the U.S., except for Banshee. I'll be riding that next month.



1. Dueling Dragons

2. Montu

3. Batman clones/Great White/Goliath

4. Flight Deck-CGA

5. Afterburn

6. Alpengeist

7. Talon

8. Raptor

9. Great Bear

10. Patriot

11. Silver Bullet

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This topic popped up again, so I'll add my Top 5:


1. Alpengeist

2. Silver Bullet

3. Dragon Challenge

4. Great Bear

5. Batman clones


I haven't been on Montu or Banshee yet, so I'm sure my rankings would change after riding those two. I am hoping to get out to Tampa this fall and finally be able to make my own Montu/Alpengeist comparison.

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1. Banshee

2. Montu

3. Flight Deck

4. Favorite Batman #notallbatmen

5. Alpengeist


Banshee and Montu really come close to a "perfect coaster experience" for me. Flight Deck is the most forceful of my favorites. I'm not a big fan of Batmans, but some of them seem to ride way better than others. I was surprised to see that Alpengeist squeaks in at 5 (barely above Talon), but it's another forceful one.


I have all the US credits and two foreign ones.

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