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  1. Somebody asked me how can they invest at this rate considering that Efteling, having more than twice the numbers, can only invest 35 million. Well, entrance fees are high for PHL (still worth every Euro) and Germans are known for spending a lot of money on their day away. And indeed, ad the fact that they invest a lot of their profits and is makes more sense.
  2. Are they necessary? How come 99% of major European parks haven't implied those measures? Or perhaps it is a cultural thing: I don't know if it really is true that you get sued a lot faster in the US than in Europe, however if so that could be the main reason for parks to do this. I don't have anything against it, however it is a shame the world in in such a state parks feel it is necessary. I know there are a lot of crazy people out there, not only terrorists. I do like the fact that I can walk up to the gate at Efteling without any checks, if feels a bit more relaxed.
  3. I thought this is interesting enough for this separate thread. As far as I aware of the majority of US parks have put in place a variety of security measures, with at least Disney going all the way: metal detectors at the entrance, bag checks & pat downs when in doubt. Let's leave metal detectors at the rides out of this as they serve another purpose (for those are too stupid to oblige to park rules). Now, what I am wondering, do you think is really makes a different? Does it make visiting any park at all safer? Or is it just a false sense of safety? I know the big names as CP, Universal and Disney are very interesting for those idiots who are willing to harm people. However, will it actually prevent anything? F.e. in Paris there are checks before entering the main plaza in front of the parks. The do check your bags (kinda) and do random full scans. However if I wanted to something bad I might as well could do it in the long line at the checkpoint... When leaving the park all guests are separated from the publicly accessible area by one fence. It comes down to if you want to do bad... Security also depends on what part of the world you are in. Robb & Elissa have been to almost every continent, maybe they know how it is in Asia and South America? I know the UAE-parks don't have any visible security measures and most of the European parks either. Efteling, with about 5M visitors, already informed the public that are not planning on increasing security to a visible state at the gates. I know we are not specialists, but I am wondering what you all think and how it is in different parts of the world. Does it make any difference or not?
  4. I was re-reading your posts and exactly THIS is the problem for some. They simply can't stand to see someone is having the life they are wishing for. If they don't like TPR for that they should just stay way. Nobody is forcing them to stay engaged. Something to do with respect. Also, some just need to get laid more I guess
  5. Not advice, just backing up this opinion... so true! Also, public transport can be pretty expensive. Renting a car and sharing those costs really is cheaper. Also, for example (what Elissa says): bus from nearest train station to Walibi is about 20/25 minutes. Efteling is also 20/25 minutes. Excluding waiting time.
  6. Always look at the bright side of life! Thanks for this oveview! Oh and yes, Vekoma does look good. Robb, in your opinion, is China on its own worth one entire trip by now?
  7. After Black Mamba this is on a whole other level. It looks fantastic, including the restaurant. Can't wait to visit. Wow wow wow!
  8. As I have no prior experience with GFM I was wondering if we can keep on donating after hitting 25k? *So I can keep sharing the GFM*
  9. Not serious. Just ehm weird The video I will keep my mouth shut now
  10. Can I offer you a piece of advice? On a personal note, as I am not admin or moderator... Just let it go. With every reply you post you are not making this thread less disturbing/awkward/weird/(slightly) insulting. Oh and well laugh or cry... don't know
  11. Same here. Didn't see these coming! Over 80% raised, almost there!
  12. Over $18,000... that is amazing. Hopefully we will hit that magic number ($25,000)!
  13. Over $18,000... that is amazing. Hopefully we will hit that magic number ($25,000)!
  14. Let's hope so.... no... better way to put it: I am sure of it. Great way to show that it is actually a real community - minus the obnoxious people - who care for each other and by that can help someone out within our possibilities. Great way to get TPR involved R&E! I am currently unemployed so I can't donate anything at all, however the next best thing I can do is respond to this thread and sharing this on social media. For everyone who wants to help but is not in any financial position to do so at all, keep in mind that spreading the word is the least we can do! I don't know if it is private or that I just missed this, but what happened to Jack that got him - and his family - in this terrible and scary situation? Not looking for details, was just wondering in general. PS Can you donate from overseas as well? Makes it easier to spread the word for me.
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