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  1. Well, finally made it to Hershey for my first time Saturday night and Sunday. I never thought I'd see the day, but despite the bruised thighs and intense pain of 10 rides in less than an hour: I have a new number one. Holy crap Skyrush is stupid and perfect all at the same time. Sorry El Toro.
  2. Just throwing out the idea that "The Ledge" is a B&M dive machine at Knotts and the "new" coaater type is at CGA. I don't think that's what it'll be, but the name and going back to an old manufacturer makes sense in that case.
  3. Kings Dominion, Cedar Point and Valleyfair come to mind as being on time.
  4. Great Adventure did in 2014, but that was because of state imposed delays. It does seem like they're behind schedule, but the footer is what takes the most time with these rides. The tower and test cycles can be completed in two weeks.
  5. [attachment=0]1nqbcm.jpg[/attachment] Why is it changed to 2018 though? That rumor has always been for 2018 if i remember right. Though, i got a feeling 2018 is probably going to be an off year. I think our best luck for a large new addition will be 2019+. Doubt the park gets anything major as Cedar Fair is tied up with two RMCs and CGA's hyper at the moment but who knows. It's cool and all to speculate but why are you just stating this as fact?
  6. They're not going to spend the money to retrack a ride with a crappy layout in the first place. When you get to spending that amount the ROI is so low if they're not trying to market it as a new ride that they're better off just building a new ride. Corkscrew is famous because of its history and what it means for the park (along with its looks), not for being a 40mph tiny looping coaster.
  7. after watching off/on ride videos of poltergeist, joker is significantly slower for some reason. I don't know if the park purposely doesn't use its full power but that's sad. They don't use full power. After the ride stalled in 2014 they ran it a little faster for a while, but they apparently gave up on that.
  8. Is there a reason Invadr's lift seems super slow most of the way up? Maybe just to extend the ride time instead of sitting on the brakes?
  9. I feel like you literally rode it with the only intention of claiming it's overrated. And then you weren't disappointed and still come back and say it's overrated.
  10. No bins in the station is the only reason why Nitro has decent capacity. It's good in theory, but in practice it almost always hurts capacity.
  11. You haven't ridden on a warmed up El Toro train. I've ridden probably three or four dozen times and experienced "slow" and fast rides, and it's most noticeable after the RT hill. During fast rides it can be the most intense part of the ride and it's actually difficult to put your hands up. I would argue the pacing speeds up after the RT hill on fast rides, and there's a pop of air going into the brakes.
  12. They closed Hurler during the 2014 season as scheduled to allow a haunt maze to operate within its structure. That had nothing to do with its permanent closure. They didn't reopen it for the 2015 season, and I'm inclined to believe that was somewhat of a last minute decision/forced decision because of potential structural issues/dire need of retracking. They probably put out bids before the 2015 season for retracking and RMC came in with the most attractive offer and that (this is entirely speculation) was signed late in the 2015 season (as they originally said it would reopen in 2016 and they really have no reason to lie about that). Once that deal was signed, 2018 was finalized. Even if they could've rushed and gotten it done for 2017 and started work during the 2016 season, what's the point? They probably had already decided on the Planet Snoopy expansion by then.
  13. Parks don't "save up" for investments. They just make small and large investments. no
  14. That's a great name for a workout video! AbNoxious: Annoy your core into submission!
  15. I actually think building a coaster mid season with no teasers or anything is a great form of advertising. If I make it to Kings Dominion this summer I'll be super excited to see it. Even better, you don't need to be an enthusiast to know that it's a coaster they're building, unlike with a teaser wall.
  16. So, why is everyone jumping on board with it being a dive coaster? Did someone just suggest it and people are saying confidently, out of the dozens of realistic possibilities, that this is what it'll be?
  17. Huh? I thought RMC Mean Streak was pretty far along in its renovation; Hurler's reno just started (feel free to correct/roast me if I'm misinformed). The only way that this could be the first would be if it were first to open with an August/September opening, similar to Volcano, which is very unlikely but possible since this is a small ride. We'll see if they address what qualifies as "Really More Coming" tomorrow evening - hopefully that includes a 2017 Iron Hurler opening. Otherwise, we'll be left with an elephant in the Jukebox Diner vicinity for another year. Because Kings Dominion opens for the 2018 season in March, Cedar Point in May 2018. First to open doesn't mean first to finish track installation.
  18. Doubtful, I looked Here, Here and Here and found nothing. Oh my god the accuracy
  19. OHHH I see it now. I was confused because you were pointing out variety by showing similarities. Okay carry on.
  20. There seems to be two red coasters that start with the letter "M" that you seemed to forget! What? Can someone explain how coasters' names starting with the same letter means the ride experience is the same?
  21. If Six Flags America gets V2 they should be very grateful. They're solid rides, and they're not getting any new coaster other anytime soon.
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