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  1. The first 1/3 — the drop and camel back are pretty decent. I found the rest to be standard-fare post-NTAG / iRat aggressive ejection up and down/side to side. Since much of it is low to the ground, it's hardly thrilling. Both Storm Chaser and Lightning Run are worth checking out for sure, but I thought they were far from good rides since I'm not into extreme bucking/thrashing either. I though T3 was actually less violent/aggressive than those two, but the restraint pressure make that thing utterly unrideable. Thunder Run is the best coaster there, IMO.
  2. I once got stuck at the top for a good 30 minutes or so. The lift mechanism had already disengaged, and it was the magnets holding us in place. Superman launched a few times before they shut the whole tower down to try and get us back to ground level. Really awful experience.
  3. I thought Poltergeist was kinda of rough up until they cleaned it up last year, but nothing like FoF. I rode FoF a few years back, and it was pretty gnarly. But I found the issue to be more the snappy transitions — which Premier was kind of known for back then. If you can't see what's coming up, you can't brace yourself at all. And that layout has a few swift transitions and turns that whip you around. I love enclosed coasters, but you can't just stick any old design in a box and assume it'll work. I haven't been to Kings Island since 2016, before Mystic Timbers existed. I got a night ride in on The Beast in absolutely torrential rain, which was super painful but an amazing experience. And I'm no ranker of coasters, but Diamondback is probably still my #1.
  4. I dropped by the park today to take advantage of some of the pre-summer-rush days. It was dead, and I didn't bother rolling in until 12:30 or so. At that point, lots of stuff was still closed, though, and some of the bigger rides didn't open at all. Superman, Batman, White Water Rapids, Poltergeist, and Skyscreamer were all still closed at 12:30 and both WW and Iron Rattler were single train ops and so they had 60-90-minute lines as the result. From the exit of the WW's temple to boarding the train took about 45 minutes. Poltergeist opened around 1:00, as did Skyscreamer, but the rest stayed closed. I didn't go into the water park, but most of the big slides appeared to be closed as well, so the lazy river was packed. From what I could tell, only one of the slide towers was operating. Oddly, the Boomerang was open — which I don't usually see running these days. There was nobody in the station, so I took a ride in the front. Oof, big mistake. Even though the collars are low enough to minimize head-banging, it's still a brutal ride that really shakes you up. It broke down again right after my ride was over. The new dive coaster looks fun and is well positioned. It doesn't have quite the same intimidation factor as the bigger models I've seen (and ridden), but I'm guessing the drop will have more of a freefall sensation akin to Knotts' Hangtime. What surprised me was the angle of the camel hill at the end — which is oddly sharp and pointy. I'm guessing the train will glide over at a fairly slow pace, otherwise it actually looks like it might produce some overly-aggressive ejector air. Looks like there's highly-banked spiral right after followed by another possibly-ejector moment. I like the B&M dive coasters, so I'll definitely be back to ride it when it's open. ^ Taken from the Mine Train exit ramp ^ Sharp camel hump
  5. It's a must-ride for sure, and I rode it five times when I visited. It was brutally rough though — jackhammering through much of the second half. The first half's journey out into the woods is pretty fun, but I found it oddly forceless — just big hills with a decent sense of speed through the tunnels. It's an impressive structure and concept, even though I thought it rode poorly.
  6. I liked it very much as well, and preferred it to both Lightning Run and Storm Chaser.
  7. I've done the KI > KK > HW plan you're proposing, only it wasn't a holiday weekend. KK and HW are totally doable on the same day under normal circumstances (especially with that extra hour), but it's a rushed day for sure. I got multiple rides on Lightning Run and Storm Chaser (I didn't particularly like either all that much — Thunder Run was cool, though), and then multiple rides on Raven, Legend, Voyage, and Thunderbird (Raven was the clear winner for me). In my experience at KK, Lightning Run has a painfully-slow line that fills fast, even when the park's kind of quiet. I'd be inclined to rope-drop that one, just in case it becomes unrideable later. T3 is trash and kind of out of the way in the park. Unless you just have to ride it, I'd plan to skip that one. The ride itself isn't terrible, but the thigh-crushing restraints are probably the worst I've experienced.
  8. Hard to say, but it's not really like Knotts or Six Flags — which are usually very quiet during the day. There's some crossover when HHN begins and the day crowd are leaving, and the place always looks slammed to me.
  9. Historically, Knotts is very quiet on the weekdays during Scary Farm. That said, crowd patterns seem less predictable now than before. Daytime for rides and nighttime for mazes (two separate entries) would likely work well, as long as it's not a weekend. The other option is to get a Scary Farm fast pass which gets you straight into the mazes and right onto many of the rides. That makes for a busy night, though.
  10. Did they just announce the above? I was at the park today, using up the last of my Season Pass (I now qualify for an out-of-state season pass holder, which lasts through June). I didn't plan on renewing as I'll be out of state for much of 2022, but I'll likely re-purchase for 2023 and hopefully get a free December visit thrown in. The park wasn't crowded today, but Knotts is very much in prep-for-summer mode. Lots of rides were closed (more than what was already known), and ops were quite scaled back. As the result, what was open saw some lines longer than what's usually expected at this time of year. I waited 45 mins for Ghost Rider, which is probably the longest I've waited for it in years (totally worth it). Line-jumping has always been an issue at Knotts, but it was particularly wild today. That said, props to the Ghost Rider staff member who caught a few jumpers and booted them out the door. I ended up just riding a few things, walking a bunch of laps, and then bailing — which was more than fine.
