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  1. I consider myself fairly tech savvy and do not have the Six Flags app. I would probably use the paper coupons more than I have digital, where the employees have told me (this is probably more of an SFA problem because SFA) that because I didn't have the printout summary of the digital coupons they couldn't verify the coupon actually existed. So the digital coupons suck, actually.
  2. Pretty much sums it up. Best sticking with what they have that's decent (Superman, Wild One, Joker's Jinx) until there's anything better or the park itself actually improves, but everything you pointed out is kind of why if they had $15 million to spend on anything, it should probably be the park itself over a coaster, despite their newest coaster being 15 years old. Nice report and pictures, anyway!
  3. No thank you. Even if it isn't technically a wooden coaster, I want it to look like one. I'm sorry but those steel lift hills on wooden coasters (Goliath, Wildfire) are f*gly. I think the only purpose it serves on Wildfire is for easier disassembly. I'm sorry that was far too soon
  4. I believe that is either confirmed or widely accepted to be the case.
  5. For the next time anyone says Cedar Point is running out of room, refer to this very moment when there are three independent areas of major construction that are all capable of housing major attractions.
  6. ^Haven't been to Fright Fest this year but in 2015 it wasn't busy at all until evening. Have fun!
  7. ^Just tossed it in google translate and from what I could gather, the court (or someone?) decided they didn't have a detailed environmental plan, and they're now saying the ride impacts wildlife too greatly to continue to exist. If they can prepare that detailed plan and have it approved, they may be okay, but they're saying it may not be likely to be approved and the ride's future is currently "uncertain." Not sure of the specifics with how likely they are to be approved at this point, but the video seemed pretty depressed. Holy sh*t.
  8. ^prozach might not always be the most positive, upbeat poster ever (which is actually really refreshing sometimes, "OMG Six flegs is da best I spend 6 days a week at the park and it's 12/10 amazing"), but he often has some really good insight and thoughtful posts that although you might not appreciate, I do. And he actually does follow his own advice--he said have realistic expectations or don't go, which if you've read his posts is exactly what he does.
  9. Yeah, I'm all for opinions but I'm even more for opinions with some validation. I'd like to hear the rationale.
  10. Because Six Flags. Because a coaster that doesn't make turns shouldn't need the vest restraints. I was being sarcastic, but I agree. The problem with Kingda Ka aren't hard restraint OTSRs, it's that they aren't lap bars in the first place combined with what I imagine is poor train maintenance that allowed the launch to become so rough outside row 1.
  11. Visited the park yesterday for my first visit and I was really impressed overall! Holiday World is a fantastic park and I imagine it's only better with Splashin' Safari open. Huge shout-out to TPED at Purdue for organizing these trips and being way too much fun. Can't wait to be back sometime! Brief thoughts on the coasters... Thunderbird (2x): I really enjoy GateKeeper (not like it's a top ten ride or anything but more than it seems like most people do on here) and Thunderbird is definitely a notch above. The launch is a nice element to start out with (not crazy forceful but pretty solid), the inversions are really fun, and the pacing overall seems much quicker than GateKeeper. The flyovers through the trees, zero-g roll, helix and inline rolll are a fantastic combo and I wish I had ridden this more. The Voyage (2x): My favorite coaster for a while now has been El Toro and I've been waiting between this or Great America's Goliath last week to take that spot... but El Toro is just too ridiculous. I don't have any problems with aggressive rides or wood coasters in general, so I really appreciated the spaghetti bowl to finish as well as the massive length of The Voyage. From what I was told the ride was running a bit slow in the cool fall weather (topped out around 60), but even as is this is a really special ride that I'd love to ride in the summer and without the trims. I don't really understand how this beat El Toro for best new ride back in the day, but it might be the best "traditional" wood coaster I've ridden. The Raven (3x): Although I didn't get a night ride, I did get a very much "non-stapled" ride to end the visit, and I was not let down at all. If this ride is that much better at night I'd be amazed because I thought it was just below that upper tier of world class wood coasters. Not as extreme as Voyage or Legend, but two or three crazy moments and solid laterals. The Legend (2x): This was a massive surprise and I liked this almost as much as Voyage. The helix was laughable and I loved every moment of it, the underbanked turns were really fun, and the airtime was surprising, quick, and forceful. Definitely didn't expect this to be so awesome--almost topped Voyage for me, and I know that's an uncommon opinion.
  12. Because Six Flags. Because price. Wikipedia's wrong, El Toro was $25 million. It's been discussed every 100 pages or so on this thread.
  13. B&M inverts are some of my favorite coasters ever. Every single one of these rides is top 3 at the park for me, and I'm dying to get on more of the top tier inverts. Bottom of this list is still a really, really good coaster. 1 Raptor 2 Banshee 3 Batman (3a Great America, 3b Great Adventure) 4 Talon After like 10-12 rides on Banshee this month I'm contemplating switching Raptor/Banshee, but this is where I stand.
  14. Nobody here has any idea until it's actually built or announced.
  15. 30 degree lift angle at 161 feet is a horizontal displacement of 279 feet, so at 45 that's a 279 foot lift. But assuming the lift starts at the same spot, you still need the space within the structure for the drop and first turn, so that number means next to nothing because of the increased radius of the pullout and subsequent rise.
  16. Actually, agreed. I think Mean Streak is a really good name for a roller coaster, and I think given the current perception of how mediocre the ride was it would be super cool to have that "same" ride be amazing.
  17. I think what's actually credible and interesting here is that the video said "2018" at the end. Before it was just an indefinite closure until further notice... this is that further notice. And I don't think there's any reasonable argument for this not being an iron horse project.
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