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1. Nemesis! No inverted comes even close!


2. Batman La Fuga(and the others too...). La Fuga is just the best in my opinion...

3. Monster. aka Raptor on steriods!

4. Afterburn. Really surprised me in '13!

5. Katun! Out of this world!

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Only been on 3 B&M inverts but its a very clear order honestly:


3. OzIris - this ride seemed pretty overrated to me quite honestly its not that forceful but it does have length which my other two lack.

2. Nemesis Inferno - on good days this can beat Nemesis especially towards the end of the day it runs very fast but generally its just not as good.

1. Nemesis - I love a lot about this ride especially the overbanked turn and the amazing downwards helix. Pretty much perfection in my eyes.

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Here's my whole list:


1. Afterburn

2. Montu

3. Ice Dragon

4. Alpengeist

5. Fire Dragon

6. Great Bear

7. Raptor

8. Batmans

9. Talon

10. Silver Bullet

11. Banshee


I still love silver bullet and talon etc, but its definitely not on the same tier as the great bear and upwards category for me.


I found Banshee to be completely uneventful, though it was definitely forceful. There needed to be more quick moments, it all felt very drawn out like a forceful wingrider (but lacking in all the near misses and cool maneuvers such as gatekeeper).

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I've only ridden five B&M Inverts, so it makes it easy to choose, and sort of easy to rank.


1. Montu

2. Dragon Challenge: Chinese Fireball

3. Silver Bullet

4. Dragon Challenge: Hungarian Horntail

5. Batman: The Ride


Yes, I rank Silver Bullet higher than Hungarian Horntail and Batman simply because I enjoy riding it more. It may not have the greatest first drop, but the overbank is amazing, the flat spins really snap around, and the final helix is super forceful (I gray-out almost everytime).

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I really don't like inverts..they don't really do anything for me. Probably one of my least favorite coaster types. But I've been on a few of them, and outside of Silver Bullet, I wasn't impressed. so here's my list.


1) Silver Bullet

2) Great Bear

3) Batman: The Ride

4) Raptor

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B&M inverts are some of my favorite coasters ever. Every single one of these rides is top 3 at the park for me, and I'm dying to get on more of the top tier inverts. Bottom of this list is still a really, really good coaster.


1 Raptor

2 Banshee

3 Batman (3a Great America, 3b Great Adventure)

4 Talon


After like 10-12 rides on Banshee this month I'm contemplating switching Raptor/Banshee, but this is where I stand.

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I've only ridden four so far...


1. Afterburn at Carowinds

2. Talon at Dorney Park

3. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

4. Great Bear at Hersheypark


Some may call me crazy for putting Talon above Alpengeist, but Talon is very rerideable, and I found that Alpengeist wore me down rather quickly. Afterburn is just flat out awesome. No words.

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After riding two new B&M Inverts this last summer (could have been 3 if Talon wasn't closed), I've rethought and adjusted my rankings.


1. Banshee

2. Batman clones (the two I've ridden are identical in every way, so I lumped them together)

3. Raptor

4. Great Bear

5. Silver Bullet


However, even though it's in 5th, I still love Silver Bullet and think it gets more crap than it deserves. I'm hoping to get up to NorCal this summer and finally ride Flight Deck as well.

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1. Alpengeist (My love for this coaster is irrational, but I don't really care)

2. OzIris (Once again irrational love)

3. Afterburn (Fun and forceful, but a bit overhyped)

4. Batman (Backwards > Forwards)

5. Silver Bullet (Meh besides the helix and loop)

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I've been on all of the US B&M inverts except for Flight Deck. I'd rank the upper echelon as follows:







Silver Bullet



Banshee and Montu are interchangeable for me. I like Banshee more if I'm riding in front, but Montu more in the last row. They're probably my two favorite looping coasters of any kind in the US.

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Invert is by far my favorite product from B&M. My list I feel like always changes depending on when I ride what


1: Raptor

2: Afterburn

3: BTR

4: Montu (least amount of rides so its cloudy)

5: Talon


I hate the vest restraints on Banshee

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This is easily one of the greatest coaster types ever designed. Every B&M invert I've been on is super forceful and snappy while also being some of the smoothest coasters I've experienced. I've been on 6 so I'll just rank all of them.


6. Batman - Ridiculous forces and a timeless layout. It's a little too short and small.

5. Talon - Your standard kick-ass B&M invert. There's plenty of strong inversions, but the floater hills, calm sections and helixes really make it stand out.

4. Great Bear - One of my first looping coasters. The interaction with other rides and Hershey's outstanding landscaping and river are a major selling point. The pacing is perfect. You start out with forceful inversions, then some fast but calm turns over the water, finishing with an intense corkscrew.

3. Raptor - The inversions are so forceful, the helix at the end is one of the best coaster moments ever, and once again, the contrast between calm and intense moments is great here.

2. Afterburn - Short but so relentless and over-the-top. When you immediately jump back in line over and over again even with a 20-minute line, you know it's a good coaster!

1. Alpengeist - a transcendent masterpiece, and one of my top 10 all-time coasters. The snappy and whipping inversions are great, and the forces are sustained for so long that it can hurt your legs sometimes. The massive size and speed adds to the intensity as well. And of course it has the beautiful theming that you'd expect from Busch Gardens.

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I haven't ridden that many either and, like a few others here, inverts aren't really my thing. The only one I really enjoy is Silver Bullet, but out of what I've ridden, the list would go something like:


1. Silver Bullet (best pacing overall)

2. Great Bear (great pre-drop spin but lame second half)

3. Batman (they're really all the same — more disorienting than fun)

4. Raptor (kind of dull but the second half was better than the first)

5. Banshee (like flipping through a catalogue of B&M's inversions, slowly)

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