  11. They're both very good, and a SoCal Halloween for us generally includes both. That said, the Knotts event has more character and charm. Universal appears more professional and high-budget, but you quickly see how the mazes are just variants of one another. Knotts is much more creative overall. Crowds can be brutal at both, so do what do have to do to either avoid them or get FOL passes.
  12. I live closer to SFFT now but never quite understood the super-rave reviews either. It doesn't stop me from going and marathoning iRat and Superman, and I certainly don't dislike the place, but SFMM wins out by a long shot for me in terms of scenery, theming, ride selection, and overall experience.
  13. Took a quick spin around the park today after not having visited in some time. Low crowds, but a lot of stuff down as well, presumably due to a combo of high winds, construction, and staffing. Single train ops on quite a few things, but that's to be expected on low-crowd days. Here's a couple more pics of the new coaster as it looks like they've made some progress since the last ones went up.
  14. I'd be curious to know what the Wonder Woman rehab was all about. I rode it today a few times and noticed a pretty hefty "clunk" right as it passes the ride camera — multiple trains, different seats, so I assume there's something up with the track there. Probably hitting a bolt Everything else about it felt pretty okay to me. Crowds were light today, and I just went for a few hours to grab my gold pass (glad the park came around on that). Ops were so-so with lots of rides going up and down all day or rides opening super late. The new Poltergeist additions look really solid, and the more-enclosed station works well. I can't imagine the budget was super high, but they used it well. The ride also felt a bit smoother to me. New wheels? ^ I think this may do something? Not sure. ^ The station is much more enclosed now, and you enter through a different side.
  15. Glad to hear that they opted for this in the end. It seems like it'd make a big difference.
  16. A great addition and a spot-on location. A quarry-wall drop would have looked cool from an observer's perspective, but these rides look great free-standing as a central attraction as well. Excellent choice for this particular park.
  17. It's always been kind of the opposite for me. As someone who lived in the area for a couple of decades, I always loved SFMM and never understood the criticism it'd get. I currently living close(ish) to one of the most celebrated (SFFT) and I just don't get the appeal of that one at all. Don't get me wrong, I still visit now and again to marathon iRat and Superman, but different strokes I guess. I've only been to about five or six or the chain's parks, but SFMM is way, way at the top of the list for me. Fantastic report, Condor — particularly your writing style! I love Goliath and Füll Thröttle — always have, and Ninja is one of the park's standouts IMO. Conversely, I dislike X2 (very obviously a prototype!) and I'm not a fan of Tatsu either (the flying position feels awkward to me). I think West Coasters Racers is kind of terrible, but I also don't think I'm really the target audience for that one. Keep these reports coming as they're top-shelf and a blast to read!
  18. Nah, not a big fan of that one. I'll ride if there's no line but I don't find it particularly fun.
  19. The water park was closed from what I could tell — which was surprising given the heat / grossness. And thanks for the DDD tips. I had no idea that the planes had programs and just jumped on one at random; I didn't even watch it run first. The one I was in flipped like crazy for a solid minute and then just turned upside for like 10 seconds while the ride slowed down. Not great!
  20. I’m back in Texas again so I took a drive down to the park today, my first time back post-vaccine. The weather was gross — hot, gloomy, greasy — so I figured that’d minimize crowds. Indeed, the park wasn’t that busy but lines still grew a couple of hours after opening. A number of rides remained closed all day; quite a few more opened late or struggled to stay open. The parking kiosks were handing out employment flyers to everyone who entered, so I couldn’t help but wonder of the lax ops are due to staffing issues? Anyhow, I rode the usual stuff. I mainly go to Fiesta to ride iRat and Superman. I like a few of the other rides (like Joker), but those two are the main draw for me and I squeezed in a couple of early back-to-back spins before the the lines started to fill. I also wanted to check out the new (to me) flat, even though I had a hunch it wouldn’t be my thing. It looks cool and it’ll be a big hit with the crowds, but it’s quite the puke machine — a one-and-done affair for me. The main rotation isn’t the issue as it moves quite slow, but I found the looping unpleasant and nauseating. Combine that with the fact that it suspends you upside down for awkwardly-long moments. For this rider, it was neither thrilling nor fun, and perhaps a bit more worse than I’d anticipated. The GP will love it, though. Aside from that, a standard muggy day at the park but with reduced ops. iRat can do no wrong in my eyes, and I could marathon it with ease if given the chance. Superman can get a bit rattly / crunchy, but the two drops off the cliff make it worthwhile.
  21. I grew up close to Lightwater Valley and rode that coaster a lot when it first opened as The Rat. Now I live in Austin, so it's kind of funny that it'll be down the street from me once more. Granted, what made The Rat stand out was the subterranean queue and whatnot. But still, nostalgia . . .
  22. Space Mountain at Disneyland for me. Granted, it's mostly just a bunch of sharp right turns, but they get more and more intense as they go.
  23. Not controversial at all, in my opinion. I think Iron Rattler is a significantly-better ride than Wonder Woman, but I'm one of the outliers not particularly enamored by RMC's more chaotic, implacable designs. Out of the handful I've ridden, I still think New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler are the standouts. I'll ride Wonder Woman if there's no line, but I don't find it to be a particularly enjoyable or thrilling ride. And yes, I visited a few weeks ago and the place was slammed with next-to-no social distancing (on or off rides) and little mask compliance. It's possible to keep a distance through certain areas of the parks, but not if you plan on actually riding anything. It was disappointing to see, but not entirely unexpected. I ended up leaving after a couple of hours.
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