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  1. Alright I am sold. Japan looks Awesome. Packing my suitcase now and will be there in a couple of days.
  2. This is incredible. They are finally going to finish the Studios park. Then they will truly have 2 gates in Paris
  3. Wow, an RMC almost on my doorstep. Never in my wildest dreams.
  4. This picture is from one of my other subscribed channels and shows that these things do show up in the feed of selected videos I might like on my phone. This could also be the case with your questionairre by others. But why it is showing this one for me and not yours is a bit of a mystery.
  5. I had to go to my TPR subscription page and click community to find it. I have however seen another questionnaire from a different channel I am subscribed to on the front page when I opened Youtube on my phone a few days back. I am not sure what made that one appear there and yours not.
  6. As kitchens are a big part of my work. Seriously impressive! Great they make everything themselves
  7. I only use Facrbook a lot. Twitter I use only to follow up on TPR and usualy more when there is a trip.
  8. I like them. Especially if they are like your second picture. That is something I would be able to hang on my wall. It shows lots of movement in a still frame.
  9. Here in Amersfoort we still have a lot of people playing and we have a team of players from within the company. By meeting the hardcore gamers (there are people who almost play 24/7) we happened to get in several raid group apps that use Whatsapp to communicate. So when something special is happening I hear it rather quickly, be it a raid going to start or an Unown that is spotted. But when a release of new Pokemon is happening you just go to the center of town to find a lot of people trying to raid. Biggest group I saw the last two weeks was about 50 people for a Lugia raid. So yeah, Pokemon Go is very much still a thing here. And a luckily a great city to catch them. I have caught 237 pocket monsters at the moment. (All there is to catch here in Europe at this time)
  10. Great report, great photo's. A lot of fun is had in those pictures and the weather is so much better then here.
  11. Looks like a great and relaxing trip to me. It was a lot of fun following along on social media. Makes me want to travel again.
  12. The landscapes you are aggressively floating through look astonishing. Very beautiful. To bad Wiener Prater is a bit Muhh and does not live up to its reputation.
  13. Looks like you had great fun and good weather. Every time you post Kidzania pictures I am really impressed by the concept. It looks so awesome. And why clean yourself if you can let your clientele clean for you Window Washer is brilliant.
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