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  1. I don't see any argument for that not being a coaster. It's a condensed sky rocket II with wing coaster trains.
  2. Why the hell would you put VR on a star flyer? I at least understand the purpose with coasters (even drop towers since there's a surprise drop and forces that could play into it) but the *only* reason to ride a 200+ foot swing is the view. That's it.
  3. Updated... 1. Montu-- The intensity of Raptor and scale of Banshee in the first half, transitioning with the most ridiculous batwing and a finale that could've been better but got the job done to keep it at the top of my list. 2. Raptor -- Great zero-g roll, snappy, smooth and intense all the through with a great final helix. Replace the cobra roll with Montu's batwing and this is my favorite invert. 3. Banshee -- Not as intense as the rest of this list, but it has its moments in the pretzel knot thingy. Love the sheer scale, length, sense of speed, and whip in the back. I don't mind the roughness in row 8 like most seem to, just the the inconsistent pacing/speed through the inversions and lack of a snappy corkscrew keep Banshee from the very top. 4. Batman -- Everything's been said--Montu intensity, the smoothest ride on this list (somehow), and great layout. Just short and lacking in scale to really be higher. 5. Talon -- A good mix of everything. I wish the intensity was kicked up a notch but it's incredibly re-rideable and a very interesting layout that isn't so inversion heavy.
  4. Wait is this actually happening? How did I miss this? Actually happening, yes! Got the offer last week and I'm stoked.
  5. I don't care what people think, Millennium Force is still an incredible coaster and I can't wait to work on the 2017 Millennium crew.
  6. As much as I think the drink plan would've been fantastic and helped operations and locker frustrations, the environmentalist side of me is happier this way
  7. I don't think it has anything to do with which park is larger or has more attendance for trying new things. I think the reason Over Texas had the first conversion was because that's the park Texas Giant resided.
  8. Because it's expensive and not selling tickets or merchandise.
  9. Its not about the length of Raging Bulls drop compared to Goliath, it's about row 9 with five inches of nothing between you and the lapbar. Sustained ejector that's actually improved by being fairly shallow as it goes on forever for *only* 200 feet. It feels like Millennium's drop but with El Toro's airtime.
  10. Goliath's drop is good but there's a better first drop in the same park. El Toro's first drop/two ejector hills are still better than Goliath's drop and one airtime hill. Both are excellent rides though. I agree with the sentiment of RMCs needing more large ejector hills, although I do like their current style as well.
  11. I guess you're right. Valravn has 24 passengers per car, so it must be fine. I'm just fantasizing about the crazy whip you would get on the back of a 7- or 8- car train on an RMC! lol First drops are designed with the back row in mind, so with 8 cars you'd have a shallower radius so it really wouldn't make a difference in terms of the first drop. The back row of Mako has better Airtime than the back row of Diamondback on the first (well, every) drop, as an example.
  12. With Cedar Point operations and three trains I'm sure even with six cars per train this won't have bad capacity. With 60 second dispatches (totally reasonable) that's over 1400/hour, assuming the ride is less than 3 minutes from station to station.
  13. I'm one of the few that fall in between, actually. I don't think it's a below average coaster by any stretch, but I've never had an amazing ride on it. I'll never turn down a ride but I'd choose many other hypers above it.
  14. I only rode Kumba once and Montu twice (all in the magic seat) and thought they were both ridiculous. I need to ride Kumba more to actually take in each element as I had no idea what I was in for and didn't really process it. Montu, riding twice, I cold really appreciate and through the back left was absurd. Post mid-course, it was okay.... but up through the batwing it might be my favorite B&M and definitely my favorite invert.
  15. ^^Thanks for that picture. Makes more sense... still sucks though.
  16. Interesting how the park logo is incredibly simple and new ride signs are more and more complex and three dimensional (Banshee, Gatekeeper, Fury, Leviathan, Valravn, etc). I don't mind the logo, but I kinda liked the wavy look of the old logo. Really doesn't matter in the end though.
  17. Steel Force's finale in the very front row is actually really fun. It totally sucks anywhere else though.
  18. I don't think many people would think of this off the top of their considering relative the rest of the coaster it's really not surprising at all, but wtf does SFA's Apocalypse/Iron Wolf do the last 500 feet of track? It's going a good 21mph and turns around once or twice, then 150 feet of straight track at 15mph leading into the unnecessarily long brake run. It's quite exciting.
  19. If Kings Islands flume survived the addition of Mysric Timbers I imagine it's in the long term plan. It would've been a very good excuse to remove it if they had any desire to, so this actually makes me think it'll be around longer than I would've thought before. Congo Falls may be another story, depending on expansion plans.
  20. We're looking at what used to be White Water Falls Gotcha. Is Carowinds down to one water ride now? Just the rapids?
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