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  1. I love this so much. It does seem weird that they used this day to point all the comments out though.
  2. I trust the state will give parks enough of a warning when things are expected to go "live". From what I can tell, a lot of the larger rides do have trains on the transfer tracks but the ferris wheel and smaller flat rides lack gondolas. I know there are some murmurs of maintenance workers being allowed back to start preparing the park but I don't believe any employee training has occurred. If valleyfair will open, they will be ready when governor walz allows them to open. From my understanding, governor walz's plan is to ease business back in rather than opening everything up on a given date, so I'd imagine before valleyfair opens they would have the ability to get maintenance and employees in well before they will be given the OK to open.
  3. Looks like holiday world has an opening day set for June 14. I know that Indiana handles coronavirus differently than Minnesota, but it is nonetheless a good sign that there are at least intentions to open some parks this summer. Let's hope cedar fair follows suit in a safe and effective manner.
  4. As unfortunate as it is, I'm going to have to agree. Without a vaccine I couldn't see Valleyfair opening let alone having enough people attend to keep the park open.
  5. I'd imagine if the state allows Valleyfair to open, they will open. Whether or not that is a good idea or not is up to debate. I think the biggest thing to watch is what state legislation is gonna say about non-essential businesses opening after the lockdown starts to taper off.
  6. It will be interesting to see if the park opens on time because of corona.
  7. Considering they worded it as a "hallowed out Viking ship" I'm gonna assume that they'll use it for haunt.
  8. Very interesting article... https://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/news/2019/10/02/report-valleyfairs-parent-company-might-merge-with.html
  9. It was probably one of us sliders. Most of what we do is completely improv and there isn't a ton of formal training on what we should do outside of your typical slide scares and safety procedures. (I am not a representative of the sliders or Valleyfair, however) Those areas that you mentioned are very much within slider country. Looking forward to sliding again this year.
  10. Looks like this year's haunt lineup has been announced. What does everyone think? https://www.valleyfair.com/valleyscare/haunt
  11. This is Valleyfair we're talking about, not Cedar Point. Just because a large attraction is being removed doesn't mean we're getting a new coaster. I think something like Forbidden Frontier is far more likely to replace dinosaurs alive than a new coaster. While I would agree with your first two sentences, however I would have to say comparing this to Frontier is like comparing apples to oranges. Most people are focusing on this because it was announced before the season even started, which has not happened for a very, very, long time. Even with major rides like enterprise being removed, there was not much notice even though it had considerably more traffic on a daily basis than dinos ever did. The same goes with when Route 76 was being built. I'm not saying its gonna be a roller coaster, but many people are leaning that way because A: they announced it so early, and B: that is a huge plot of land.
  12. They're going to fill that entire area with bathrooms.....as far as the eye can see
  13. I think VF is headed in the right direction. Is it the direction enthusiasts want? No. But what do we know about running amusement parks? The reason I say this is because we are not the target audience. Families, who spend money on food, games, etc are more valuable to the park profit wise than your typical season passholder who goes 50+ times a year. While im sure everyone would want a new coaster, we have already had immense expansions in the previous years in a considerably short time. That's better than nothing.
  14. I really hope we keep the asphalt in some areas. If you're gonna change it, change it to brick. For uh.....haunt reasons *cough cough, wave pavement is amazing cough cough*
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