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  1. When I was there, this girl working the entrance of Wicked Twister told someone Maverick was at the front of the park and then said "I'm not really sure though, this is my first day." So I politely told both of them where Maverick was (and that it was broken) and she explained she works in the summer at Waldameer, but was sorta drafted to work at CP for Halloweekends. They really seem to be looking for anyone and I mean anyone to work Halloweekends. Is it a logical thought that with everyone having Gold Passes next year Fast Lane will see less sales because people will simply come more often, instead of going all out for 1 visit? I hope so. Outside of Magnum and Gemini, you still have to wait 15-45 minutes for most of the coasters even with Fast Lane. This has been the case for the last several years at Cedar Point, it's not recent at all. Once Halloweekends starts staffing is a major issue, so the park uses volunteers (typically college students in some student organization) that are only there for the weekend. Many have never been to the park before, and it's really not the park's fault. There just isn't staffing available for weekend only seasonal positions in Ohio.
  2. Interesting that Firebird is listed on the HITP map for this year as an attraction with a number even though it won't be operating.
  3. I think I know the answer to this, but I thought I had read someone say differently in the past. I bought a season pass from Great America during the flash sale, assuming it to be the most likely SF park I'd get to next. That now turns out not to be the case as an opportunity came up last minute after purchasing and I'll be in Baltimore after New Year's until May. Is there any way of processing the pass at Six Flags America, or having the pass be somehow valid without processing at the park it is purchased at? The reason I ask is I thought I recalled someone going to HR at a SF park at which their pass was not purchased and getting it processed after all. Thanks all!
  4. ^ That would be correct. On a summer midnight close at Millennium Force (one particular with a PM ERT and opened for early entry the following day) I had less than 5 hours between shifts. So about 3.5 hours of sleep between 12-18 hour shifts. There's a lot to be said there about loving the job, but pushing that back another hour wouldn't be helping the employees or park out necessarily.
  5. This would be my guess as well. The fewer unnecessary mechanical components, the better. Drive tires can get stuck, flat, or need to be repaired and can/do cause downtime.
  6. This makes so much sense, but I hadn't thought about it before. Since it can take more time to get seated, work it so only one train is delayed and everybody still gets to ride. That's brilliant. While it can be frustrating when alternate access takes your seat (or someone in your group's), it's nice to be aware that there is actually a lot of thought and effort that the ride operators are putting into how alternate access is handled. That was one of my main focus areas while training crew members at Millennium Force this summer - try to beat the ride's interval even while loading alternate access guests, as well as minimize the number of trains loaded and never load the same row too frequently. It's all been thought of at great lengths haha.
  7. I’m only 20 and this new slang is getting over my head Tits = wonderful. Context clues! One of the better posts I’ve read in awhile
  8. I’m only 20 and this new slang is getting over my head
  9. Fast Lane rarely, if ever, sells out in early June, so you should be fine holding off until the day of. If you want to be careful, wait until the night before to check a decent weather report, and if it’s supposed to be warm and sunny all day then pull the string. If not, wait until you arrive at the park. You should be able to ride everything in one day with Fast Lane plus in my experience, just be wary of Dragster’s downtime (and obviously nobody knows how SV will be handling yet). And use some common sense (avoid the front of the park in the morning). Have fun! Millennium is usually under 30 minutes until noon that time of year, see ya there
  10. I had that exact sign memorized for every time there was a huge line-up at Millennium's entrance last year... man did people hate me It's nice to see them taking initiative with capacity for their new coaster though, and having the staffing to enforce it properly is good to see (park security at the entrance).
  11. ^Josh basically covered my thoughts on the ride too. What surprised me was how well the ride not only ran in the cold weather, but still picked up very noticeable speed throughout the day. Take a ride like El Toro where it feels like it was meant to run faster through the course on a cold morning, and then gets faster - this ride was having none of that. The first ride felt as though it was designed to run that speed - and then by late afternoon into nighttime (even when the temp started falling to around 40 degrees again) it kept picking up speed and intensity throughout the day! While I loved the “mini Toro” three airtime hills, my favorite part was the third turn by the station in the back row. Super aggressive laterals with ejector airtime pulling out. Pretty spectacular, and an amazing ride. And as said, it was great to meet some others on the forums! Catch you guys at Millennium Force this summer?
