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  1. This is an ambitious road trip. My take on a trip like this: Day 1: Drive towards NYC, pick a place to sleep north of NYC Day 2: Quassy & Lake Compounce, try SF New England in the evening Day 3: SF New England, drive towards SF Great Adventure. (You will get stuck in traffic around NYC!) Day 4: SF Great Adventure Day 5: Dorney Park & Knoebels(not wise, but if you run trough Dorney possible) Day 6: Hershey Park, drive towards Pittsburg Day 7: Kennywood, drive to Sandusky Day 8: Cedar Point Day 9: Drive home This way you won;t have a long drive home, when you are already tired. And still get some kickass coasters along the way! Save I-305 for another trip, where you could visit Busch an Carowinds too.
  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast around Europe! Great TR's so far, keep them coming. And the Dutch fanboys are some of the worst i know. Most of the times they just go too far, it makes me sad being Dutch myself sometimes. Now let's get back to having fun in the USA myself!
  3. Well since i will be at Dollywood in about 2 weeks time, i just hope we will be able to get a ride of more rides on Lightning Rod! I will be a little sad if i can't ride the rides that 'made' me plan a big trip in the first place, but otherwise it will be a good reason to go to Dollywood again. And since we didn't get to ride the Texas RMC's in 2013 while on tour(wich i totally understand), i will enjoy those to on this trip...
  4. Cedar Fair: Maverick Six Flags: El Toro SeaWorld Entertainment: Montu / Kumba(tied) Merlin: Nemesis Herschend: Outlaw Run Universal: Hulk Disney Parks: Big Thunder Mountain(Disneyland Paris) Parques Reunidos: Phantom's Revenge / Boulder Dash(tied) Compagnie des Alpes: Goliath(Walibi Holland) Independent: Bluefire
  5. Well i rode EFG and Goliath in the last 2 month again, and i still think EFG is the better one. But Goliath reminded me that we have a really good coaster here in Holland too, Worldclass to some maybe... It's still not far behind on my favorites list from EFG and Bizarro(aka Superman The Ride @ SFNE). It gives some great airtime on it's hills, and then there the Stengel Dive(the real one)... ... Looks like you had a great day at the park.
  6. Hi, Since your staying on site i think you already get tickets/entree for most parks. But with an Efteling Season Pass you will get free entrance to Phantasialand and Europa for 1 day. Could save you some money, also depending on the day you visit Efteling it get's busy on the weekends for the summer. Weeksdays should be a lot less crowded. If you are done in one day at the Efteling i would much rater visit Toverland then Bobbejaanland anyday! And it's along the route from almost everywhere in the Netherlands to Phantasialand. Europa is a park where you want to spend as much time as you get! Even as a 'local' for Europe i try to spend as much time at the park everytime i go there. Holiday Park is along the route from Cologne to Europa, it's now a part of the Plopsa-group. That's more of a kids rater then the big thrills, so Plopsa would also be fun for the young one. Most of the IP's would be more local but some of them could be more international. And GeForce is worth the stop on it's own. If you have any more questions, feel free to send a PM.
  7. 1. Nemesis! No inverted comes even close! ... 2. Batman La Fuga(and the others too...). La Fuga is just the best in my opinion... 3. Monster. aka Raptor on steriods! 4. Afterburn. Really surprised me in '13! 5. Katun! Out of this world!
  8. Adventureland, NY! As the start of our 4,5 week trip aka holiday to the United States!
  9. Last new coaster was: De Rodelbaan at De Waarbeek(Holland). This would also be my last coaster so far to ride for the counter in The Netherlands, untill we get new ones ofcourse...
  10. Baron 1898... It's another baby dive coaster. Nothing to special ride wise, but by the looks. It's proberly one of the most beautifull rides out there after Disney/Universal.
  11. Well these are the one i remember are: 500: Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City 600: Shock - Rainbow Magicland 700: Piraten - Djurs Sommerland Now on to 800!
  12. Long road trip? Does a holiday of 3,5 weeks coasters and culture count? It was Italy in 2014, from Holland we drove to Milaan and there started our family holiday with coasters! Total is was about 10.000km and the most southern part was the island of Sicily(Etnaland/vulcano Etna). And from there we drove back up the east coast and made a stop to visit some family. This included: - Zoomarine - Cinecitta World(opening day!) - Rainbow Magicland - Zoosafari Fasanolandia - Miragica - Mirabilandia - Movieland Studios - Gardaland - Europa Park(on the way back) Now i'm always planning new roadtrips, and i'm working on a 4 week trip for June 2016 in the USA. This will take me/us, from northern Chicago/Minneapolis, to San Antonio.New Orleans back up to Dollywood, Busch Gardens Williamsburg to Six Flags New England. Then trough PA to Kennywood and Cedar Point. It's going to be massive!
  13. Well the newest credit in my count is: Flug der Demonen! New credit again in 2 weeks...
  14. This park is going to look amazing! Can't wait to visit this one day...
  15. Great TR! Can't wait to ride in the coming couple of weeks...
  16. Well this is AWESOME news! Was thinking about this as it will proberly effect my plans for 2016!
  17. Well maybe don't visit Kings Island if you dont feel like it on this trip, but visit Kentucky Kingdom instead?
  18. Another great instalment in the make Werner jealous trip report! Can't wait to visit mainland Denmark in a little over a month...
  19. ^Gouderix will always be pure Horror! Great TR, so far.Gardaland is for me the best overall park in Italy, visited all big parks last year. And Garda really stands out for me. Mirabilandia has 2 really great coasters but the rest of the park is kind of meh... Now show us some Movieland!
  20. Just came back from an awesome weekend in Germany! Visited Tripsdrill and Europa Park. And drove up the empty parking lot of Holiday Park on a monday! It was closed! Up next is: Belantis in about 2 weeks, and it's the start of a trip going to: Belantis, Plohn, Bayern Park, Wiener Prater, Neusiedlersee, Skyline Park, Legoland Germany, Schwbane Park and will try to visit Holiday again!
  21. Lines that i think build up the most crowd: - Euro Mir - Wodan - Bluefire - Silver Star And proberly the longest line i've even seen in Europa, Matterhorn Blitz! But don't skip something just because it has a line, Europa Park is the best park for capacity in Europe! Lines go by really fast, a full line at Eurosat proberly takes about 25/30 minutes, and you just keep on walking... If you can use the Hotel access you are near Wodan and Bluefire so you and your family can have a relaxing day at the park.
  22. For train tickets use: http://www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/ Works just as the dutch system, use Barcelona Sants as the station in Barcelona. This is the main station, and just use Port Aventura. if you want to know how to get from the Port Aventura station to the park look it up on google maps. But from what i remember it's very easy to find. You arrive at the station so you know where to leave when going back
  23. ^ Now that a ride i'd like to ride! A second B&M coming to the park would be great! For me a Flyer would fit perfecty in the park, a ride like Air would be great. Air is also still my favorite Flyer...
  24. 1. Go by train, take the train from the airport station to Barca's main train station and then take the train to Salou/Port Aventura. It should figure itself out when you get there. 2. This doesn't really matter, i only stayed in Salou itself. But i could stay at a resort hotel the next time. Just look for a good hotel with a good price that you are willing to pay for your stay. 3. I can see it getting pretty busy here for Easter. But on the other hand Salou is not really that close to a big city, and most visitors are tourist in the summer 4. Family coaster!
  25. You are really traveling around the US when you leave Orlando. Don't hope you plan on doing that by car! Parks you mention are far apart, and you miss some really great parks. I would skip some of the park and look here: coast2coaster.eu '
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