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  1. Can’t say that’s surprising....the clientele has been extra awful at these PA parks this year.
  2. I suspect this as well. If anyone has gone recently, I'd love to hear about it... Seems like Knoebels' lack of a traditional single entrance / access point would make the rule more difficult to enforce. Since the pandemic began I’ve visited Magic Springs, Alabama Adventure, HP and Knoebels. Shockingly, Knoebels was by far doing the most to keep the park clean. Rides go down atleast once an hour for cleaning, every employee is wearing some kind of mask or face shield and new sanitizing stations all over the place. There’s also distance markers placed in every queue, which most people were
  3. The ride is a lot of fun! Good mix of strong floater and a little bit of ejector in some spots. Good pacing and some really good speed. Overall, its one of the best hypers they've made for sure. I'd put it right up there with Goliath at Over Georgia and better than Mako.
  4. Well with our awful governor in this state, it looks like all the parks won’t be opening for a while. Hopefully Conneaut will make a comeback next year.
  5. 1.) Maverick 2. Steel Vengeance 3.) Magnum 4.) Top Thrill 5.) Raptor I agree that Raptor is incredibly underrated but Magnum is certainly hard to beat. 6.) Millennium 7.) GateKeeper 8.) Gemini 9.) Rougarou 10.) Wicked The rest I don't really care enough to rank
  6. 1.) Dominator 2.) Superman Krypton Coaster 3.) Kraken ......... 4.) Hydra 5.) Rougarou 6.) Scream 7.) Batman: The Dark Knight ......... 8.) Firebird
  7. So glad to hear about the whip! It looks like its a little bit smaller than the others but I'm sure it packs a punch. Does anyone know what happened to their carousel? There was a rumor that its been in storage in Ohio but I never got a definite answer.
  8. That would be a cool ride but considering Quassy, Great Escape and SFNE have that, I think they'll probably go with something else. A new musik express would be a welcomed addition for sure.
  9. So glad to hear that the park is finally reopening the fun house!!! Any new updates on the Whip and Bumper Cars?
  10. That would be plausible but at the same time the property line back there is right next to the neighborhood. It will be interesting to see if they'd put another roller coaster back there or go with something completely different.
  11. Agreed. The water park has proven to be a big success for the park, it would be shocking to see them not announce the corkscrews closure either this coming season or next. That spot could easily house another lazy river, pool and a couple water slide towers. I think the best place for their next coaster is the Tall Timber Splash spot with it flowing into their side parking lot.
  12. I agree with that, there is certainly plenty of places that they could put it. It would be nice to see them relocate/remove that kiddie train in the back of the park behind the Casino for a new thrill flat. That is a pretty quiet part of the park and would help the flow of traffic in that corner for sure.
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