  12. The Beast, Banshee, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, and The Bat are all excellent night rides (and excellent during the day, but also improve the most at night). Kings Island is one of the best parks in the world for night rides, and depending on crowds and park close it's difficult to get to all of those at night, but I'd prioritize in that order. From my recollection The Beast always has a massive line at night, but Banshee can get pretty dead the last 90 minutes.
  13. There’s a very good chance you’d get into housing. They open up more buildings progressively as the season begins. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.
  14. Unfortunately I feel like it will be at least another 10 days before we see anything. Average high in Sandusky this time of year is still lower 40’s, which doesn’t work well with the wind.
  15. Interesting you say strict, because not once (been on hundreds of times), I have never been so much as asked about my height on the ride (I am 6'6", so I would be a prime candidate). The only ride I have ever been checked at CP has been Gatekeeper that I can ever remember (6'6" limit)... One time they made me remove my shoes to ride, just to be safe Unfortunately, it was in the rain after a monsoon so then I had wet sock. Very inconvenient! ha. But yeah, Gatekeeper they ask me nearly every time... Maximum height is definitely a lot more difficult to enforce. Because of that, and how much less frequent it is for someone too tall than too short to try to get in line, I can totally get why it wouldn't be noticed. That said, it does happen that someone isn't permitted to ride. I suppose I used "strict" in the sense that if someone's height is checked, and they are a touch over 6'6", they won't be permitted to ride. It's just too much of a liability for the park and employees.
  16. Millennium Force does have a maximum height restriction of 6'6", and it is strict, unfortunately. Most rides (I don't recall which exactly) do not have a max height restriction, though I'm sure it's on the site.
  17. Try the test seat at Millennium and ask for the the employee at the ride entrance to help if you're close, but can't get it yourself. We're not supposed to "force" any belts to buckle, but it's far easier for someone else to buckle for you than trying yourself. The belts definitely don't vary drastically, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's up to an inch or so variation, test seat included. If you're within an inch or two at the test seat and you're okay with not being able to buckle after waiting, go for it.
  18. I don’t think it’s been confirmed yet, but I’d say you could expect that. As someone who operates rides with sometimes massive queues, no loose article policies make things way better for the park and guests as a whole. Sure it sucks to have to pay $2 (I don’t like it either) but if Millennium had bins (which it couldnt because of the unload platform) there’s no way we’re hitting 1200 ever. More like 800. That difference makes 2 hours 3, plus the additional chance the ride goes down before you ride since you’re in line and under the sun longer. ...but that discussions been had countless times. No reason to go further into it.
  19. A 15 MW rooftop solar project (same as carport) is absolutely massive. I'd be really interested to see the layout and detailed plans for this - generally you need a several acres of coverage per MW. Hoping this project comes to fruition, as it's great to see more solar projects take shape along with the Great Adventure solar farm even after the new solar import taxes.
  20. An e-stop can only stop trains in blocks (lift, final brakes, mid course block, etc). Jokers Jinx’ blocks are only at the befining and end of the ride. When the train stops mid-course, it’s a valley.
  21. There were two floorless conversions, and they were in 2015 and 2017. I don't at all think that means that CF has decided they will do floorless conversions every two years. The years seem pretty irrelevant to me, honestly. I also think Canada's Wonderland was an unique case that caused them to wait multiple years without their new ride for 2019. I'm confident in that. Unless another rare situation happens at Carowinds very, very soon, I don't believe they'll be waiting too long. That said, I do think it's likely Vortex would be converted in the next few years, depending on how Patriot goes. I also don't know that Rougarou could be called a massive success (especially given the price I've heard), but I'm not entirely in the position to say for sure. Either way, exciting things for sure happening at Carowinds, and at many different parks in the chain! Very excited for the future of this company.
  22. I think my favorite part is how seemingly irrelevant the skull is to the entire ride and name, and yet it somehow ties it all together?
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