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  1. Intimidator 305 is the only coaster I've ridden that still makes my palms sweat once the lift starts, even just a little bit. No matter your opinion on the ride as a whole (which for me it's near the top), that's worth something at least. The only ride that still brings that fear you had being 10 years old on a "big" coaster.
  2. Yeah I was being sarcastic, I thought that was apparent. Someone else can chime in about actual capacity.
  3. It's easy for a ride to have a 70 minute wait when you're doing about 300 people/hour I've never waited more than 30 minutes for Gatekeeper because they'll routinely pump out 1600+ an hour. The average day at Cedar Point has more guests than the average day at Magic Mountain.
  4. I-305 in the back row has a really good drop, but if does feel short compared to Millennium and while it is ejector, its nothing like El Toro, for example. Mako's drop is about equal, IMO.
  5. I really like the color scheme the ride has as is, but upkeep is always a good sign. Especially for this park. So there's really no room to complain.
  6. Cedar Point is never relocating Magnum. Sorry. It's just one of those things. And wouldn't it have been easier to just edit and remove the link?
  7. Really just Zumanjaro, maybe Twister if you like top spins. The Sky Ride is a must, and some would say the safari if you have the time/flash pass. Houdini is awesome for one ride if you haven't already. Make sure you park yourself in 6-2 of Toro for at least five rides and row one of Ka if you've only been during HITP.
  8. I've always just unconsciously stuck my head forward from the OTSR's during any sort of snappy corkscrew and had no problem with it (other than standups becuase they suck). Maybe it's just me, but I've always found Raptor perfectly smooth and really enjoy the snap into the brakes. Especially for a 23 year old ride, now.
  9. As exciting as that sounds, I'll believe it when there's an announcement. It's been 16 years since a new coaster.
  10. RMCs don't really have the fast lifts that have any potential to be toned down. I've only ridden Goliath (at this point) and the lift was fairly slow actually. I don't believe any RMCs have any trims that aren't part of a brake run, and it seems like Texas Giant rolls through the mid-course pretty quick as it began.
  11. If it's a really outstanding coaster, then yes. If it's a decent coaster, then no. Let's wait and see not only the full layout, but how it rides before we make these claims (I know that's far too much to expect on online forums). And for all the people saying "that hill is too tall to have any ejector" for anything built before riding it, just wait and see. Airtime and forces are all about curvature and rate of angular acceleration, with minute details that are impossible to know how anything will ride until it's actually open.
  12. Some of the coasters in the earlier part of the 20th century definitely had stronger forces than the majority of coasters operating today. It's not like people have suddenly adapted to intensity or anything, and no modern coaster is intentionally designed above what humans can handle (other than maybe I-305 lol). I'm sure forces are not what stopped that coaster from being built.
  13. Certainly the most exciting project since 2007 at Cedar Point, if not 2000.
  14. It takes far, far longer to design, manufacture, and build a ride anywhere close to this scale than 14 months, which is how long they'd have if this was announced today. And if they tried to go with RMC, it wouldn't be until like 2020 (they are supposedly booked solid for a few years, yes?).
  15. The safari was already there, it was just a drive through. They added a stop halfway through, trucks, and a station. Not hundreds of acres of land and animals.
  16. Sounds like a great trip. Leave Dorney mid-afternoon to the preview for Hershey the night before. I did every coaster at Dorney with re-rides (9 on Talon) and a few flats in three hours.
  17. He actually... he's a freshman at the high school I graduated from. I wish I was kidding.
  18. It is. Roller coaster elements are made up by the park/manufacturer, there is no "database" of what actual elements are.
  19. 27 of 62 in North America, or top 13%. That's more than 1/4 of my total count (102) which is pretty interesting...
  20. I believe it's a replacement. They'd have to do some pretty extensive brake/blocking modifications as well as set up a transfer. Along with the cost of another train I'm sure that wouldn't be cheap.
  21. Agreed, and it's a lot more informative than Great Adventure's temperature policy page.
  22. Bring on the S&S Twisted L0oper What are you talking about?? We talking about the joker progress not about getting a new s&s twisted looper. Multiple discussions can happen at one time, it's okay.
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