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  1. Okay... the banana peeling description got me Nice TR! Wish I could make it out there this time of year.
  2. I’d bet the drop would be closer to 85 degrees with 7 car trains. I-305 has 85 degrees at 300 feet with long trains, Skyrush has 85 degrees at 200 feet with shorter trains. Alan Schilke said the 90 degree drop was only possible at 200 feet and above, so a longer train would raise that height further.
  3. There's the turnstile at the station for most rides, along with alternate access counts which are collected by a ride host when they are loaded on the train (since they don't go through the turnstile). For the most part, it's very accurate. There are some rides, such as Valravn, that guests think the turnstile is meant to be left untouched and as a result the "official" numbers are much lower than reality. Millennium's is very accurate though.
  4. Would you like to make a friendly wager on that? I'm sure Vengeance will get decent numbers since they'll probably put a great crew on it, but it won't have extraordinary capacity like GateKeeper. Millennium doesn't even have exceptional capacity, it's just consistent when it's operating (meaning it doesn't take sprinting around the platform to get 1100/hour).
  5. I don't think the numbers have been released yet, but a different ride was the most ridden this year!
  6. 1 Skyrush 2. El Toro 3. Intimidator 305 4. Phantom's Revenge 5. Maverick 6. Fury 325 7. Lightning Rod 8. Magnum XL 200 (trimless) 9. Millennium Force 10. Kumba ...or something like that. After 5 it's hard to decide so I tend to switch around a tad.
  7. The Amazement Shop is a maintenance shop outside of Cedar Point across the street from Quaker Steak & Lube. Seeing the maintenance shop inside CP that does the overhaul of the Millennium Force, Maverick, and Dragster trains has always been my favorite part of the Winter Chill Out, so you bet I put on my survey that I want to see The Amazement Shop too! Does Amazement do more the B&Ms? I seem to remember the one we saw this year did mainly Intamin. That was definitely one of the highlights of Chill-Out. Also seeing everyone go gaga over the little bits of SteVen we could see. I know for sure the Raptor, Rougarou, & Wicked Twister trains go to the amazement shop, I'm going to assume that the Gatekeeper trains go there as well. I know the Valravn trains actually stay at the ride and they just enclose the storage track to overhaul the trains in place over the winter. That's interesting the Valravn trains stay at the ride. Is it just due to their size and the maintenance capacity of the transfer shed?
  8. It seems like every opportunity that RMC has to execute a barrel roll drop (ie, ~180 degree turn off the lift), they do. I wouldn't be surprised if that trend continues into all of their future installations. I've only ridden RMC's with straight drops so far, but the ride is looking good!
  9. Great Adventure's Holiday in the Park ride selection is better than most parks' midsummer ride selection. That's pretty impressive.
  10. One train ops on Millennium are no fun for anyone, but definitely better than going down. That's one of the drawbacks of separate load/unload - it's only more efficient (and only marginally) when running three trains and destroys one train capacity.
  11. I can't speak for Six Flags (though it may be similar procedures), but a ride host at the specific ride calls in wait times at a given interval (or when given the opportunity), which then updates the app. There are definitely times it might not be updated recently, but in general they're updated reasonably well.
  12. Yeah, that's never a good feeling. Same thing happened to me on Mind Eraser at Six Flags America several years ago. I smelled mustard the rest of the day, it was bizarre. No bueno.
  13. ^The tweet they are referring to is the same one that has been discussed. There is no additional source feeding any rumor, so I'm still gonna say it's unlikely.
  14. I'd be super interested to see what the total project cost of this compared to Twisted Timbers, Wicked Cyclone, and Steel Vengeance looks like. I'm curious if RMC actually proposed multiple layouts at different price points and they went with a less expensive one, or if this just turned out to be the best/only way to go about it. Even though it's very short, it still looks like a really fun ride and is still probably the best new ride at a Six Flags park next year.
  15. A retheme of Gotham City along with a new DC themed ride, possibly?
  16. Then why would they close a ride mid-summer only to reopen just under two years later? There'd be no reason to close it now. It's not Mean Streak.
  17. Sure, that's possible. We really don't know, and obviously they would've had 2017 plans already made before Valravn opened. But as for the future, I don't see more B&M dive coasters in the chain. That ride has issues.
  18. After Valravn I don't see any Cedar Fair property thinking about a dive coaster from B&M to be perfectly honest. Even if this isn't as "grand" as a B&M model, it does make sense for the park, the budget, and uptime.
  19. I'll just chime in and say that I marathon Skyrush hands up because I'm cooler than everyone else and inherently better and... But for real though I get the frustration but Skyrush is still my favorite coaster by quite a wide margin.
  20. If this ride were to run three trains with any improved efficiency compared to two, they'd need to be able to consistently dispatch a train once the previous train drops off the lift (given how quick the layout is). With RMC trains and (I don't mean this to be rude in any fashion) Kings Dominion operations, they should never attempt to run three. It's also blocked for two trains. Even with two blocks (main and transfer) on the brake run, RMC's aren't poorly blocked like old Intamins. That said, this ride looks excellent! Can't wait to ride next year. I don't imagine capacity will ever be an issue at this park with a two train coaster not named Volcano.
  21. Lift is still being worked on. Looks like maybe one more section has been added, but the crest is still yet to be constructed.
  22. Glad you had a good time at the park despite the downtime throughout the park today. It ended up being a very nice day after the morning fog (which was super cool on Millennium in the early morning, btw).
  23. I can second this. It's still May, many are still working out the kinks. We'll be good
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